Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Don't spook the Malays

When our mata mata investigate you (or your group) under Section 504 and 505(b) of the Penal Code, they're checking on your activities or words (statements) that could be insults intended to provoke a breach of peace and likely to cause public fear.

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Now who would be the Malaysians most liable to be, or easily fearful of such alleged statements and/or activities? I'll come to it shortly, but first let me continue on the police investigations of people under Section 504 and 505(b) of the Penal Code.

As we are all too well aware, when it was revealed (nationally) last month that the cremains of Chin Peng were brought back and dispersed among 
the jungles of the Titiwangsa mountain range and the Lumut sea (nearby to Chin Peng's home town of Sitiawan), there were frightful gasps (and shocked cowering?) among the people.

The reputation of the former CPM secretary-general, the person no doubt already reduced to ashes, must be so terrifying that many people were spooked.

The word 'spook' has been a term used quite frequently by Malaysiakini columnist Commander (rtd) S Thayaparan who would (from my reading of his column) employ this word to show his disgust, in particular, at DAP MPs and political leaders for cowering in fear from the possibility of annoying, offending or hurting the feelings of Malays and thus remaining silent, especially when there were dire needs for them to speak out.

The good Commander would say to that pitiful political cringe (no doubt with a sneer or at least a disdainful curl at the corner of his lips, wakakaka), "Don't spook the Malays" - not Commander's advice but his sarcastic remark.

I don't blame the Commander when we realise that Malays constitute 98% of the military, 85% of the Civil Service and police, Chief Secretary and all service chiefs (police, army, navy, air force), university VC's and 65% of the country's population, and we are told and expected "Not to spook the Malays".

You know which DAP pollies have been careful "Not to spook the Malays", don't you? Wakakaka.

Some of this group's apologists informed me that rather than being cringeful, they have been smartly-brilliantly-Einstein-ishly (wakakaka) in using Ronnie Liu to 'bash' Mahathir while they act 'dunno'. Yes, they sure acted 'dunno' but Ronnie Liu being used by them?, wakakaka, c'mon lah, we are too grown up to enjoy fairy tales.

Ever heard any DAP leaders speak up for TAR UC? Wakakaka, yes mateys, "Don't spook the Malays"

Ronnie spoke out because he has been cheesed off with DAP's shameful silence 

Then there is also Section 505C of the Penal Code which investigate into statements which could be conducive to public mischief.

Now, what could be MORE conducive to public mischief that a recent gathering in Malaysia to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Hat Yai Peace Accord (1989) which then-PM Mahathir reneged on kaukau as he did with the Extradition Treaty with India and as he did with Suqiu.

Now for a slight digression to discuss Mahathir's love for reneging on promises and treaties, wakakaka.

Well, there's the above mentioned international treaties he eff-ed. Then there's the Pakatan Manifesto promises being capati-ed.

And the Borneo Post reported (extracts) to remind us:

... in the face of severe challenges to Umno in the 1999 general election due to the reformation movement initiated by Anwar Ibrahim, 
Dr Mahathir agreed to the Suqiu (memoir by Chinese appealing for a fair rule of the country) which he even commented as fair.

“Included in the Suqiu was the recognition of the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) of Chinese independent schools.

maybe it'll take only 59.9 years 

“Unfortunately, after the Chinese community gave overwhelming support to BN led by Dr Mahathir in the election, which resulted in BN winning the two-third majority in Parliament, Dr Mahathir reneged on what he had promised the Chinese.“Shortly after the election, Dr Mahathir summoned the members of the Suqiu delegation, and described them as people having the mentality of communists, holding him to ransom.

“He also accused them of resorting to arm-twisting tactic.”

Apart from the gathering being attended by Ronnie Liu, PKR's Dr Syed Husin Ali, PSM's Dr Michael Jeyakumar and UKM professor Abdul Rahman Embong, we have to deem (of course) that the celebration of PEACE by so many as 300 elderly people, would definitely strike fear into the Malays. As Commander said, "Don't spook the Malays".

