Monday, December 16, 2019

Altantuyaa murder case - 'Elephant in Room' has trumpeted


'Najib ordered me to kill Altantuya' - Azilah's shocking allegation from death row

Convicted killer Azilah Hadri has made an explosive allegation from death row in Kajang prison - the order to kill Altantuya Shaariibuu came from former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak and the latter's close associate, Abdul Razak Baginda.

In admitting for the first time that he and Sirul Azhar Umar killed the Mongolian national, he claimed that he was merely following an explicit “shoot to kill” order as a member of the elite Special Action Force (UTK) of the police.

These details were contained in an application filed by Azilah, who is seeking the Federal Court to review its decision in the conviction and death sentence imposed on him and Sirul, who is also a former UTK personnel, in 2015.

He is also seeking a retrial in order to provide full evidence on the clandestine operation in open court so that "justice will be served". The court has fixed tomorrow for case management.

Azilah claimed there was suppression of evidence and material facts during the proceedings at the High Court and Court of Appeal.

In more shocking allegations contained in a statutory declaration (SD) dated Oct 17, 2019, sighted by Malaysiakini, Azilah claimed Najib ordered him to “arrest and destroy” Altantuya, whom the then deputy prime minister described as a "foreign spy" and a "threat to national security."

Wow, finally the sweet news which many have been praying, hoping and waiting for has been revealed ...

... and by whom, you may ask?

By the 'elephant in the room' wakakaka.

Mahathir, PAS (Mahfuz Omar but now in Amanah) and Pakatan were striving strenuously to bring Sirul Azhar Umar home from Australia in 2015. Mahfuz Omar even flew to Australia to persuade Sirul to come home to testify against Najib.

And there were tons of testimonies, even one from Mahathir, that Sirul had no motivation to kill Altantuyaa Shaariibuu and was misused, perhaps even misled.

In June 2018, I had then narrated the existence of an 'Elephant in the Room', namely Azilah Hadri , who was/is still held in a Malaysian prison. I said that Azilah Hadri was not only the superior officer to Sirul Azhar but was (is) now available in Malaysia. I asked why hasn't he been interviewed or interrogated? Why looked for the one in Australia when we have another of the two murderers, an officer instead of a corporal, here in Malaysia?

My post was titled Hunt for Sirul Azhar ignores Elephant in Room, which contents I have reproduced below for your convenient perusal:


As I mentioned in a previous post 3 murders - which one will be picked for review? the murder that will probably be re-opened for review will likely be that of murdered Shaariibuu Altantuyaa, a Mongolian model, that is, if the Mahathir government cannot get Najib through 1MDB.

late Altantuyaa Shaariibuu 

Can't get Najib through 1MDB, then get Najib through the Altantuyaa murder case.

Can't get Najib through Altantuyaa murder case, then get Najib through his income tax returns (or lack of), wakakaka, like the US caught and convicted its public enemy No 1, Al Capone, for tax evasion when its other investigations into Capone's crimes failed.

Anyway, there is a very teeny weeny itsy bitsy tenuous link between Altantuyaa and Najib, a link only established by the hearsay words of one man, the late P Balasubramaniam - for more, see my posts:

the late Perumal Balasubramaniam
his involvement with the Altantuyaa saga started in in Fogles pub and then The Backyard pub in Sri Hartamas when Malaysia's very civic-minded lawyer Americk Singh Sidhu, Balasubramaniam, ASP Suresh, Puravalen (another lawyer) were having a few drinks and discussing the Altantuyaa case
They were coincidentally joined by none other than R Sivarasa who coincidentally was (still is) a PKR MP

(l to r) - Americk Singh, P Balasubramaniam, Anwar Ibrahim, Sivarasa Rasiah  

But it looks like the 1MDB investigation is coming to a road block, which has been why we now hear kok-tok about Australia approving a Malaysian request to extradite Sirul Azhar Umar who absconded Downunder when he was released after the Appeals Court had initially dismissed his murder charges.

Corporal Sirul Azhar 

His partner-in-crime, Inspector Azilah Hadri, foolishly (I suppose) stayed behind in Malaysia and has since been (together with Sirul in absentia) convicted of the murder and sentenced to be executed.

Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri 

But Australia has diplomatically pulled the rug from beneath the feet of the British Guardian's report, saying Malaysia has not made any extradition request for Sirul. It issued a statement:

“Australia looks forward to continuing and strengthening our productive and long-standing law enforcement cooperation with the government of Malaysia.”

