Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Why Malay-Muslim groups fear vernacular schools

MM Online:

Malay-Muslim groups next to challenge constitutionality of vernacular schools


GPMS and Mappim claim vernacular schools went against Article 152(1) of the Federal Constitution that stipulates the Malay language as the national language. — Bernama pic 

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 16 — After a previous attempt was dismissed by the Federal Court, Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung (GPMS) and the Islam Education Development Council (Mappim) said today they are suing Putrajaya for allowing the existence of vernacular schools.

The two groups through their lawyers said today they are seeking for the High Court to decide if vernacular schools are constitutional, claiming their existence as against Article 152(1) of the Federal Constitution that stipulates the Malay language as the national language.

You may wonder why today, Malay groups like GPMS and Mappim would go to such a bewildering extent to challenge vernacular schools which have been long in existence in Malaysia, Malaya and even during British colonial times, and indeed way before that.

It's not just this pending act to finish off vernacular schools by using this and that clause or section of the Constitution, but is merely one in a series of such anti-vernacular education & schooling.

I can think of three possible reasons though of course there could be more, wakakaka.

These are, IMHO:

(1) Jealousy at the success of vernacular schools. There is no more angry, spiteful and vengeful factor than green-eyed monsters, wakakaka.

(2) Fear at the success of vernacular schools, because Malay parents, especially the less affluent ones, have increasingly been sending their children to vernacular schools.

An article in CNA (Channel News Asia) reported that between 2010 and 2014, enrolment of non-Chinese students rose by 20.7% from 72,443 students in 2010 to 87,463 in 2014. The statistics came from a study by the ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute.

By 2016, non-Chinese students made up almost 18 per cent of total enrolment in Chinese-language primary schools. That's almost one-fifth of the total students in vernacular schools.

In 2019, Chinese vernacular schools have 520,000 students in 2019, of which (as mentioned above) 18% or 90,000 are Malays.

Of course it worries the Eff out of the Malay ultra right wing groups. Instead of promoting the national schools by uplifting their standards so as to offer an excellent option in schooling to Malays, they see it more fit to destroy the competitors especially one from another ethnic group.

(3) CNA also said that these ultra groups have been encouraged by PM Mahathir's own prejudice that vernacular schools stand in the way of national unity, where his attitude has become more frenetic, frantic and fanatical as he aims to secure more Heartland support for his pathetic Parti PRIBUMI.

T'was reported that during an event in Bangkok in October 2018, Mahathir said that at the start of Malaysia’s independence, the government wanted to establish a single national school system.

He blamed the Chinese Malaysians saying:“However, some people insisted that they be allowed to follow their own culture, the culture of the countries they came from”.

“This meant that different races go to different schools. They don’t get to know each other and when they leave school, they go to work with people of other races with whom they have had little or no contact. This stands in the way of national unity.”

What sheer eff-ing kerbau and hypocrisy when his government (especially between 1981 to 2003, and still now) has promoted uni-ethnic educational facilities that deny access to non-Malays. He is quite right in a perverse sense that quite a number of Malays go to schools, colleges and universities exclusive to only Malays (and a few natives of Malaysia) - thus it had been him and not the Chinese who insisted on isolating the Malay students (eg. MARTA, UiTM, etc) from schooling together with other races.

But he ignores the fact that nearly 20% of students in Chinese vernacular schools are Malays. Apart from primary and secondary schools, even TAR UC has Malay students - eg. Amanah's Salahuddin Ayub (Amanah), Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry is an alumnus of TAR UC. 

Dr Kua Kia Soong informed us that as early as 1975, when the MICSS (Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary Schools) decided to hold its first Unified Examination (UEC, wakakaka), the associated Chinese education leaders were summoned to Parliament by then Education Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and were told in no uncertain terms to cancel the examination “or else…!”.

Earlier this year in an interview, PM Mahathir stated on the issue of the recognition of the UEC: "The recognition of UEC needs to consider the feelings of Malays."