The police in particular IGP Bador should be ashamed of themselves for wasting their time in investigating trivial non-issues instead of looking for Indira Gandhi's missing-kidnapped daughter, and the missing Amri Che Mat and Pastor Raymond Koh.

But then "Don't spook the Malays", as the usual "suspects" would advise, wakakaka.

Oh, the Korean TV dramas I love to watch have a usual description for the extraordinary care of the DAP for the sensitivity of Malays, "walking on eggshells" wakakaka.

Dictionary says "walking on eggshells" means:

(idiomatic) To be overly careful in dealing with a person or situation because they get angry or offended very easily; to try very hard not to upset someone or something.

(idiomatic) To be careful and sensitive, in handling very sensitive matters.


  1. Let me balance this blog... here is an example of DAP "spooking" non-Malays...by accusing the PAS-UMNO of "declaring war" on non-Malays ha ha ha then Guanee had to "modify" his statement. See DAP was brave to speak up on this "spooky alliance" but MCA remained silent, now even willing to "join" the PAS-UMNO Muah-Fart-Karat Nasional.

    The "grand poobah" Capt (Rtd) Thayaparan should know a few things about war, which is pretty darned "spooky" don't you think...?

    Lim warns Umno-PAS union will target non-Malays
    Published: Mar 6th, 2019 | Modified: Mar 7th, 2019

    Editor's note: 10.30pm - Lim corrected his earlier statement which originally used the words "declare war on non-Malays"

    DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng cautioned today that the cooperation of Umno and PAS would put non-Malays in the political crosshairs.

    In a statement, Lim said that the move signalled the end of the '1Malaysia' concept propagated by the previous BN administration, as Umno doubled down on the rhetoric of race and religion in recent by-elections.

    He added that this was an attempt to portray Malays as marginalised in a bid to covet conservative right-wing support.

    "The Umno-PAS union started with PAS supporting the BN direct candidate (Ramli Mohd Nor) in the Cameron Highlands by-election, and progressed with the Youth wings of Umno and PAS cooperating in the Semenyih by-election.

    "The flirtation between Umno and PAS is over. Now they are targeting the non-Malays and non-Muslims under the banner of 'Malay unity'," his statement read.

    'Quit BN now'

    Lim cited Umno and PAS repeating the line that the government was controlled by non-Malays and non-Muslims as an example of both parties' alleged attempts to sow discord among different ethnic groups.

    He also accused BN component parties MCA and MIC of complicity, with both treating PAS as "comrades."

    As the Umno-PAS union is now a political fact, he said, MCA should quit BN to prevent aiding the oppression of non-Malays and non-Muslims.

    “If MCA is sincerely protesting against Umno and PAS' racial and religious extremism, they should quit BN immediately and cut ties with BN, Umno and PAS. This will distance and isolate the extremist party.

    Another example, this time of PAS doing the spooking, of who I am not sure, the Malays or the non-Malays, about the threat of Christianity's Kingdom of God....but did the grand poobah write about this...?

    Accusing DAP of Christianisation, PAS leader cites Steven Sim’s ‘Kingdom of God’ remarks as evidence

    Wednesday, 18 Sep 2019


    KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 18 — A DAP leader’s speech to a forum held at the Mega Chinese Methodist Church in Kota Damansara, Selangor last week supports claims the predominantly Chinese party was trying to Christianise the nation, PAS alleged today.

    PAS deputy president Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man claimed Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Steven Sim Chee Keong was zealously promoting the “Kingdom of God”, a Christian concept of a spiritual realm over which God reigns or the fulfilment of God’s will on Earth.

    1. speaking out against PAS-UMNO has been a political stoushing but have you heard Lims criticising PRIBUMI especially Maddy?

    2. or speaking out for TAR UC (other than waging a vindictive war against MCA) and UEC?

    3. Any disagreements with Toonsie has to be ironed out internally within the cabinet. If the FM criticises the PM publicly then this would spook not just the Malays but also the markets ha ha ha. We would be having a different conversation today...."see how disunited and hopeless the Harapan government is, fighting in public like PKR's Azmin vs Anwar, spooking investors and ratings agencies...."

      Guanee is giving TARUC 40 million, isn't that better than just speaking out?

