Thursday, December 12, 2019

Almost everyone has already said 'NO', but Maddy ........


Cabinet requests for re-tabling of PLUS takeover details

Khazanah Nasional currently owns 51% in PLUS Malaysia.
KUALA LUMPUR: The Cabinet has requested for a re-tabling of the details on the takeover bid of highway concessionaire PLUS Malaysia Bhd, said Works Minister Baru Bian.
He said Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad wanted a proper review before a decision can be made.
“But there’s no timeframe mentioned,” Baru told the press last night.
He said to-date, the government has received five offers for the country’s largest highway operator.


  1. What's yr take?

    Mamak wants to force the PLUS takeover through in the open via Parliamentary review?



    1) what mamak said DOESN'T necessarily go!

    2) by allowing open parliamentary review what has mamak tried to achieve?

    PLUS takeover is a no hanky panky good deal?

    PLUS takeover rejection IS a majority consensus?

    Force the hands of the deep state into the open?

    Think about them, before everything is mamak's fault!

  2. Poor Toonsie 2.0 got Checked and Balanced; Bersatu only has 6 cabinet ministers out of 26. Toonsie 1.0's "Yes Sir Yes Sir Three Bags Full" cabinet would have approved the PLUS takeover, whatever Toonsie wanted.

    Gone are the days when Toonsie 1.0's UMNO alone held half the cabinet positions and the other half filled by PBS, other East Malaysian alphabet-soup parties and of course MCA, MIC and Gerakan. Toonsie 1.0's cabinet was nothing more than a rubber-stamp.

    Then Jibby's cabinet took it to a whole new (lowest possible) level. His cabinet could by-passed and disregarded completely. One example was revealed yesterday at the KL High Court, where it was revealed that Jibby did not think it was even necessary to notify his cabinet that he was helping himself to 4 Billion of KWAP money. Just simply approve by himself and take.

    So now with PLUS the non-Bersatu ministers are stopping Toonsie 2.0 from having his way. Guanee is now a powerful FM. His proposal is the privatization of the Klang Valley toll roads first, try Tony Pua's no-money-up-front-idea. But because that brilliant idea didn't come from Toonsie's blue-eyed boy Azmin he rejected it. Ask for more proposals. But his cabinet rejected them all. So he has to ask again.

    So now there is a poker game at play. And Toonsie 2.0 does not have a strong hand.

    New Malaysia....I'm Lovin' It...!