Thursday, December 26, 2019

TAR UC has to depend on hawkers' & community's contributions, not FM's aid

RM40 million: nice to look at but ...


Dumping RM40 million so generously on some unclear purposes, all I can say is that this doesn't seem to go well with our finance minister's style of doing things  

The RM40 million allocated by the finance ministry to the TARCian Alumni Association (TAA) gives me the same kind of feeling as if staring at the food replicas on display in a showcase in front of a Japanese restaurant. How beautiful ...

But, can we eat them?

What I was trying to say is that the RM40 million allocation has been handed to the alumni association, not the school authorities.

The alumni association is not part of the TAR UC management nor its owner. As such, it cannot directly use the money for the school's administration or development.

Which means the RM40 million will not be used to pay for the teaching staff's salaries or utility bills. Neither will it be used as development expenditure to construct a new campus.

This RM40 million can only be used for the school's administration or development if the alumni association hands over the money to TAR UC's management or its owner TARC Education Foundation.

The thing is, this is anything but possible!

TAA is not standing on the same side as TAR UC/foundation, and sure enough there is no chance this amount of money, or any part of it, will ever cross the line.

Penang's C.A.T is not "Competent, Accountable & Transparent" but "Cocky, Arrogant Tokong" [referring to then-CM Lim Guan Eng, now Finance Minister]

Mansor Othman (former DCM I Penang, now MP Nibong Tebal) described Guan Eng as such in 
a closed-door state PKR meeting

Since finance minister Lim Guan Eng has wanted MCA to sever its ties with TAR UC, he will never hand over the RM40 million cheque to the school's existing management or foundation directly.

Here comes the problem.

TAA is now holding the money which cannot be used for the school's benefit. It's like the food replicas in the showcase in front of a Japanese restaurant. Nice to look at, but not edible at all!

If the amount is not used by the deadline, it will have to be returned to the government.

Or perhaps the alumni association will bypass the school management to directly benefit the students, for example by purchasing 20,000 iPhones with that money for each of the students.

The thing is, how is it going to answer to the rest of the country? Students from the other universities across the country may ask for the same treatment, and this will force the government to fork out additional RM1 billion to get the problem solved!

TAA can also use the money as scholarships, but this amount is simply too huge for this purpose, and the recipients -- probably many many of them -- will instantly become rich enough to buy LV's or Myvi's, expensive meals or vacation trips.

Or perhaps TAA has some other better ways to use this money which it has yet to think of.

Dumping RM40 million so generously on some unclear purposes, all I can say is that this doesn't seem to go well with our finance minister's style of doing things.

The minister has specified that the money can only be used on students and the school, which is good. And he insists that TAR UC should not be linked to any political party, which also conforms to his consistent position, albeit not that of the local Chinese community.

The thing is, several members sitting on the board of the education trust fund set up by the alumni association have been MCA members, but our minister says he doesn't care!

He says TAR UC is now owned by MCA because the education trust fund's members are from the party, including some former leaders. However, the trust fund has written to the authorities to express its intention to replace the members with four non-partisan individuals, with no follow-up actions so far.

In the past TAR UC used to enjoy annual allocations from the government to keep the school continuously operating. With only RM1 million left of the allocation, it is unbecoming for the finance ministry to hand over the RM40 million allocation to a non-management and non-owner entity, TAA.

GEORGE TOWN: A hawker here has brought back memories of the 1970s when labourers and trishaw riders chipped in to help raise funds to build Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC).

For every bowl of curry noodles he sells, he will donate 10 sen to TAR UC.

Loke Thean Meng, 59, said that in the 1970s, people from all walks of life contributed to the building fund of the then college.

“I remember people such as hawkers, trishaw riders and hairdressers doing their very best to collect money and donate it to the college. This year marks TAR UC’s 50th anniversary and it is facing difficulties."

“It is time for me to contribute and do something for the future generations,” said the father-of-three, adding that his youngest daughter is doing her third year in the university college.

