Thursday, December 19, 2019

Najib Razak answers queries on Altantuyaa's murder

Malaysiakini - Najib responds to 'cover-up' posers on Altantuyaa's murder:

Below is Najib's statement in full:

1. On the motive not being established, you will have to ask the judges - many of whom are still serving today under the Pakatan Harapan government. I believe there was a total of nine judges who gave their verdicts in three different courts right up to the highest level. One judge in the High Court, three judges in the appeals court and five judges in the Federal Court.

However, I do note that the victim's clothing and valuables were found in the possession of the police officers.

2. Similarly, the attorney-general at that time is the best person to ask why Razak Baginda's acquittal was not appealed.

Razak Baginda 

However, I believe Razak Baginda (above) was charged and tried but the High Court judge acquitted him without his defence called

I can only speculate that this means the case against him was weak and that is why the AG at that time did not appeal the decision.

Additionally, the AGC at that time was also defending against the appeal by the two police officers who were found guilty in the High Court.

Appealing Razak Baginda's case could mean that there could have been two separate court cases running simultaneously for the Altantuya murder.

3. The way the UTK bodyguard system works is that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, the PM and the DPM share a pool of bodyguards. None of the UTK (personnel) was exclusive to any one person.

This was why the two police officers were arrested while they were accompanying Pak Lah (former premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) in the UK.

4. There have been many misinformation about this case over the past 13 years which many Malaysians still wrongly believe in. Among these includes:

- The alleged photograph of me with the victim in circulation is actually a fake that (PKR vice-president) Tian Chua had admitted creating.

Tian Chua (1st photo above) and his creation (2nd photo) 

As I have maintained many times, I have never met her. And that is the truth which I had sworn in the mosque many years ago.

5. Although Musa Safri was not called as a witness in the High Court, he was actually offered as a witness for the two police officers' defence in the Court of Appeal. It was the defence lawyers who decided not to call Musa Safri as a witness.

6. The explosives used was not C4 or military explosives. It never was. This was explained in court that the police forensics found that the explosives used were RDX and PETN commonly used in quarrying or construction activities.

7. Altantuya's immigration records were never deleted and were intact. This was confirmed in court too.

It would have been strange to delete her immigration records to supposedly hide her presence in Malaysia only for the government to announce her tragic murder in Malaysia.

8. The Scorpene submarine deal was actually mooted by PM-4 (Dr Mahathir Mohamad). It was also approved and signed during his time. It was not my project.

it was my project
you idiots, gullible guppies, though it was Najib's

Despite the many hundreds of days of the case being tried in court over three different courts, there will still be many who want to believe what they want to believe despite the evidence before them.

However, people must ask themselves if I am that cruel and powerful as a DPM to order the killing of a woman who was here to blackmail US$500,000 from Razak Baginda then why were all my rival politicians safe and sound when I had more power as PM over the past nine years?

Since Harapan alleged that I was supposedly so powerful and had control of the AG and also the courts, then the people should ask themselves why the government would charge the two police officers in the High Court and then appeal again in the Federal Court after the two police officers were acquitted if I was truly involved in this conspiracy and ordered her killing.

The government then could have just dropped the charges then or withdraw the appeal - just like how the Harapan government had dropped the charges in (Finance Minister Lim) Guan Eng's corruption trial or withdrew the appeal in (PKR vice-president) Rafizi Ramli's trial.

They should also ask themselves if it is reasonable that the police officers were only paid RM300 duit raya to kill and blow up a person?

Even BR1M payment is higher than that.

And I am sure there are those who would still believe that an alleged Russian spy would go to a police station to lodge a report stating that her life could be in danger.

And yet these are all in the SD.

The rakyat should also know that this SD was made 19 months after Harapan is in government and was lodged as part of the police officer's bid to get the courts to review his death sentence verdict, which I believe was scheduled to be carried out soon. It was not made to confess his crime.


