Monday, December 02, 2019

Najib a logical conclusion of your actions as PM for 22 years - blame yourself


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We will fix our mistakes, PM says after Tg Piai post-mortem

Unspin: Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has advised his cabinet ministers not to behave or think like the opposition since they are already the government.

By pandering to the right and trying to ‘out-Malay’ Umno or ‘out-Islam’ PAS, Mahathir is not following his own advice.

Since the leader of the coalition sets the example for the rest to follow, my suggestion to Mahathir is to start acting as PM for all Malaysians instead of Malays alone.

For the last 30 years, we seldom hear Mahathir talking about the need for racial integration because his default mode is to "divide and rule" so that he can remain in power.

It is high time for Mahathir to change that narrative so that we can get back to building a better Malaysia for everyone.

HanafiahPuteh: Mahathir, you are pandering to the extremists who do not like the different races to unite. These extremists did not vote for you in the last elections. So why bother about them?

What about the Malay voters who voted for you when they pretty well knew you were in coalition with DAP.

If they really did not like DAP forming the government under Pakatan Harapan, they wouldn't have voted for Harapan.

Neutral Point: We want a PM who listens to the rakyat, not the other way around. We want a PM who care for the all Malaysians, not just Malays alone.

We want a PM who can organise a Malaysian dignity congress, not just a Malay dignity congress. We want a PM who works well with other component parties, and not the opposition parties which were already rejected by the voters.

siapa di gambar yang mempunyai 'dignity'

We want a PM who acknowledges that some of his cabinet members are weak and should be replaced. In conclusion, we want a new PM to replace you so that Harapan’s internal problems can be solved.

Quigonbond: Mahathir, you know what is wrong. Just set the transition date. If you did that, you would have won the Tanjung Piai by-election.

The Analyser: To fix your mistakes, first you need to recognise that you have made mistakes. And that’s virtually impossible in Malaysia where nobody has ever made a mistake. It’s always someone else’s fault.

And here’s the first mistake you need to remedy - your delusions.

sebenarnya di Jawa, sebutan yang lebih cocok ialah
'Dei Mamak Podah'

LeadWithoutTitle: Mahathir is smart enough to identify who among his cabinet ministers are performing badly or otherwise.

Even the rakyat could easily identify those sub-standard ministers who are doing more damage each time they proposed their stupid ideas or action plans, and becoming liabilities to the Harapan government.

It's time to listen to the dissatisfied rakyat who had voted for Harapan and take necessary actions before it's too late. Or be ready to be thrown out in the coming 15th general election.

Wong Fei Hoong: Mahathir, enough is enough. Don't tell me that you are not aware of the problems created by you.

It was highlighted to you even before the by-election, unless you pretend not to know. Don't waste our time. Just leave.

Anonymous_1543386425: Start by accepting the fact that you are PM because of 80% non-Malay votes and 30% Malay votes.

Implement merit and needs-based policies, not race and religion-based. Treat all as Malaysians and treat the Borneo states fairly so that all will benefit.

Once Malays get the benefits of such policies, they would vote for parties that fight for Malaysians, not a particular race or religion.

Mahathir, you damaged the nation badly when you were in charge for 22 years. We are not saying that the nation did not benefit at all, but we are saying that the nation could have been much better when Petronas was rolling with cash which you wasted substantially with your race and religion-based policies.

Corruption grew during your time and it ate the heart of our nation. We could have been a developed nation before 2020 and Malaysians would have had the benefit of world-class education instead of the half-past-six education we are now having.

Former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak was the logical conclusion of your actions as PM for 22 years. Please do not put the blame on Najib alone.

Bluemountains: Does "we will fix our mistakes" include changing the prime minister? It can't be that Mahathir is blameless.

Jaya Jayam: Mahathir, I am tired of hearing that you have to please the Malays, the Chinese and other races. You don't have to please anyone.

All you have to do is to rule by law - people and nation first, your party and position second.

Gaji Buta: When you say you will listen to the people, are they Malay or Chinese? Both are at opposite sides of the spectrum.

The only answer is to do what is right, and not what is demanded by any particular race. Can you tell what is right? I don't think so.

The aim of Harapan should be to fulfil promises and meet expectations of those who voted for Harapan in last GE, not try to satisfy those who did not vote for Harapan.

Those who did not vote for Harapan had a different ideology. You seem to be more interested in pleasing them than those who voted for Harapan.

US President Donald Trump does not go around signing policies to please the Democrats. So why are you trying to please PAS and Umno voters instead of your voters?

Is it because you have the same ideology as them? If so, you should step down immediately.

Otherwise, Harapan will lose their GE14 voters and you will still not get many new PAS-Umno votes, which is what we are seeing now and how it will be in GE15.


  1. Najib is accountable for Najib's actions and inactions while in power, just as Mahathir is accountable for Mahathir's actions and inactions while in power.

    "Blame yourself" is just a sound bite, but does not meet the fundamental standards of responsibility

    1. wakakaka, right on cue, applause applause

    2. Me, who never spent a minute studying at university, have to teach you the fundamentals of accountability in a Democratic government.