Friday, December 27, 2019

Sin of the Krass Kerala Kerbau

P Ramasamy wrote in FMT the article
Dr M may have misunderstood new Indian citizenship law which is about the Old Man's humongous mistake in berating India on her citizenship law - t'was an act by Mahathir which has been hilariously hyper hypocritical when we consider how the Old Man:

(1) didn't and still doesn't like foreign nations commenting on our own parlous state of 'equality' amongst Malaysian citizenship, and

(2) failed and still fails to accord and uphold what should be 'equal' citizenship within our own country, a ridiculous and bizarre requirement for a PM of a so-called multiracial democratic nation, ironically whose very political support depends to a large extent on non-Malays - proving the stupidity of those non-Malay voters, wakakaka.

fool me once, shame on you
fool me twice, shame on me

In fact, the mistake (based on what I read in Ramasamy's article) was not just a 'misunderstanding' but a very mischievous lie, or at best, an equally unforgivable lack of knowledge by a PM of Malaysia on India's new citizenship laws.

P Ramasamy is of course our well-known DCM II Penang, and someone who is knowledgeable on matters Hinduism and Indians (in Malaysia) including the nation of India. Dr Rama knows what he has been talking about on the new Indian citizenship laws.

Dr Rama is also Chair of the Penang State Hindu Endowments Board  

Because he is also a Pakatan leader he has been understandably polite and kind to Mahathir when he (Dr Rama) wrote:

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad may not have really understood the purpose of the new amendment to the citizenship law in India.

I think he overreacted by saying that India should not deprive Muslims of their citizenship.

He also said that if the government deprived the citizenship of Chinese and Indians in Malaysia, there would be unimaginable consequences for the country.

Actually, there was no reason for him to drag the Chinese and Indians in comparing them with the Muslims in India.

Dr Rama wrote more on Mahathir's kerbau about Indian affairs eg. Kashmir, but I won't go into that in this post where I'll just make observations on the Indian new citizenship law, though I wonder ... why did Mahathir drag the Chinese and Indians in comparing them with the Muslims in India?

Continuing with Dr Rama's article:

Just as he got it wrong on the Kashmir matter by saying that India invaded and occupied the Muslim dominated province, he is wrong on the matter of the recent amendment to the citizenship law. [...]

The new amendment to India’s citizenship law is not about depriving Muslims of their citizenship. Far from it. In fact, the new law has nothing to do with Muslims in India.

in case you don't recognise the script (no, it's not Jawi, wakakaka) it's Malayalam: മലയാളലിപി) a Brahmic script used commonly to write the Malayalam language, which is the principal language of Kerala

It is about fast-tracking citizenship for non-Muslim minorities like Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Parsis, who have been shunned and discriminated in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, countries that have declared themselves as Islamic nations. [...]

The law aims to grant citizenship to minorities of the Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Sikh, Jain and Parsi faiths from Muslim-majority Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, deemed as suffering persecution there. The applicant should have entered India on or before Dec. 31, 2014.

In short, t
he new law, which critics and kerbau's like Mahathir mindlessly condemned has NOTHING to do with citizens of India who are Muslims - they are ALREADY citizens. It also has NOTHING to do with Muslims from the neighbouring Islamic States because they are NOT the oppressed minorities.

borrowed from matey Vejay Chin's FB 

To reiterate, it does not discriminate against Muslim citizens of India, contrary to Mahathir's kerbau, where he said, “I am sorry to see that India, which claims to be a secular state, is now taking action to deprive some Muslims of their citizenship.”

I am ashamed of such diplomatic blasphemy by the Malaysian PM. But then, he has been committing such diplomatic sacrileges lately.

And for the eff-ing bullshit to show his Muslim-ness, Mahathir has jeopardised Malaysian-Indian relationship and consequently our trade relationship, much to poor Teresa Kok's chagrin.

And being far too pompous, too conceited and too proud to apologise or admit he had "misunderstood" the issue and fibbed, he instead dismissed India's anger with an arrogant disdainful remark it's merely India's opinion (that he was ever wrong).

