Thursday, December 05, 2019

Lim Guan Eng now in panic mode over TAR UC


RM40 million allocation for TAR UC trust fund, says Guan Eng

The finance ministry says it will allocate RM40 million to a trust fund operated by the Tunku Abdul Rahman Alumni Association (TAA) once it is approved by the authorities.

In a statement, Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said the trust fund is expected to be approved by the end of the month.

Putrajaya had earlier promised an allocation of at least RM30 million per year for the trust fund for the benefit of Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC) and its students.

“For this year, RM40 million will be allocated. Apart from TAA, the proposed trustees will comprise one representative each from TAR UC students and the finance ministry."

“This RM40 million allocation will rebut once and for all lies by irresponsible elements that such an allocation is illegal,” Lim said, adding that the government’s critics have yet to explain their claims.

He added that TAA should be given the chance to show how it can deliver on the utilisation of funds for the benefit of TAR UC and the welfare of its students.

Previously, Lim denied that the money in the trust fund could only be used if MCA relinquished ownership of the college.

He said the money could only be channelled directly to TAR UC if MCA gave up ownership and control of the administration.

Lim has been engaged in a war of words with MCA leaders over the matching grant for TAR UC. He argues that the educational institution should not be controlled by political parties and politicians.


kaytee notes:

Guan Eng is now panicking - has increased allocation to RM40 million, and quietly drops his previous "fund could only be used if MCA relinquished ownership of the college".

Mind, he is still clinging on to his 'face' for dear life - I see scratch marks on his door sills, wakakaka

Podah. Apa takut chye-chye? 


Ah Eng, Ahok was far more intelligent yet he went on to makan nasi kari kosong

so don't be stubborn in waging war and ever hoping to win against the Chinese Malaysians with their 3 thousands years DNA with an innate desire for good education for their children, wakakaka, unless you want to commit political suicide


  1. how is he diff with one he accuse, playing politics on education n now believe money can buy vote.

    how dap could shine n perform lead by such stupid.

  2. Whenever Guanee stick to his guns on any issue people will say he is arrogant, bully etc.

    But when he show flexibility, willingness to give and take, no need to relinquish control of TARUC I oso give, top up to 40 million some more.....people say he is desperate.

    No turn unstoned....that's the fate of DAP, never mind, comes with the job, for the sake of a New Malaysia...

    MCA how? Still vindictive, kiasu-ive and obdurative? Clock is ticking.

    Why is MCA ungrateful for the RM40m to help TARUC? — Ko Chung Sen

    Thursday, 05 Dec 2019

    DECEMBER 5 — Every university in the world, public or private, will cry out in joy if the government announced an extra RM10 million on top of the RM30 million yearly allocation. Incredibly, instead, MCA did not say a word of thanks with total, absolute silence.

    Until now, MCA had ridiculously portrayed RM 30 million allocation specified for students as an “attack” on TARUC. It didn’t matter to MCA the students will benefit from the increased allocation, it only mattered to them that the money did not come under their control.

    This is not the first time MCA had chosen to put more emphasis on retaining absolute control than to accept donations earmarked for students’ welfare. When Mr. Koon Yew Yin pledged to donate RM30 million specifically to build a hostel in Kampar campus of UTAR in 2010, it was rejected on the ground that board of UTAR could not accept outside interference and conditions on donations. The students’ personal safety, convenience and commuting time were conveniently sacrificed for the ego, hubris and vanity of MCA.

    MCA likes to claim that it is the champion for the Chinese and the defender of Chinese education. It prides itself as the founder of UTAR and TARUC that had produced 200,000 graduates. They never seemed to remember that the universities were built with government funding and donations from the Chinese society and the students had to pay full fees. In essence, the students do not owe MCA any favours at all.

    Worse still, MCA does not behave like a real guardian should. Instead, TARUC and UTAR are treated as cash cows and hostage to hold the Chinese society and government to ransom. If the government did not provide any funding, students will have to pay higher tuition fee. Chinese society was pressured into donation drives to raise funds to help cover for the shortfall. Fear and anxiety were widely sown to create mass hysteria. Hawkers were donating their meagre incomes to help out MCA, the billionaire custodian.

    It was never made clear to the public that TAR Education Foundation was sitting on a cash pile of RM 634 million and would not collapse. On top of that MCA has assets worth nearly RM 3 billion with annual profits of RM 100 million from dividends, rental and stocks. MCA is more than able to donate even RM50 million a year to TAR UC.

    On the contrary, MCA preferred to cover up its fat bank accounts at the expense of poor students and well-meaning hawkers. They did not welcome, possibly even resent the RM 40 million allocation given by the government to help TAR UC students. Their power over the university was far more important that the welfare of students themselves.

    In summary, as the custodian of TARUC, MCA should get its priorities right and put the interests of the students first, and politics last. They should be grateful and thank the government for the increased allocation announced for the benefits of the students.