Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Chinese Malaysians & good education

Over at Malaysia-Today, RPK posted The Fake Ashes Of Chin Peng, where he has written that (I've edited it for brevity):

DAP knew that Pakatan Harapan was going to lose the Tanjung Piai by-election just days after the announcement of the by-election. In fact, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad also knew his party, PPBM PRIBUMI, was going to get wiped out. But DAP and Mahathir estimated they were going to lose by a majority of between 2,000 and 7,000 votes. They never expected it to be as high as 15,000 votes.

And it was 15,000 votes because DAP could not get 97% of the Chinese votes like in the last general election in May 2018.

MCA Wee Jeck Seng won the Tg Piai by-election by a landslide, with a humongous majority of 15,000+ 

So, DAP needed a “common cause” to reunite the Chinese. And what better way to do that than to play the “them” and “us” card — them the Malays and us the Chinese. And there was no surer way of getting back Chinese support than by exploiting the siege mentality where the Chinese are victims of Malay aggression.

It is actually a very brilliant idea. If they bring, or rather smuggle, Chin Peng’s ashes into Malaysia and two months later, just after the Tanjung Piai by-election, announce it as a fait accompli, the government cannot do anything about it. However, if they first seek permission or announce it beforehand they would be stopped. Telling the world after the ashes has been scattered would leave the government powerless.

The plan succeeded. Now, because of the Chin Peng’s ashes controversy, the Chinese are again behind DAP.

Six years ago, Mahathir said he opposes the idea of bringing Chin Peng’s body or ashes back to Malaysia. Today he is not against it. Why?

Why is because Mahathir has been told that the ashes are not Chin Peng’s ashes. It is a ruse or scam meant just to trigger Malay outrage. Chin Peng’s “ashes” will reunite the Chinese behind DAP so that the disaster of the Tanjung Piai by-election will never be repeated or duplicated in GE15 expected around 2023 or so.

How ironical that Chin Peng’s “ashes” is being used to save DAP’s arse. Finally Chin Peng has done something useful for the Chinese, although he is doing it long after he died. Chin Peng has at last succeeded in what he tried to do for so long but failed. And that is to unite the Chinese under a common cause, even though Chin Peng had nothing to do with it and it was merely a DAP ruse.

I of course differ with above, and wrote a comment at Malaysia-Today to say (again edited/amended/enhanced to improve on my hastily written one at Malaysia-Today but the thrust of the contents remains the same):

My personal belief is that it is the issue of good education (half past six types not counted) available for Chinese Malaysians that will determine the Chinese support for a political party, rather than the return of Chin Peng's ashes.

As for the legend of Chin Peng, most middle-age and older Chinese actually don't like or fear Chin Peng for his and CPM's guerrilla nuisance, which had then destabilised the nation in many aspects, at least for a while. The Chinese derogative term for the CPL was (is?) "snua3 gniow1 chu4" (mountain rats).

Chinese Malayan-Malaysians wanted/want good economy and business thus a stable nation (without the CPM) would be good. It's only the younger Chinese who in their idealistic and hero-worshipping gullibility and who haven't lived under Emergency conditions-restrictions-dangers, see Chin Peng as a romantic Chinese 'Che Guevara', wakakaka.

If Mahathir had NOT reneged on the 1989 Hat Yai Peace Accords and allowed Chin Peng to return to Malaysia in the first place, he (Chin Peng) would have been forgotten by now. Instead Mahathir in his capati-risation of the Treaty (for his own political enhancement) unwittingly turned Chin Peng into a heroic legend, a victim of Ketuanan Melayu, thus deserving of sympathy and support, wakakaka.

