Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Maszlee's preoccupation with symbolic issues, not serious education


Cease preoccupation with symbolic issues, Zaid 'silat' chops Maszlee

Zaid Ibrahim has censured Education Minister Maszlee Malik for his preoccupation with symbolic issues such as Jawi, silat and dakwah (preaching).

“Is he trying to use schools as part of national identity rebuilding for the country? If so it will be divisive, a hangover of days gone by,” he told Malaysiakini this afternoon.

The former law minister said Malaysians must accept diversity and all its quirks if they want harmony and peace.

“We don’t have to assume that disloyalty runs deep amongst the non-Malays just because of vernacular schools and the occasional upside-down or wrong flags,” he added.

According to Zaid, the introduction of Jawi khat (calligraphy) and silat are “totally useless” for modern education.


Yesterday, Maszlee said the Education Ministry plans to make silat a co-curricular activity in schools, as well as an elective credit course in universities to uphold the traditional heritage.

He added that the ministry also plans to make silat as a course in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) so that the students could be given certificates to advance their careers in the related fields.

However, Zaid urged the Bersatu PRIBUMI lawmaker to focus on more pressing issues under his portfolio instead.

“The non-stop reference of the social contract by his vice-chancellors and officials is wrong and divisive. What is he doing about this?"

“Shouldn’t he try to find out why young Malay boys are not receiving normal education but are in tahfiz/religious school. Is he doing something about this?” he asked.

Zaid also questioned what is Maszlee doing regarding the proliferation of private and international schools, which require parents to spend more on education.

“With more private schools, the best teachers leave government schools for better pay. What is he doing about this?

“In short, there are pressing and critical but less sensational issues he should be concerned with. Is the minister of education more than that?” he added.

Malaysians, who were hoping to see the education system revamped following Pakatan Harapan's victory in the last general election, have been largely disappointed with Maszlee's performance.

Commenting on this, Zaid took a sarcastic swipe at Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who picked Maszlee to helm the important portfolio.

“I know he is handpicked by our iconic PM and strongly supported by DAP but he should be a normal education minister first,” he added.

handpicked by your iconic PM and strongly supported by DAP


kaytee notes:

A succinct analysis by Zaid that Maszlee has been more concerned or obsessed about symbolic issues such as Jawi, silat, dakwah (preaching), social contact, but which are all totally useless for critical modern education which the nation needs urgently.

And Mahathir has the blardy nerve to tok-kok about developing and building cars each with 4,000 parts and aeroplane engine with 30,000 parts?

Just look at his Minister for Entrepreneurial Development, the Kipas Menteri who initially boasted he'll deliver a Malaysian-made flying car by this year's end, but who then capati-ed that away by saying the flying car is being built in Japan because Malaysia doesn't have a suitable environment for flying cars, and yet who then fronted up with a borrowed Chinese-made flying drone in a Malaysia without the so-called suitable environment for flying cars, and shamelessly smiling away as if he had built the drone himself.

Not even Pakatan ministers like Anthony Loke could stand his 101% grade kerbau. Wong Kah Woh, a DAP MP (Ipoh Timur) and also vice chairman PAC said of Kipas Menteri's "flying kerbau" (as reported in Malaysiakini):

Wong Kah Woh 

... the whole fiasco, from the first announcement by the Minister early this year, until the no-go notice by CAAM, is only one word: Shameful.

If you want me to add another word, I can: Shameful.

Such has been Wong's blistering contempt for Redzuan's kerbau that he couldn't tahan anymore and gave it to the Kipas Menteri in spades, wakakaka.

Now, why hasn't the Young Brat from PRIBUMI declare war on the DAP yet?

Yes, Maszlee has different aims to that of a good Education Minister and should be sacked for wasting our children's valuable time, whilst his PRIBUMI colleague has been a totally useless 'makan gaji buta' flop and should also be sacked.

Parti PRIBUMI's woes are further compounded by an arrogant Young Brat who likes to be a pocket-size bully because he thinks that as a minister he is entitled to such kerbau.

Mahathir, pack yourself and your PRIBUMI ministers up and get the blaze out of the cabinet.

Lim KHAT Siang has been very remiss in not nominating Zaid Ibrahim at least as a senator after his (Lim's) crime in not putting Zaid up as a DAP candidate in a federal constituency in GE14. Zaid would have won easily in a good DAP seat.

Zaid is most qualified to be a minister (he was de facto Law Minister in AAB's cabinet from which he resigned as a strong statement of principle to protest Teresa Kok being detained under the ISA - and he did that while as an UMNO cabinet minister speaking up for an opposition DAP politician).

He speaks well and courageously, which is something Lim KHAT Siang is scared of, wanting only macai's who keep their mouths shut until he tells them to go ahead.

only speaks out on what Mahathir allows/allowed 


  1. Lim Kit Siang should just retire or DAP should quit PH and become the opposition where they do better on the other side.

  2. While PKR is pre-occupied with its power struggle and Bersatu still shell-shocked with it's rapidly declining support as evidenced by Tg Piai, it takes an ORDINARY member of DAP to scold Toonsie and Maszlee over education.

    Zaid has virtually no grassroots support within DAP, so let's see if LKS or Guanee publicly reprimands him, or silence means consent.

    Zaid also gives Toonsie a gentle reminder, that DAP supported him to become PM; without DAP's 42 MPs Toonsie is nothing, don't be too big headed now.

    Of course it doesn't help that every Education Minister since 1995 has been Malay-Muslim and from one political party, namely UMNO.

    More notable, however, is that the Deputy Minister has always been from MCA (and one time MIC). In fact Wee KHAT Siong was the Deputy Education Minister when khat was first introduced in primary schoolbooks. But he kept quiet then, in 2013/2014. Was this because the then PM and FM was contributing so much tax-payer's money to support TARUC, even though the University's Board of Trustees was not in compliance with its own Article of Association, so that MCA could brag about single-handedly championing the Chinese get tertiary education?

  3. Actually there is nothing wrong with teaching silat as co-curricular. Many schools already have Judo, Tae Kwon Do etc.

    The point is, this is school headmaster level decision, not Education Minister. This Maszlee is an idiot. And if Toonsie thinks Maszlee is doing a good job then Toonsie is a bigger idiot.

  4. Malaysia's PISA ranking, which ranks school students on science, mathematics, reading etc is in the pits but our Education Minister is worried about bumi quotas, the colour of shoes, khat, silat and religion.....and he is sitting on the UEC report.....