It's just another sweet fCk-all about the extradition, which will never happen UNLESS Australia is guaranteed Sirul won't be executed.

Najib Najib Najib


Mahathir has responded by saying he will consider commuting the death sentence to life imprisonment for Sirul, but then Mahathir has not been credible with international treaties, recently cancelling the HSR project without even the courtesy of informing Singapore, and earlier reneging on his promise (in another international treaty) to Chin Peng (Ong Boon Hwa) that he would be allowed to return to Malaysia, etc.

For more, read my post Ch'au K'ar in which you will find among several issues the report that Malaysia is laughing stock over ‘Chin Peng’ affair, says ex-IGP.

Notwithstanding Mahathir's words to the effect he is considering a commutation of Sirul's death sentence to life imprisonment, Sirul has already said no to even that, preferring to remain in Australia (as he fears being murdered in prison, wakakaka).

But are you aware of the BIGGEST elephant in the room?

Why is everyone focusing on Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar when we have in our prison system the other convicted murderer of Altantuyaa, Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri?

the two convicted murderers 

Why are we ignoring the officer in prison in Malaysia (and who was a former Chief Inspector of Police) but focusing on a former Police Corporal who is currently beyond our reach?

Why did PAS and Mahathir and Anwar and almost every Pakatan person focus on a fugitive in Australia but ignore the more senior ranking murderer in a Malaysian prison?

Mahfuz Omar 

Why did Mahfuz Omar (then PAS, now Amanah) flew down to Australia in 2015 together with Sirul's mum Piah Samad, sister Noriatin Umar and PAS foreign affairs spokesman Dr Syed Azman to see Sirul?

Piah Samad, Sirul's mother  

Is a Corporal more reliable than a Chief Inspector?

Is Sirul more "pliable" than Azilah?

Ignoring the BIG GAJAH in the room has been the biggest illogical bullshit in the murder case.

Why are the current authorities deliberately avoiding mention of Azilah?

Did I just hear: "fCk whatever, let's get Najib even if we have to murder again", wakakaka.

Oh, BTW, will Mahathir also commute the death sentence of former Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri? Or is that privilege only for Sirul?

Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri

There was one exception to the Pakatan's clamour for sweet innocent misled Sirul Azhar - t'was indefatigable Ramkarpal Singh.

Please read my post on that titled Ramkarpal Singh condemns Sirul the murderer of Altantuyaa.

Relevant extracts of that post are as follows:

Ramkarpal also expressed doubt over how much Sirul knew of the events leading to murder, suggesting that a former aide-de-camp to Datuk Seri Najib Razak by the name of Musa Safri would be a more credible source of the information.

“The fact remains that Sirul and Azilah murdered Altantuya in the most grotesque of circumstances,” Ramkarpal said.

“As such, Sirul is certainly in no position to bargain his way out of paying for such a tragedy and he must be deported to Malaysia in the manner suggested above to once and for all put a close to the mystery of who ordered the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu.”

But I apologise for putting a damper on the joyous celebrations that must be in full swing now, where many many readers in interactive forums have expressed their glee and "I told you so", and to eff with evidence and facts.

Years ago I wrote in another post which I will attached at the end here, but for now:

... when Siril and Azilah Hadri were found guilty and sentenced to death, many Pakatan supporters voiced their continuing dissatisfaction with that verdict. Look, they will never ever be satisfied until Ah Jib Gor is pronounced as guilty of Shaariibuu Altantuyaa's murder, regardless of evidence, facts or the truth, wakakaka.

And if they can't get him directly, they'll want to get him through his Big Mama, wakakaka.

All these started ages ago when the G.A.N (Gerakan Anti Najib) campaign was launched.

Quite frankly, after reading the readers' comments in Malaysiakini on the judge’s dismissal of charges against Razak Baginda, such as “The 2 policemen had no motive to murder Altantuyaa” ... and ...

... as someone commented in my last post in Exploiting the murder of Altantuyaa Shariibuu that “The UTK goons who were convicted were just the idiots who shouted 'Aye Aye Sir' and carried out the orders. Who gave the order to drop the bomb?”, ...

... I came to the conclusion that even if the judge had called Razak Baginda to give his defence and he was subsequently found guilty, those baying out for blood would still not be satisfied.

No sirree, as mentioned above, not with Razak Baginda or even those already ‘found guilty’, namely Azilah Hadri and Sirul Azhar.

