Friday, December 13, 2019

Zaid Ibrahim: DAP overwhelmed by FEAR


Zaid Ibrahim 

Zaid concerned about DAP losing its shine due to fear

Former minister Zaid Ibrahim is concerned that DAP risks losing its decades-long shine, claiming that fear has dimmed it.

“The distinguishing mark for DAP for many years is its consistent advocacy on issues that have long been neglected.

“To be suddenly silent on Lynas, to be vacillating on UEC (United Examination Certificate) and for some strange reason to embrace Jawi khat (calligraphy) puts the party on a different terrain,” he told Malaysiakini this afternoon.

Zaid, who joined DAP in 2017, was elaborating on his earlier tweet that his party is in for a “rough ride.”

“That is what happens when fear overwhelms you,” he had added.

Zaid told Malaysiakini he is concerned that DAP might change course, making it no different from other political parties.

“If the party in its wisdom decides to change course because politics is always changing, then I worry it might not be able to reclaim the long-standing brand as a progressive principled party.

“It might just be one of many parties which voters will have difficulty choosing,” he added.

Zaid also did not discount the possibility that DAP leaders could have been seduced by power and positions and therefore are willing to make concessions and compromises.

Since Pakatan Harapan's historical win in the last general election, DAP has found itself caught between a rock and a hard place.

Umno and PAS often accuse the predominantly Chinese DAP of being the real power behind Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's government and that the latter is nothing more than a puppet.

DAP's arch-rival MCA, on the other hand, claims that the party is subservient to Mahathir and had turned its back on safeguarding non-Malay interests.

Its detractors have also labelled DAP as MCA 2.0, drawing a comparison between the current state of DAP with MCA's compliance to Umno when BN was in power.

However, DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang had denied that DAP would morph into MCA.

In a statement following Harapan's crushing defeat in the Tanjung Piai by-election last month, Lim said this is because DAP and Harapan are committed to resetting nation-building policies to build a New Malaysia.

On the same note, he conceded that Harapan allowed itself to deviate from the moderate centre and is fast losing ground because of it.

"In the past 18 months, we have deviated from the moderate centre, seeking to compete and better those who resort to hatred and intolerance in the politics of race and religion.

"As a result, Harapan has fallen between two stools – we lost the Malay and non-Malay ground for contradictory and opposite reasons (in Tanjung Piai)," he added.


  1. Don't you just admire this party where an ordinary member with no grassroots support like Zaid can get up on stage and hentam the party leaders (ie Guanee and LKS) and he won't be reprimanded, sacked or even suspended. Others like Ronnie Liew, Ramkarpal etc also speak out loudly against their leaders, but no reprimand. DAP does not want blind followers.

    Now contrast this with UMNO. Remember what happened to Muhyiddin and Shafie Apdal when they spoke out about 1MDB? Jibby sacked them.

    How about MCA? What did Wee KHAT Siong do when Kojadi Chairman wanted to return 1MDB money that Jibby gave to them?

    Kojadi chairman claims suspended from board for not being blindly loyal to MCA president

    Monday, 22 Jul 2019

    KUALA LUMPUR, July 22 — After being sacked as chairman of MCA co-operative Koperasi Jayadiri Malaysia Bhd (Kojadi), Datuk Ng Peng Hay is now crying foul over his suspension from the board of directors.

    Ng said that he was suspended from the board as of July 18 not because he acted against the interest of Kojadi, but because he was not a blind follower of MCA president Datuk Wee Ka Siong.

    1. TS you sound like one of DAP's cheer-sweethearts, wakakaka.

      You obviously forgot those DAP members who were off sided, severely marginalised (Zaid being one, Dr Boo and Dr Tan have been among others) and even compelled into resigning (the late Zul Noor).

    2. KT, your glass house has no curtains, open for everyone to see inside. You selectively pick out Zaid's democratic criticism of DAP leadership but you choose to ignore his defence of them when they are attacked.

      My point is why hasn't the DAP leadership disciplined or sacked these rabble rousers like what UMNO and MCA had done?

      Sidelined? Well, that is part of everyday life isn't it? Why haven't they resigned and joined another party? Because they still think DAP is the best option?

      Guan Eng is one of the better ministers, Zaid flays 'immature' PAS leader

      Nov 21st, 2019

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      He said the opposition has no business dictating which minister should be retained or otherwise...

  2. the main problem is even stupids r assigned to important post, no meritocracy at all, not that diff with bn.