Furthermore, Dr Rama criticised Mahathir for needlessly-irrelevantly dragging Chinese and Indian Malaysians into his criticism of India by comparing them with the Muslims in India, stating: "... if the government deprived the citizenship of Chinese and Indians in Malaysia, there would be unimaginable consequences for the country."

But Mamak couldn't help that as his Freudian slip shows, yes, his inherent dislike of Chinese Malaysians.


  1. Absolutely true...Mahathir just tembak only and see if he can hit something to stay relevant...

  2. Good one Samy; Guanee and LKS couldn't have said it better. You are a good DAP spokesman, if you are not I am sure Guanee and LKS will sack you as Penang DCM2 tomorrow for daring to scold Toonsie.

  3. The Indian law is nevertheless discriminatory because it fast tracks Indian citizenship on the basis of a person's religion (or not being of a certain religion).

    Put yourself in the shoes of a Muslim, and you will see that this law is really insulting.

    Note: I am no fan of Mahathir.

    1. that particular Indian law is DIRECTLY related to non-Muslims persecuted by or chased out of the three Islamic states of Paki, Bangla and Afghanistan. It does not consider likely that any Muslim would be chased of the 3 states.

    2. That's why I said your education in UK is wasted. Your education didn't teach you right from wrong. You still end up behaving like a stuger don't know shame and conscience

    3. That is just the theory, for Powerpoint presentation to foreign especially Western embassies.
      The reality on the ground in India is that many of the rural poor are undocumented.
      There is a strong fear that this seemingly harmless Act is in fact an unscrupulous attempt to render the Muslim poor in India stateless, before kicking them out.

    4. what PowerPoint presentation? It's the LAW.

      Don't be come a story teller, wakakaka. Even Muslim Indians (Zakir Husain, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed) and Bhais (Sikhs) had/have been President of the nation. No such chance for a Hindu in Paki, Bangla nor Afghanistan

    5. It is not story telling but fact that under the rule of Hindu Nationalist BJP , the government is increasingly acting in a hostile manner against Muslims in India.
      Acts of violence against Muslims in rural areas by Hindu mobs have been ignored, with police standing aside. Muslim places of worship have been destroyed.

      Zakir Husain was President of India 50 years ago...the situation has gone a lot darker for Muslims in the last 5-10 years.

    6. Mfer, haven't u been ignoring yr own backyard history?

      India ketuanan IS just a refection of ketuanan melayu mah!

    7. Of course that Tanah bukan Melayu cannot/refuse to see acts of violence against non Muslims by Malay mobs have been ignored, with police standing aside in this OrangAsli land. Hindu places of worship have been destroyed by the Melayoos.

      People of his ilk can only see how 'biadap' ( their favorite word ) others were towards them, but blind as to how they had been inhumane and racist they themselves were to others. They breed like rabbits for decades to reach that 60% majority, in order to get the upper hand in terms of numbers. Mmmm...such breeding will eat out our country's stock, with no replenishment since they are on a roll with their tongkats and wheelchairs...everything pun mintak bagi pree je, hehe

  4. We all know that Mahathir is a true blue racist and a liar - the question is, will we admit these facts?

    Unfortunately, no one dares take him on and get him to retire and contemplate all that he has done

    1. What do you mean..."will we admit these facts"? Can't you see how the crowds on social media have been yelling themselves hoarse that this mamak snake is indeed a liar and a racist. Those partners in PH coalition too have this opinion of him...they too have been shouting these facts for years up to just before GE14. But once in governance with this snaky partner, they are unlikely to air dirty linens in public. But the chit-chatting crowds in social media face no such constraints and will continuing calling for this liar and racist to step down in May 2020

  5. When he was elected the PM I had hoped and told my friends that a 93 year old PM only wanted to right all the wrongs in the country.. Why could one be destructive as the PM we know now since he has one foot at the coffin...