Just a reminder, the two policemen were the ones who were the last people with a still-alive Altantuyaa when they whisked her off from Razak Baginda’s house to her sad fate.

Those Malaysiakini readers want Najib’s head. They want him not just as an accessory to the murder (in helping Razak Baginda) but as the murderer.


And 13 years after Altantuyaa was murdered, Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri has spoken up. Yes, those against Najib believe they now have him, thanks to ........ ??? Wakakaka again.

Najib can now be made to wear orange suit and put behind bars based on the reliability of Azilah's SD, which has been the dream of many Pakatan people.

a dream come true for many 

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  1. Najib is already toast from the first trial that he faces, the SRC Case. His only defence it is all Jho Low's doing, I don't know nothing about anything.

    Yet he stated categorily when he was still in power that Jho Low has no involvement in 1MDB and SRC.

    I bet he is peeing and shitting in his pants right now.
    A few years in prison is nothing, compared to the gallows.

    Who gave the Order to drop the Bomb ?

  2. Yes, why did two highly trained Special Forces policemen kill a woman they had never met before ?

    And not casually kill her but created a military grade C-4 explosive device with timer, to blow her body to smithereens.

    1. I have already answered this in my post 3 years ago - extracts as follows if you don't want to use the link:

      quote Ahmad Najib Aris who murdered and then burnt the body of Canny Ong was motivated by lust, which saw him raping her before killing and attempting to get rid of her body through burning the corpse to hide his crime.

      I was monitoring the news and some blogs to see what they would say about the nonsense of Canny Ong's murder being without apparent motive. But obviously no one or at best, very few cared about Canny Ong or for that matter, Shaariibuu Altantuyaa.

      The latter, Shaariibuu would only be useful if her murder could convict someone, a particular person. Otherwise, Shaariibuu was just like Canny Ong, a murdered person of fleeting interest in a highly politicized Malaysia.

      Much as I am a pro DAP person, I have to say the bias is sheer f**king bloody double standards by Pakatan supporters when they have been insisting that Shaariibuu murder must have had a sinister motive which the court failed to reveal, but remained silent on Canny Ong's case of no apparent motive for the murderer.

      It's not that Shaariibuu Altantuyaa's case had no motive for her murder, but those Pakatan supporters wanted a motive which fits into their wishlist and the motive must be that of one specific person. That's dangerous, emotional and without justice, very reminiscent of the mindset of WWII Kempetai and current religious types.

      Two police officer were convicted of her murder and sentenced to death. What were their motives? If you ask Mahathir, Mahfuz Omar or Pakatan supporters, they would tell you those two guys were INNOCENT and NAIVE and probably still virgins, and only acting on higher instructions.

      But where is the evidence for such a belief?

      Okay, kaytee suspects the motive for killing Shaariibuu Altanyuyaa was one of the four L's, love lust, lucre (money) and loathing. I pick lust, to wit, those two were told to remove her from Baginda's house where she was making quite a racket, but subsequently (allegedly) decided to rape her and have a bit of lustful fun, but the situation turned ugly where they shot her and then attempted cover their crime by demolishing her corpse with C4.

      Yes, it's only kaytee's suspicion but isn't my suspicion far superior than a photoshop image of 3 dining in Paris, courtesy of Tian Chua of PKR, in a sinister underhanded politically-motivated attempt to implicate Najib Razak when there is no such event, or mindless clueless evidence-less accusations against Najib? And where every speck of dust floating around became a Earth-size planet suitable for living or executing someone.

      Because the wishlist was to have Najib identified as her murderer, C4 became a tightly controlled item. But if it was Anwar on the receiving end of the accusations, C4 would then have been freely available as we would suddenly reveal to the world that the Malaysian Armed Forces have been notorious for their lax security on C4, which like an Omega watch, could be found in more than just one corner of Malaysia.

      It had been the same treatment as for Canny Ong who was murdered with no apparent motive but not so for Shaariibuu Altantuyaa, whose murder must have a motive. Sheer double standards

    2. Ahmad Najib Aris's cautioned statement to the police actually stated what happened , and his motives. He was a sexual predator, on the lookout for targets of opportunity, and Canny Ong was sadly in the wrong place , at the wrong time.
      After committing sexual assault , his killing her was a continuation of his violence.

      So, his motives were clear, and was borne out during his trial.

      In the Altantuya trial , BOTH the Prosecution and Defence evaded the question of motive like it was poison.