I neither condemn nor praise Chin Peng but we must acknowledge he was quite a significant Personality in Malayan-Malaysian history and its development as a nation especially in her early stages.

end of Japanese Occupation of Malaya
Britain awarded Chin Peng the 'Order of the British Empire' (O.B.E) 

Rashid Maidin, Chin Peng, Chin Tien in Baling Talks 

Baling Talks 1956

(CM S'pore) David Marshall (with pipe), (CM Fed of Malaya) Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tan Cheng-Lock (father of Tan Siew Sin)
At the Peace Talks, Chin Peng said it was because Tunku was not "the spokesman of the British Government or the running dog of the British Government" that they were prepared to meet them in Baling at risk to their lives

Wonder what would have happened to Chin Peng if Mahathir was then CM of the Federation of Malaya? Wakakaka   

On affordable good education for Chinese Malaysians, TAR UC is considered by them as an accessible college educational facility, one that is available to their expectations-demands for their children's education as most national type like MARA is closed to them while others may be unaffordable.

While TAR UC is NOT the prime or only desired educational issue for Chinese Malaysians, it is currently an interesting one which has been highlighted because MCA has cleverly weaponised TAR UC into a dagger aimed at the DAP's heart (its support base), post-GE14.

DAP currently is on the defensive against MCA's attacks because of funding for TAR UC, which has eventually scared the poo out of an initially arrogant, vindictive and undeniably stupid Lim GE - stupid because of his blissful arrogant naivety and unawareness of the dangers of a Chinese politician eff-ing around with a Chinese Malaysian 'sacred cow', to wit, good education.

But eventually, perhaps after having being advised by his far more intelligent compatriots, he buckles and gives it, but nonetheless still drags his heels to save face, where he states (his last minute hold on and hope for his 'face', wakakaka) that funding for TAR UC will be given but not through MCA. He mentioned an independent group, one of TAR UC's smaller alumni group that is friendly to the DAP.

But MCA, sensing blood like a voracious shiver of Tiger sharks, continues to unrelentingly put the pressure on Lim GE (and DAP), thus Lim GE's "concession" has not been the 'silver bullet' he had hoped for to neutralise the MCA's attacks.

sharks feeding frenzy on sensing blood 

Additional bad news for Guan Eng, is that the Chinese Malaysians' perception of him as a Mahathir's macai-tool cum an unfriendly ungrateful un-Chinese Finance Minister has been slowly but gradually coagulating. Alas, Guan Eng today is less idolised than he was a year or two back.

But Lim GE, due to his notoriously innate arrogance and 'cannot-be-wrong' childish mentality, is still far too proud to lift his silly conditions for the funding. But I reckon when push comes to shove, the grassroots in DAP will turn against Lim GE.

Nothing stirs Chinese Malaysians as the issue of good education for their children. Indeed, education has been the central pillar of Chinese culture for several thousand years. It allowed/allows poor Chinese to lift themselves out of the murkiness of destitution, impecuniousness and hopelessness, like a Lotus bursting forth from the grimy muddy pond into a glorious bloom above the surrounding scum.

Hence the Chinese has a saying to describe a poor man/women becoming well-off and prosperous through educational-professional qualifications (words to the effect): Blooming like a Lotus.

Will that MCA-weaponised TAR UC saga crush Lim GE?

I think so - sooner or later - because he can't stubbornly wage war and ever hope to win against the Chinese Malaysians with their 3 to 4 thousands years DNA with an innate desire for good education for their children, wakakaka, unless he wants to commit political suicide.

Ah Eng, Ahok was far more intelligent yet he went on to makan nasi kari kosong

For DAP grassroots, they wish "sooner" the Guan Eng's 'face' crumbles, the better it will be for the party, but for MCA, they hope it will be "later", wakakaka.


  1. KT, a more sensible writing compared to what RPK wrote.
    Sometimes RPK talk rubbish.
    I fully agree with you that we Malaysian need good education system so our future generations don't have to depend on any handouts. They can stood by them self and be successful.
    Thank you.

  2. LGE is really a hopeless, spoilt & arrogant bum. Nothing but Mahathir's dog. You can't changes the spots on a leopard that is Mahathir.

  3. rpk is a liar, cant believe still got people read his lies.