What surprised Loke was that when he announced his decision on his Facebook account on Friday, his post was shared around and eventually viewed by 150,000 people in just a day.

The most profound example of wrongheadedness in terms of policy is Lim’s rationale for withholding funding from Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC) and using Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s name as a fig leaf.

Public accountability, as defined by Harapan, is a joke and penalising the MCA in the run-up to the Tanjung Piai by-election demonstrates the vindictiveness of the DAP.
Malay power structures are laughing at the way how their non-Malay proxies 
(meaning DAP) destroy institutions beneficial to non-Malays in their quest to demonstrate subservience.

- Commander (rtd) S Thayaparan (MKINI)


  1. Guan Eng being so petty on the grants for TAR shows he is just a boy of Kit Siang's.He will never grow up and out from under the shell of his father.This can also be one of the contributing reasons for the big loss in the recent by-election.He should always remember that education always comes first as a priority for Chinese families.Maybe it was Mahathir's idea,or plan to weaken the DAP,but it is no excuse for being a follower.

  2. Replies
    1. A short-sighted f*ckead cum k9 caretaker leeching onto a political compromise to claim his championship!

    2. mahathir love stupid n compromised dog, n their fanboy.

    3. As been take care of by u?

    4. unlike u, i dun like dog.

    5. Then WHY insistently be a k9 caretaker?

  3. This sinchew authorised keyboard warrior has ONLY one thing in his mind - how to blacken lge (indirectly DAP) to get even for past skirmishes!

    Just read his UTAr/TarUC commentaries, one can only find single-minded attacks on lge, based on superficial logics that most of his readers can follow. He latches on his attacks relentlessly on a fault move for a right solution done by lge!

    Beyond that, zilch contribution to help resolve an issue that's uppermost to the Nons, especially the Chinese M'sians.

    All he has being sounding around the argument IS about the grants to these educational institutions created by a political compromise.

    Does he realize that political fund comes with political umbilical cord? Along the way, there arises opportunities for some politically connected person(s) to line their own pocket!

    Besides, as pointed out so clearly, UTar & TarUC were/r sustained by the Nons of all hues. Why should MCA take them as their political capital, as have been showcased so many times now in an unspoken manner.

    The horrendous part is the humongous fund chest accumulated through the years w/o any significant improvements in the facilities provided.

    One wonders WHY ain't this money been probably used to built world class educational facilities to benefit the students. Instead, it has been claimed as a rain check for untoward incidents?

    More like waiting for opportunities to skimmm the fund to line those MCA-connected elites!

    Bearing in mind too that sinchew had not been as vocal as now when the donation of RM30M to built the UTar hostel was rejected for (un)known reason by the BOD.

    Likewise, many of the past hanky panky within the administration of these two institutions were quickly suppressed or printed in deadened pages of the sinchew.

    Lge has been right to ask for the severance of that umbilical cord, though in a not so friendly way. But that's his usual uncouth style to treat his political enemy - just like in any political matches!

    Wrong procedure DOESN'T imply wrong intention! Yet this writer has been taken it up to the nth level to run down a right decision!

    1. the chinese press asked what happen to uec n quota. what solution u want from a media outlets? n please ask the dap dog to give a solution that is diff from mca dog.

      n why only tarc enjoy such privilege of 40 mil if tarc is not unique? is this not a valid question?

      a dumb who can neither read nor understand simple language n always twist a literally event with picture, in fact a very small picture showing the evolve of man into dog.

    2. Indeed, a dump & closet chinese hater who can neither read nor understand simple language n always twist a literally event with picture, in fact a very small picture showing the evolve of man into dog - care of a k9 caretaker!

      Mfer, the issue IS the intensity of the attacks based on JUST a single issue about TarUC grant. Is yr rd improved (deteriorated) to a level u don't even know?

      Every Nons within the govt ARE looking for a solution to that chronic ketuanan-jaga-ed happenstance of uec n quota.