    4. If Guanee criticises Toonsie in public that would be

      "doing dirty laundry in public"

      Dictionary says (idiomatic): people who argue over their differences in public, making things that are best resolved in private public, often to the detriment of the resolution itself...

    5. dap/lks apply a diff std when come to bn, democracy with dap characteristic.

    6. Mfer, should I say u r written with the printing form with westernized demoncratic character?

      What a snail mind of inconsequential - seeing what it wants to see!

    7. u can say anything u wan, its yr democracy right since we r not in ccp china. i stated quite clearly whats dap characteristic, could u do the same with westernized democracy character, without indulge in personal attack if possible?

    8. Wakakakaka…

      Personal attacks?

      At least mine is open & direct. Instead of yr veiled & slip-of-the-mouth (pen) fake vitriols!

      1st, what's yr DAP characteristics? Stupid, no ball - as defined by yr writes?

      Can u do better?

      2nd, westernized demoncracy characters (N?) - everything is the fault of CCP, right?

      BTW, there r many more complaints, demos in China under CCP than u care to know.

      F*ckheads (rightly nominated) ignore these news straight away, the moment China is mentioned.

      eg the current Huawei industrial dispute involving 李鸿元 - a company deadwood blackmailing the hr dept.

      Ditto too, the recent demos in 成都, involving thousands in voicing against the housing project within the city.

      The surprised part IS all protestors go home peacefully after the downtown demo. Mind u, with police escorts too!

      Or u expect the scenes of France yellow vest? Or those riots in basketcase countries?

    9. 1. dap/lks criticize mca silent on many issue, most actually happen during mahathir reign, is dap/lks any diff? earlier i already wrote double std, read slowly la. stupid is reserved for lge n tk.

      2. if u do read my writes, i started to sound critical toward ccp when they openly assert that south sea is theirs, n they want to conquer taiwan with force, they twist n spin hk basic law, they oppress minority, they show off their wealth n propagate their ideology via bri etc. so not everything is ccp fault, but as usual, u r no diff with the
      malay ultra that support umno, seeing only what u want to see, sound familiar?

    10. Politikuses all over the world play the same tune of horse tradings in Machiavellian political plays. DAP & MCA were/r the rodents that r been chosen by people, hoodwinked or otherwise, to be their players.

      The difference lies in the big picture (how far & wide can u see under yr tempurung?) that is been manifested by these political plays.

      Like it or not, DAP has shown its influences within the PH administration in curtailing mamak's u-must-not-object bulldozing policy tactic that have so firmly established during his old reignV1.0.

      Moreover, there r administrative/personnel changes within the PH govt that one WOULDN'T expect to see under the old ketuanan bn govt.

      Yet people like u, just want to fart about changes u choose to see & yet unwilling to admit the underlying difficulties. Then u term that DAP & MCA r one the same!

      MCA had been incubated long with timid doggy traces ever since the umno master had/has perfected the trick of throwing 'food crumbs' to train these shameless doggies.

      U call DAP personnel with names, that u yrself r so unashamedly displayed.

      Can u or ANYONE else within that intertwined political loops doing better in views of those major ketuanan obstacles that dotted the roads taken? Baby steps take longer time to reach a goal, rather than no steps but empty words as shown by MCA past. Timing too is important!

      Have u given a thought to 老祖宗的智慧 - 杀敌一千自损八百 when dealing with a bunch of irrational & easily amokish ketuanan morons?

      Fart is so easy when u r an outsider (worst, bystander) looking in!

    11. DON'T twist yr timeline about yr indoctrinated pet hatred about CCP/communism lah. U have that trace ever since u appeared in this blogspot!

      "…started to sound critical toward ccp when they openly assert that south sea is theirs, n they want to conquer taiwan with force, they twist n spin hk basic law, they oppress minority, they show off their wealth n propagate their ideology via bri etc"

      How clearly is yr western demoNcratic trainings showing in these issues u so unashamedly paraded.

