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Mahathir's wicked cruelty towards Anwar Ibrahim

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People Were Upset Hypocrite Mahathir Defended Azmin’s Homosexual Acts, But Not Anwar’s Sexual Assault

Accusations of favouritism and hypocrisy – even evil conspiracy – have been slapped on Mahathir Mohamad, the oldest prime minister in the world. That was the anger and displeasure expressed by netizens on social media over the double standard practised by the prime minister after premier-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim was accused of committing sexual assault.

To make matters worse, the Royal Malaysia Police has suggested that a polygraph test could be used over Muhammed Yusoff Rawther’s allegations of having been sexually assaulted by Anwar, the president of PKR (People’s Justice Party) – the biggest party in the ruling Pakatan Harapan coalition government. Mr. Anwar has strongly denied the allegations.

People smell a rat, and it’s hard to blame them. Anwar had previously been sentenced to prison for two sodomy cases, each under different prime ministers – first round under Mahathir in 1998 (during his first stint) and the second time under Najib Razak in 2014. And now it appears the same Mahathir is about to hit Anwar with a similar stunt again – Sodomy version 3.

Actually, there has been some minor modification to the drama script. The previous half-baked sodomy storyline cannot continue its third version for obvious reason. That’s because in his statutory declaration, Yusoff claimed he had thwarted Anwar’s attempt to outrage his modesty when the two met at the PKR president’s house on October 2 last year.

Yes, it’s been more than a year since 26-year-old Muhammed Yusoff Rawther was allegedly sexually assaulted by 71-year-old Anwar Ibrahim at the politician’s house, never mind that the PM-in-waiting was busy campaigning for the Port Dickson by-election and had attended an event to commemorate the 150th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi in Kuala Lumpur on the alleged date.

It would certainly look suspicious, not to mention ridiculous, for Yusoff, a young and energetic former research assistant of Anwar, to claim being sodomised by Anwar but would take more than a year to expose the old rapist. When then-former PM Najib orchestrated Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s sodomy case against Anwar, it had invited criticism and laughter all over the world.

Flashback – Anwar Ibrahim was pronounced guilty of Sodomy Part-2 in 2014 by a Kangaroo Court controlled by Najib regime, despite various doubts. For example, instead of lodging a police report, Mohd Saiful happily met Anwar a day after being sodomised. The victim was so smart that he did not wash his “anus”, apparently to preserve semen samples, but was dumb enough to wash his underwear.

Mysteriously, Saiful also suddenly introduced a bottle of lubricant – KY Jelly – when giving his testimony during a trial. The most jaw-dropping part was when medical evidence confirmed that there was no trauma or injury found in Saiful’s anus, as if he had some kind of super ability to heal himself like the mutant Wolverine. You can go to this article here to read the 12 screw-ups written 5 years ago.

Saiful’s sodomy allegation against Anwar was so ridiculous that the judge threw the case out in January 2012. But by March 2014, the acquittal was overturned by the Court of Appeal. Anwar was subsequently sent to 5 years’ imprisonment, which he served before being pardoned on 16 May 2018 after the Najib government lost the 2018 General Election.

Clearly, it would make Mahathir looks incredibly dumb if the same sodomy scripts were to be re-used again. Therefore, the police say that the latest case against Anwar is about the outrage of modesty, and not sodomy, as no sexual penetration has been claimed. The young Yusoff would have a lot of explaining to do if he claims sodomy. A sexual assault allegation is much easier.

However, the police have not decided whether to subject both the accuser and the defender to polygraph tests. Will it be fair to subject Anwar only for the test and not Yusoff? What if both fail (or pass) the tests? More importantly, what if Anwar fails the test but has a strong alibi? After all, polygraph tests are not necessarily an accurate lie detector.

If indeed Anwar did sexually assault the young man, then the PKR president should be punished according to the rule of law. Likewise, if Yusoff had made a false allegation against the PM-in-waiting, he, too, should be sent to jail. However, the public perception is such that the police cannot be trusted to do their jobs professionally without fear or favour.