    1. "cant believe still got people read his lies"

      Ah Mok, for one.

  4. For 61 years, MCA kept a tight grip on Chinese vernacular education in Malaya/Malaysia. Primary and Secondary School boards were beholden to and dominated by MCA allies, and every school to bow to their influence and control.

    "Only MCA could ensure the continuing existence of Chinese Vernacular education." or so they kept repeating.

    TAR Kolej was started as a Band Aid to work around the asphyxiating Quotas in Higher Education , which severely restricted Chinese kids access to Universities and Colleges. Again, only MCA ,as a member of the Ruling Coalition could ensure TAR Kolej didn't get closed down. So they told the Chinese community.

    Many of my relatives lost money in Kojadi when it collapsed in the 1980's.

    MCA was the Devil and also the Angel.

    Most Chinese accepted that as an unavoidable Realpolitik Quid Pro Quo, political support for MCA in return for the continued existence of Chinese Vernacular Education.

    When Pakatan took over in Penang 2008, DAP found Chinese Vernacular Schools in Penang were really suspicious and reluctant to engage with them.
    MCA was leaning really hard on schools not to cooperate with DAP.
    Fortunately, Chinese school boards, while often MCA influenced, usually did not have actual MCA direct control.

    Over 2 terms, and real aid money put on the table, Penang Chinese schools have warmed up to DAP and Pakatan.

    Since May 2018, Chinese Independent Schools and Independent Colleges and University Colleges have seen solid funds flowing from the Pakatan Government (yes, Lim Guan Eng as Finance Minister). I have some involvement in Han Chiang, and they for one, are happy with the engagement with the Pakatan Harapan government.

    IF they succeed to get UEC recognised, that would be the icing on the cake.

    That is the untold story of Pakatan Harapan (read DAP) support for Chinese Vernacular education, which you wouldn't know from all the bitching against Lim Guan Eng you read in blogs.

    TAR Kolej is the final closed door to DAP. MCA actually exercises direct control, with its appointed board members.

    I think DAP is steadily working out its strategy - channel in funds independently of the MCA-controlled bodies, get their Government-appointed Reps to exercise some real oversight on TAR Kolej.

    I support what Lim Guan Eng is doing, even as I have supported Chinese vernacular education for years and years with real hard-earned cash.

    1. Good one, Monsterball ! This is as real as you could get for real on-the-ground observation. Hopefully the usual useless bitching and snarling from those Celakas would tone down...but it is like asking the paedophiles not to go amok in an unsupervised kindergarten class.

  5. Chinese "values" centre around Confucianism - filial piety, love, benevolence, knowledge, integrity etc. KT focus only on knowledge (education); let me focus on another: integrity.

    When Wee KHAT Siong was deputy education minister (19 March 2008 - 15 May 2013) hes set out to get university status for TARC using the cables within BN.

    TARUC was granted university status on 2 May 2013.

    This date is no coincidence. TARUC got university status 13 DAYS before Wee KHAT Siong left the post of Deputy Education Minister. He wanted to go in a blaze of glory and for MCA too. Nobody else must get any credit, although non-MCA people paid taxes towards TARUC. MCA wanted to fire-wall TARUC for themselves, but funded by all taxpayers. But they also want to claim they don't mix politics with education.

    Yeah, right.

    But what was not revealed was the Board of Trustees for TARC was changed from being a PUBLIC Trust into a PRIVATE Trust for TARUC. With a stroke of a pen everything became PRIVATE, close-book. Secret. Even the Article of Association was kept hush hush. Only the relevant Ministry in charge of Trusts, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education perhaps were aware. Of course when BN was in power everything was OK. However, after May 9, 2018 the new powerful Guanee gained access to the details. Everything terbongkar.

    The Article of Association states that the owner and governor of TARUC must comprise 50% non-MCA people. Of course we all know that the number is 100% today, and the President of MCA (Wee KHAT Siong) is the Chairman of the Education Foundation of TARUC. DAP Keep Out. Philantropist Koon who wanted to donate money for student hostel oso keep out.