      1) Proven historical records have shown that the ancient southern Chinese fishermen had long visited/utilized those islets, shoals, reefs & banks scattered within that vast South China Sea long before any other inhabitants around the surrounding nations dared to venture to that open sea for livinghood. That's long before the Chinese claims in part of the South China sea as delineated by the Nine-dash Line, a documented treaty which was NEVER disputed/challenged by any countries, surrounding &/or otherwise, in 1947.

      The disputes of the South China Sea arise when multiple claimant states are interested in retaining or acquiring the rights to fishing stocks, the exploration and potential exploitation of crude oil and natural gas in the seabed of various parts of the South China Sea, and the strategic control of important shipping lanes in the late 60s.

      Further geopolitical agitations r been added in since 2015 when the US and other states such as France and the UK have openly conducted freedom of navigation operations (FONOP) in the region to showcase their intended containment of the assumed expansionist communist China.

      Based on those early historical records, China has every claim right to those territory under the jurisdictions of Nine-dotted Line. But UNCLOS, with the forced encroachment of foreign interests, especially US, has demarcated the position of China on its maritime claims based history has been ambiguous, particularly with the nine dash line map.

      Long story short - any territory disputes MUST have chronological historic contextualization.

      The Israel/Palestine dispute IS the clear evidence of both geopolitical & religious interplay. That cursed piece of land was long abandoned by the early Jews & been subsequently populated by the Palestinian.

      Who has more claim to that land?

      & yet a pommie/arab treaty simply gave that land to the Jews by a stroke of bleeding-heartish & war-fatigued govts of the day w/o any inputs of the Palestinians! Can that pommie/Arab treaty be voided & where should the Israeli nation goes?

      To paraphrase this SAME political phenomenon - ain't China willing to negotiate with the usage terms of the South China Sea territory with those adjacent nations w/o outsiders interferences? Ain't that in the BEST interest of the region?


    12. Cont 2of2

      2) to conquer taiwan with force?

      Mfer, Taiwan is an indisputable part of China. Any attempts to source its independence MUST be met with force.

      Otherwise, the "1992 Consensus" SHOULD be the foundation of the eventual unification.

      What kind of conquering Taiwan IS in yr f*cked mind?

      3) twist n spin hk basic law?

      How, when & where?

      If so HK, should be in peace NOW with the central govt removing the restrictions of the HK basic laws placed upon her to act lawfully!

      Who's spinning the basic laws when u have HK 发青 openly supporting foreign interferences within HK affairs? Do the basic laws allow that?

      4) they oppress minority?

      Mfer, haven't u watch Anagula's YouTube presentations about Xinjiang. Ditto with many others about Tibet.

      BTW, in yr f*cked mind, ONLY Vyghurs & Tibetans r the minorities been oppressed. All other minorities, throughout China, enjoy shared prosperity that r denied to yr favourite Chinese minorities.

      How naïve & western indoctrinated!

      5) show off their wealth n propagate their ideology via bri etc!!

      Wow… prosper thy neighbours under BRI IS termed wealth showing off!

      Perhaps, u preferred the past taken-&-take initiatives of the western colonialism while showing off the masters' superior wealth & culture to the colonized natives!

      U definitely have that shared understanding with the ketuanan freaks about their ostentatious wealth displays. Maybe u pick it up during those dangdut happy hours. Thus seeing only what u want to see?

      Indeed, it sounds familiar whenever I deal with these f*ckheads!

  2. If DAP never spooked the Malays, only tread eggshells, why did PAS-UMNO make polis report against him?

    M’sian finance minister Lim Guan Eng reported to police for calling PAS-UMNO union ‘war on non-Malays’

    Lim has since brushed off the backlash.

    Matthias Ang

    March 8, 2019

    Malaysian finance minister Lim Guan Eng has attracted backlash after calling the unification of Malaysian political parties UMNO and PAS a declaration of war on non-Malays.

  3. What's THE 'better' way of not spooking the easily agitated ketuanan freaks/zombies & the herd-mentalized blur-sotongs into imaginative deprivation frenzy?

    Fart is so easy. Especially one is assuming a self-righteousness silo view & ranting from far far away.

    BTW, why only spooking the melayu?

    Why not the Nons?

    Haven't u asked that question ALREADY?