Not only people don’t believe the impartiality of the police force, they also don’t believe Prime Minister Mahathir had nothing to do with the latest allegation against Mr. Anwar. And who could blame the public for increasingly distrust the 94-year-old man who openly treats Azmin Ali and Anwar Ibrahim differently over a same problem – sex scandal.

When Azmin Ali, the blue-eyed boy of PM Mahathir, was implicated as the man in an explosive gay sex video in June, the premier quickly came to the defence of the Economic Affairs Minister. He unilaterally declared Azmin’s innocence and conveniently claimed the video clip was fake – even “before” the police could start the investigation and authenticate the video.

But when it’s Anwar Ibrahim’s turn to be accused (for the third time), the same Mahathir kept his silence and had never once defended the future prime minister. It screams double standard and bias that Mahathir was so eager to protect a man caught having pleasure with another man, but couldn’t care less about another man accused of sexual assault.

The worst part was when the Inspector General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador, a loyalist of the premier, had joined the bandwagon in insulting the peoples’ intelligence – declaring that the identities of the two men in the gay sex video clips cannot be determined, despite the public’s confidence that one of them was Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali.

The suspicion has now grown stronger that Mahathir was the hidden hand behind the sexual assault drama. The prime minister’s lawyer, Haniff Khatri Abdulla, has emerged as Yusoff Rawther’s attorney against Anwar Ibrahim. Of course, the lawyer argued that the simple fact that he appeared for his client makes it crystal clear that Mahathir cannot be the man behind the evil plot.

Perhaps the lawyer thought people were too dumb to realise there’s something called “reverse psychology”. Interestingly, Rural Development Minister Rina Mohd Harun, the Women’s Chief of Mahathir’s party (PPBM or Bersatu), appointed the lawyer as the new chairman of the Penang Regional Development Authority (Perda) in January this year.

You don’t need a rocket scientist to find out why PM Mahathir approved the appointment of his own lawyer to head a powerful agency like “Perda”. And it’s quite troubling that the police didn’t raise (or deliberately refused to raise) the idea of using polygraph tests when Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz admitted to be one of the men in the sex video clip plaguing Azmin Ali.

Why did the police question and grill Anwar Ibrahim, but not Azmin Ali? Has homosexual been declared legal, natural and legitimate activities under the Mahathir administration? Perhaps Mahathir should clarify why in a Muslim country like Malaysia; homosexual acts appear to be less damaging than sexual assault. The premier’s reputation and integrity are being questioned.


  1. 😂😂😂 tell Anwar malaysians know he's being setup. But they just don't care. The past year was an exercise to shape the minds of society to not want him as the Prime Minister.

    Did u think Mahathir purposely did so many U-turns just for gags? Lol! It was a superb trap for Anwar and the likes to get them to keep supporting those u-turns so that they too will look like crooks. A brilliant machevalien setup that brings us to this moment.

    When you damage one's reps too much, ppl just dont care what happens to you. Brilliant Mahathir! Evil but brilliant. So lessons to learn here is, if u want to be evil make sure it's brilliant. Lol!

    Btw, seen HK lately? Told ya, all china had to do was let it burn. And burn on its own it did. I love these mind games. Damn! Walk it like i talk it.

  2. not easy to fight against king of thieves, anwar pls stay calm,hopefully god was touched by peoples doa.

    1. Draging God now? Isn't God full of rules and regulations. Those don't go well with freedom. Freedom has a mind of its own the last i heard.

      Aren't humans who wanted to be the god of themselves? So why not pray to ownself? Not working? Lol!

  3. Mahathir is pretending to be blind.He just cannot except the fact that his blue eyed boy is caught in the video getting fucked in the backside.

    Anwar's accusers are what they accused him of doing.Nothing like Azmin's face so clear that even his wife knows that it is the dwarf.

    1. wakakaka, love your explicit succinct description

  4. Hmmmmm...AI never learn from the past mistakes he did which causes him of being 5th PM of Malaysia. He should have his penis operated so he can no longer have taste for young boys and that might make his chances brighter to be the next PM.

    1. what abt oral n anal? as long as one got hole, he cant escape from mahathir.

    2. Stupid need to talk about plugging the holes or castrating the stick. All it requires is to decrease the libido ( sex drive ), it's that simple, hehe