  1. Wow... as usual...heavily dedak funded Najib supporter

    1. you mean "Malaysiakini"? wakakaka

    2. 'there will still be many who want to believe what they want to believe despite the evidence before them'

      yeah.. like Monsterball

    3. Just like u still belief in pinklips got a US628M donation from a dead Arabian king in the like of the The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has named former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak as a recipient of kickbacks from bonds raised by former Goldman Sachs executive Tim Leissner for 1MDB.

  2. Nice essay Jibby, now sue Azilah, then the Prisons folks for allowing him out to meet Mr VVIP. You also threatened to sue US DOJ years ago. Please follow up.

    After that sue the US SEC as well. Then Jho Low, Nik Faisal, BODs of 1MDB, SRC and while you’re at it your entire cabinet for not doing their job to stop you.

    But DON’T sue the poor girl Joanna Yu or AmBank. If you do the Hussein Najadi murder case will be dug up, like Altantuya.

    And together with the Kevin Morais case that makes it THREE murder cases linked to you all with NO MOTIVE. Coincidence I’m sure.

    With Altantuya it was Lust. How about the other two?

    You should have listened to your hot shot lawyer NOT to testify in court, now under cross examination your defence is in shambles.

    Good luck with your Sumpah Taknak tomorrow. The weather forecast is for rain and LIGHTNING so I suggest you stay indoors as much as possible in case Allah has something to say.

    1. He will definitely sue Azilah and the Prison admin next Tuesday.

  3. Watch how Najib's lies turn into "I don't know nothing about anything" as and when he gets charged with either Murder or Abuse of Power.

    The Malaysian Penal code treats instructing or arranging someone to commit the murder as equal in severity to actually committing the murder.

    To be fair to Najib, right now it is not clear whether his involvement in the Altantuya murder was full-fledged murder - or Abuse of Power - abusing his authority to obstruct a proper investigation.

    What MUST be done now, is there must be a fresh investigation into the Altantuya murder, to review all the evidence which may have been deliberately suppressed, deliberately overlooked or any people instructed or pressured by "Orang Atas" to look the other way.

  4. Patriot tells Najib to stop Kerbau-ing

    1. Raji Arshad is a Muslim_Malay, thus he is entitled to comment on sumpah laknat - I keep clear of praising or condemning or being sarcastic about it

    2. So yr argument is race&religious based!

      Then what the fart is yr rant about the Israel/Palestine conflict?

      U r neither in term of religion nor race!

    3. Ktemoc has certainly in the past praised Najib's earlier occasion of taking up the Islamic oath.

    4. Palestinian is human rights and righteous fair justice - Palestinians can be muslims, christians or druids

    5. Ooop… what's yr take as in "Raji Arshad is a Muslim_Malay, thus he is entitled to comment on sumpah laknat - I keep clear of praising or condemning or being sarcastic about it"?

      Only Muslim_malay can comments on thing Islam! Right?

      Same logic, since u r no Israeli/Palestinian, what right has u to rant?

      Self-righteousness humanitarianism as defined by u!

    6. Palestinian-Israeli conflict has never been directly about religion, but LAND

    7. Then, do u own ANY land there?

    8. the support for Palestinians who are having their land ROBBED from them by Israelis (backed by Yanks) Palestinian is human rights and righteous fair justice

    9. Back to square one!

      Yr take IS who has the right to voice concern. If I read u correctly - only those who r related in race or religion.

      Now u want to bring in the issue of righteous fair justice.

      Then, can I ask what yr's take on the South China sea maritime disputes between China & the surrounding countries?

      If Palestinians were ROBBED of their land then ain't the Chinese faces the same for an area that their ancestors had been prying for a living for a long long time before those surrounding countries r jerked up for their maritime claims based on a treaty formulated in the manner of how the land in Palestine was given to the Israeli who's ancestor abandoned it long long time ago.

      Playing double standard or u r just trying to be cheeky to show yr spurious 'humane' face?