      A biased press that CAN'T do its job - not only asking but also proposing solution!

      If yr K9 can't do the job right, what said about the f*ckheaded caretaker?

      Should be reassigned to jaga jamban lah.

      The ONLY uniqueness about TarUC enjoys such privilege of RM40M bcoz it's a political compromise for yr MCA K9 to cut that umbilical cord that they r so stubbornly tagged on.

      Ain't it a valid question for those mfers, u included, to answer?

    3. 1 y media hv to provide solution? their main role shall include reminding dap to stick to what was committed.

      2 i am asking y other college dun enjoy the 40 mil, whats lge basis n logic? i believe tarc is uniqus but that stupid think otherwise.

      i answered yr question now yr turn.

    4. The issue is simple...let pro handle Tar uc. Mca can shout their voice hoarse how they love Tar uc. But my children not yours study in Tar uc. Please lah the ten cents a bowl gimmick does not help us. I have to pay all the fees.

    5. 1) if u follow yr Yankee doodle inspired Formosa education, then the press IS the 4th estate of the government. Know what's that?

      The role of the FREE press is to monitor, to provide alternative viewpoints & to give suggestions to resolve an impasse!

      2) mfer, read AGAIN - political compromise as dictated by Machiavellian plays!

      TarUC is unique bcoz u choose to put it on the MCA pedestal, so that yr k9 can mine political capitals any time the need arises!

      Some more farts?

  4. The annual 40 million is from the government (ie taxpayers) and can be paid directly to the deserving students.

    The 643 million saved in the TARUC Education Fund is from years of contribution from the government (ie also taxpayers) and can be used to pay operational costs (eg salaries).

    So this is Win-Win. Let's Move On.
    No need to make Hue and Cry with poor hawkers.

  5. In the past TARUC rejected a 30 million donation from philanthropist Koon Yew Yin to build students hostel, but MCA-linked companies were allowed to do so.

    But MCA insist there should be no link between education and politics right?

    We wait with bated breath over their response to this one....

    TAR UC student group questions lack of upgrades despite profit by MCA-owned firm

    Dec 24th, 2019

    A Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC) student group has questioned what they claim was a lack of upgrades to the students' hostel at the institution's main campus in Kuala Lumpur despite the firm managing the hostels raking in more than RM1 million in profits.

    The TAR UC Association of New Youth said the hostels are managed Delta Pride (M) Sdn Bhd, which is 99.99 percent owned by MCA.

    It said based on a Companies Commission search, the company's 2018 financial statement showed it made generated revenue of 4.684 million with an after-tax profit of 1.006 million.

    "Since the hostel is making a huge surplus, why does it not upgrade its facilities?" it said in a statement.

    The group claimed the students occupying the hostels have faced problems with its facilities.

    It said this includes limited washing machine units, lack of water heaters and poor WiFi coverage.

    The group said while it agreed with TAR UC subcontracting the hostel's management to an external firm as it is more cost-effective, it wanted the MCA-owned university college to disclose its agreement with the MCA-owned firm.

    It said this would determine whether the firm was using only raking in profits or is putting them to good use to help the university and students.

  6. Institutions that receive Government funding must have accountability to the government. That is basic Government Financial Management 101.

    MCA is no longer in the government, "business as usual" with MCA's iron grip on TAR UC is untenable.

    1. but dap solution to problems is all half baked until today, neither consistent nor persistent, if compromise really work, mca/gerakan shd have succeed long time ago.

    2. Mfer, has u gotten the kabel to know that the past compromises worked out by mca/gerakan WERE to benefit the educational institutes or their political skins?

      Answer lah?

    3. so u hv to convince us how dap is diff.

    4. I DON'T have to!

      Just look at the current administrative changes of those ministries/depts under DAP management lah!

      Of course, mfer can't see ANY changes bcoz he chooses to see what he wanted to see mah.