    The previous FM and PM, who is now facing nearly a hundred charges involving missing billions and abuse of power, and who once famously declared "I help You, You Help Me" continued to give generous grants to TARUC from 2013 - 2018, even though its Board of Trustees was not legally constituted. Was this why Wee KHAT Siong, Liow Tiong Lai etc kept quiet, even supported Jibby when details about the rape, pillage and plunder of 1MDB was exposed?

    "I give you lots of money to run TARUC, I keep quiet that your Board is illegally constituted, in return you support me 100%?"

    Was the previous Finance Minister funding an ILLEGAL Trust and if so was this illegal trust running a university? Does this make the university illegal? How does the students and the alumni feel about that - graduating from an institution that was run by a Board of Trustees who cannot be trusted?

    Confucian Value = INTEGRITY.....remember?

    And at the recent MCA AGM the key speaker was Zahid Hamidi, who is facing dozens of charges involving another Foundation (Tak Masuk Akal), who has 20 luxury vehicles registered under his name, the annual road tax amounting to 35k a year, who spent (together with his wife) 1.4 million on credit cards funded by this Tak Masuk Akal Foundation.

    Zahid also declared at the AGM "BN will re-instate TARUC funding, plus more, if we come back to power". How does this come in line with Chinese values? If MCA accepts money from these types they are worse than I thought. Confucius would disown them.

  6. Guanee is many steps ahead of everyone on this. Wee KHAT Siong and the illegally constituted Board of Trustees of TARUC has 26 days to yield control; the proposed list of alternate/additional Trustees are already at hand. Once this 26 days is up and if they don't yield, TARUC students stand to lose 40 million budgeted for 2019. So will Wee KHAT Siong be vindictive, kiasu-ive and obdurative or will he show some Confucian value - humility in defeat?

    Or will Wee KHAT Siong instead trust the words of Zahid Hamidi, who promised to "re-instate the TARUC funding, plus more" if BN comes back to power; this Zahid who is facing dozens of corruption cases in court, has 20 luxury vehicles registered under his name, who wears watches that cost more than a house and who spent (with his wife) 1.4 million on credit cards funded by his Tak Masuk Akal Foundation?

    Will Wee KHAT Siong take MCA down to a level that even Liow Tiong Lai could not manage to do?

    Putrajaya bumps up funds for TAR UC, now RM40m for 2019

    4 DEC 2019

    The trust managed by TARCian Alumni Association (TAA) will be handed RM40 million by the federal government, which can be used for Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC) and its students for this year.

    This was announced in a statement today by Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng, who said that the funds would be transferred as soon as the trust is set up.

    "This allocation of RM40 million will put to rest lies by irresponsible quarters that (previous announcements) were invalid according to the law.

    "(These critics) never explained why the allocation, which benefits TAR UC students, was invalid. However, (the critics) deem the billions stolen from 1MDB to be in no violation of the law.

    "Among the recipients of 1MDB funds are political parties such as Umno, MCA, SUPP, Gerakan and MIC and cooperatives controlled by MCA, such as Kojadi, which resulted in their bank accounts being frozen," said Lim.

    The RM40 million is 33.33 percent more than the RM30 initially promised.

    Meanwhile, Lim reiterated that the trust would continue to receive at least RM30 million in annual funding in the coming years.

    He urged critics to provide the TAA some space to fulfil their mandate and prove that they are capable of addressing welfare problems involving TAR UC students.

    The federal government has drastically reduced funding for MCA-owned TAR UC on the grounds that public funds should not be used for politically-linked entities.

    TAR UC's board is controlled by former MCA leaders.

    Lim had repeatedly urged MCA to relinquish control of TAR UC in order for the federal government to resume funding.

    However, MCA has refused to do so and claimed that Lim was playing politics with education.