WTF has the 'feelings' of one ethnic group got to do with the official recognition a diploma or certificate already recognised by hundreds of tertiary educational institutes around the world, including those in Britain, Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, Europe, etc etc etc?

Indeed, those whose 'feelings' would be allegedly hurt by the recognition of the UEC were in the forst place NOT students taking the UEC exams, so why would their perasaan tersingguh?

Jealous or just being biased like Mahathir?

now you know where Maszlee get the idea that ALL Chinese are RICH

in the 1969 general election he made above statement - the Chinese "obeyed" his remarks and for the FIRST TIME EVER for Chinese voters, they all voted for PMIP (today' PAS) Yusof Rawa who defeated Mahathir kaukau

Following Mahathir's remarks on the 'feelings' of Malays, wakakaka, MCA questioned the position of DAP leaders on that interview with their Atuk.

Tan Teik Cheng 

MCA vice-president Tan Teik Cheng then asked the PM if he had taken into account the 'feelings' of the Chinese community over the recognition of the UEC?

Tan stated:

"The people who supported him include Malays, Chinese, Indians and other ethnic groups."

"You (Mahathir) said UEC can be recognised just by signing your name, provided that the feelings of the Malays are taken care of."

"Then, shouldn't the feelings of the Chinese be considered as well?"

That's how he had treacherously played the Chinese out, time and time again, as in 1999 with Suqui and in 2019 with the gullible Chinese voters who voted for him on the advice of Lim KHAT Siang.

Khat, do you know that in 1946 (in Malayan Union times) I objected to non-Malays (especially you Chinese) from being given Malayan citizenship?

Yes Boss, ta'apa Tun, saya yang menurut perintah Tuk, kamsiah

In 1999, Dr Mahathir faced the frightening prospect of losing the election. He turned to the hatred Chinese for help, specially for the support of Chinese guilds and associations. The Chinese in an association called Suqui representing more than 2,000 groups, made a number of appeals which Mahathir agreed to (or pretended to agree to the appeals).

Once he won the general election with the support of the Chinese, he not only denied his promise but also blasted Suqui, accusing the promoters with the communists and Al-Ma’unah extremists.

Even a double headed King Cobra would never be that treacherous and un-"Dignified".


  1. I'm surprised you missed out the appearance of Haniff Khatri Abdulla , again as the lawyer handling the suit.

  2. The Chinese need to clearly understand this - you were allowed to continue operating Independent Chinese Schools existing from before Merdeka that are not compliant with the National Education Policy.

    You do not have the RIGHT to demand that the Qualification be recognised for entry into Taxpayer funded universities and to Government jobs.

    Nobody has stopped the Private sector from hiring UEC holders, but Mahathir is right that the feelings of the Malays must be considered over recognising a completely Chinese syllabus.

    1. Mfer,

      "Independent Chinese Schools existing from before Merdeka that are not compliant with the National Education Policy"

      What DOES the FedConst says about the right of mother tongue education?

      Which one rules supreme?

      Haven't u been terbalik?

      What about those external exams that qualified many of yr kangkongs, especially those of yr elites, for entry into Taxpayer funded universities and to Government jobs?

      Just for yr infos, taxpayers' money ISN'T used for gaji buta.

  3. Why they never protest international schools that admit so many Malaysians and teach in English?

  4. Yusof Rawa was good at licking Chinese balls and vice-versa.
    Mahathir abhors any kind of hanky-panky.

    1. Exactly, the old man abhors hanky panky...too trivial and mild, a waste of time.

      He goes for serious sabotaging, behind-the-scene black handling, upfront shameless lying and betrayal, making his sons all billionaire five times over....cobra tactics which would put to shame Michaevelli himself ! Last but not least, he goes for smart-mouth sarcasm with that inimitable sneer which is his hallmark of being a "venerable statesman".