Friday, December 13, 2019

Cops too busy & over-extended interrogating Anwar


What happened to my sexual assault case, asks former lawyer

Lawyer Samantha Chong wants an update on the investigations into the police report she lodged against a fellow lawyer

PETALING JAYA: Former lawyer Samantha Chong has asked for the reasons for the delay in updates to a police report she lodged six months ago related to a sexual assault on her.

In a series of tweets to Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador and Attorney-General Tommy Thomas, she said the investigating officers had chosen to ignore her, most of the time.

“Updates are hard to get. Do you still need another 6 months?

“Is this how you treat a sexual assault survivor? And then pretend to be surprised why most victims remain silent?

“Why the delay?” she asked in her tweets.

Chong, 34, had alleged that she was groped twice during a Criminal Lawyers’ annual dinner gathering at a hotel here in June.

Two of Samantha Chong’s tweets 

She then lodged a police report at the Sea Park police station against a fellow lawyer over alleged sexual assault.

She claimed that her alleged assailant, who was said to be drunk, groped her at least twice during the dinner.

The woman, who is in her early 30s, claimed she told the lawyer to stay away from her but he ignored her warnings.

She said the lawyer then became aggressive, used vulgar words against her and threatened her.

In her tweets today, Chong claimed the suspect is now happily carrying on with his life while “nightmares have been a loyal friend to me”.

“I’m tired of trying so hard to walk out from the shadows while you kept me in the dark,” she said, apparently referring to the police, adding that enough is enough.


  1. One should always be mindful when mixing with toddy drinkers.

  2. KT is free to throw stones from inside his glass house at the IGP, it's his blog after all, but please give credit to AG Tommy Thomas for making two significant "corrections" last week, caused by Deep State operatives within the AGC out to hamper the efforts to reform the AGC and to embarrass him.

    1. TT drops appeal over the acquittal of Rafizi Ramli (appeal was made despite his instruction not to)

    2. TT will not appeal the granting of bail for the so-called "LTTE revivalists" (these arrests were made when TT was overseas)

  3. My advice to young ladies is don't go out on a 1-to-1 with another man, unless it's an actual date or you know the guy quite well.

    The unfortunate fact is any allegations of untoward incidents are very hard to prove, unless you can get objective evidence or witnesses.