      Normally, in a murder trial, either the Prosecution or the Defence would make an issue out of motives, or lack of, which to strengthen their case or weaken their opponents.

  3. Why focus on Sirul in Sydney but not Azilah in Kajang prison for so many years?

    Why ask this dumb question; the answer is so simple.

    As long as Jibby was PM which prisoner dare to accuse him of murder? Azilah would have been beaten to near death (but not quite ha ha ha) if he ever did that. So what if Azilah is a Chief Inspector? Even a Deputy PM got a black eye, courtesy of the PM they say.

    Now after GE14 Jibby is on the way to prison. Azilah hopes it will be Kajang prison, not Sungai Buluh so he can drink Teh Tarik and sembang sikit with his old BossKu. Azilah hopes that with his latest SD Najib can visit him earlier ha ha ha.

    But Sirul in Sydney could have sung like a bird, out of the reach of the Malaysian PM, that’s why everyone focussed on him, but unfortunately he still dared not open his mouth. Now maybe he will.

  4. Jibby is a marked man now. He was very sad last week when an old golfing buddy came to town. In fact Jibby is probably one of the few world leaders who can claim to have played golf with two US Presidents, Obama and Trump.

    But alas last week when Obama was in KL he did not pay Jibby a visit in court, or play even 9 holes.

    But Obama does have a piece of advice for Toonsie...

    Barack Obama: Women are indisputably better than men

    By Saira Asher
    BBC News, Singapore

    If women ran every country in the world there would be a general improvement in living standards and outcomes, former US President Barack Obama has said.

    Speaking in Singapore, he said women aren't perfect, but are "indisputably better" than men.

    He said most of the problems in the world came from old people, mostly men, holding onto positions of power.

  5. They had an opputunity to tell their story during their trial BUT failed & chose death row.

    1. "They had an opputunity to tell their story during their trial BUT...choose death row" this excerpt and weep :

      Excerpt from P Ramakrishan -

      "The case took on a complexion of its own when Sirul said in court that he was offered RM100,000 to commit murder. Once that was disclosed, wouldn’t it be natural for the judge to ask, “Who offered you the money?”

      So, did the judge asked this very vital question ? NOPE ! And why were BOTH the prosecutor and the defense jumped up to prevent the name of this person to be mentioned ?

      "An answer to that question, once posed by the judge, would have led the court to establish the veracity of Sirul’s answer. Once that was established, it was just a question of issuing a subpoena for that person or those persons and the motives could have been ascertained, exposing those responsible for wanting her dead.

      If the trial was to establish the truth, nothing but the truth, wouldn’t this line of questioning be relevant and pertinent? This approach is all the more reinforced when Sirul said that he was made a scapegoat. In short, it would have honed or blunted Sirul’s credibility. Shouldn’t the judge have asked Sirul who made him a scapegoat and then put that person(s) on the witness stand to determine who was telling the truth?"

      Another stumbling block by the judge to this so-called "opputunity" to tell their/her story is regarding the witness Burmaa Oyunchime, the cousin of Altantunya :

      "Burmaa Oyunchime, while on the witness stand, wanted to submit a photograph taken in Paris at a restaurant which had the image of a very important person together with Altantuya and Baginda. Unfortunately the judge told her to submit the photo later but did not follow up on the offer. She was not asked to produce this photograph later on. Why was this evidence, as claimed by some, suppressed? Was there a deliberate attempt to protect someone?"

      Yup, these two guys just do not value their own lives, but chose death row instead because they just let "opputunity" to slip out of their fingers.


    2. They were probably "promised" acquittal, which they did get at the Court of Appeals, but got done by at the Federal Court.

    3. For one like I, who followed the actual proceedings of the Altantuya case closely, one of the most surrealistic aspects was how BOTH the Defence and the Prosecution were uninterested in getting the whole truth out.

      The Altantuya trial was a dog and pony show put up to protect powerful people in the background.

    4. yes, just story, for bedtime consumption.

  6. Jibby's defence over the Altantuya murder:

    I don't know anything, I was kept in the dark, ask Jho Low...

    1. Based on his own defence, Jibby was apparently a very, very ignorant and neglectful Prime Minister and Finance Minister.

      He knew nothing about everything.

    2. " He knew nothing about everythig "

      Errr...he does indeed do know something.....he knows how to lure women to Port Dickson for some hanky panky, he knows how to do it front and back with a woman 'spy' he allegedly ordered blown to smithereens after he had 'done' with her, he knows how to bilk billions for which he puts all the blame on one fatty boy, he knows how to use his tongue to twist and twirl and lie non stop...never met Jho Lo, and yet now, he puts on a crying face and said Jho Lo cheated and framed him, never met woman 'spy', swearing even in the mosque but Azilah SD will soon show him up, never knew there's 2.6 billion in his bank account and yet two days later, claimed that this humongous amount of money came from a donation from a dead King in the Middle East. He spins and lies so much that poor Malaysians have a hard time to keep track.

      He does indeed knows certain things...hehehe

  7. Now. Najib must be moaning.. WTF why I couldn't get on Peter Sondakh plane #$*$!

    1. Exactly ! A miss is as good as a mile, sob sob sob

      Never mind...those billions he stashed away, even Cobra Mamak can't pry them out of his hands....enough to keep his children, grandchildren and the next 10 following generations in obscene luxury, all of whom will be ever grateful on bended knees to Atuk Jib for the 'sacrifice' he made to rot in jail or hang by his neck if the latest SD ever works out.

  8. The shade of Altantuya awaits her Boyfriend on "the other side"...

  9. The trial of the two men is long over, and they were found guilty of murder.

    Just hang Azilah , per due trial process already carried through, and get it over with.

    Sirul cannot be touched at the moment, due to Australia's obdurate "White Man's Burden" penchant to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries - in this case Malaysia's legal system.

    Let him rot in Australia jail at Australian Government expense.
    It is the Australian government's responsibility, since they refused to extradite him, to ensure the convicted criminal does not get to walk around freely, and has no right to make gratuitous public video postings.

  10. Motive! motive! motive!....
    What is the motive behind this murder?
    The stupid kangaroo court failed miserably to clear this during the trial.

    1. You are not listening hard enough to Ah Mok....he had been screaming himself blue that it was Lust, Lust and nothing but Lust.

      On that fateful night, the 2 men dispatched by Musa Safri to Razak Baginda's residence, happened to set their eyes for the first time upon this beautiful pregnant woman and suddenly, their loins were inflamed and their animal urges cannot be contained.

      They exchanged secret signals to each other and after bundling her into their car, drove off to some jungle clearing and have their pleasures with her the whole night through.

      Then suddenly they realized what they had done...and quick as a flash, they decided to kill her to save themselves. However, what if her body is discovered ? Ahhh...boleh di beres...let's just blow her up into smithereens that not even her DNA can be retrieved. No sweat getting C4 explosives, right ? Then they started to about her record at immigration ? Again, no sweat, they have a good contact inside to erase her record of ever having step foot on this wonderful soil of the land of the orang Asli.

      Ah Mok is such a genius this way. Ought to get the Booker Prize for wild imaginative fiction writing.

    2. Hah?! you mean they carried the C4 around the town as if they were just carrying their sons' art class plasticine materials or that they were supposed to carry out some other blow-up job but so happened, ah, never mind lah that can wait but lets blow up the mongolian spy first!

    3. Aiya....C4 like chewing gum lah...just go and get it at 7 Eleven lah...24 hours open meh....So easy what.

    4. police and military regularly lose arms and ammo

  11. "KT pick lust, to wit, those two were told to remove her from Baginda's house where she was making quite a racket, but subsequently (allegedly) decided to rape her and have a bit of lustful fun, but the situation turned ugly where they shot her and then attempted cover their crime by demolishing her corpse with C4."

    Wakakaka .... and the 2 tough guys were really clever and meticulous, they even thought of erasing the poor woman immigration record to stop the trail.

    Either they have super strong cable to order the insider to do the erasing job, or super strong buddy relationship to request the insider to do the erasing job for a fee or even maybe just for a beer. Or maybe the 2 tough guys were like the super the spy 007, they sneaked into the immigration department without anyone knowing, and did the erasing job themselves. Bravo .... mission accomplished.

    1. immigration has been known to sell passports and get involved with people smuggling

    2. KT, I agree with Peter. Without top connection or involvement this is no possible.
      I believe Azilah and Sirul were paid handsomely for this job and with a guarantee they will not get caught or no action will be taken against them even if they were caught which leads to this brutal killing. With Razak and DSN has direct link to Althantuya, the motive to murder points to this 2 person and no one else. Why Azilah and Sirul wants to commit this brutal murder when there are witnesses like Bala who were at Baginda's house when this woman lead away by this to cops.