Saturday, December 21, 2019

Potential Return of Ops Lalang??

MM Online:

Dr M tells Dong Zong anti-jawi rally could lead to tit-for-tat demands


Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad arrives for Friday prayers during the Kuala Lumpur Summit 2019 December 20, 2019. — Picture by Miera Zulyana 

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 20 — Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad advised Chinese education group Dong Jiao Zong that there could be repercussions to its Chinese Organisation Congress seeking to convince the government to cancel jawi lessons in vernacular schools.

Speaking to the press on the sidelines of the Kuala Lumpur Summit 2019 (KL Summit), Dr Mahathir said that the Malay community might respond by organising its own congress demanding Putrajaya to shut down Chinese vernacular schools.

“That will only result in Malays having their congress and talking about closing down Chinese schools and all that. You do that kind of thing you will get reaction.

“We are a multiracial country; it is important for us to be considerate about other people’s feelings,” said Dr Mahathir.

Prof Datuk Zainal Kling had said Malaysia is for the Malays and those opposing the social contract must be fought. 

Mahathir told the Malay audience at the Malay Dignity Congress that the ethnic Chinese were merely “orang asing (foreigners)

Yes, Mahathir said “We are a multiracial country; it is important for us to be considerate about other people’s feelings.”

But when he said 'feelings' he had mean only Malay feelings lah.

Meanwhile, published:

Gerakan: Mahathir “adding fuel to fire”

Gerakan president Dominic Lau says PM Mahathir is “adding fuel to the fire” by claiming that Dong Jiao Zong's national congress would prompt the Malays to start a similar rally

Sin Chew Daily file photo

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 20 (Sin Chew Daily) -- Gerakan Rakyat president Datuk Dr Dominic Lau Hoe Chai said in a statement today that prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was “adding fuel to the fire” by claiming that Dong Jiao Zong's national congress would prompt the Malays to start a similar rally.

Lau said this would not help resolve the issue of Jawi teaching at Chinese and Tamil primary school but would incite racial hatred among the people.

He also said Mahathir's remarks had given Malay extremist organisations the "green light" to hold another congress similar to the Malay Dignity Congress.

He said the objective of the national congress for Chinese organisations was simple, i.e. to defend the sovereign rights of the Chinese primary school boards and urge the education ministry to cancel Jawi teaching at national-type primary schools.

He asserted that Malaysians had the right to express their dissatisfaction in the face of unfair treatment.

The Gerakan president also called for the prime minister to withdraw his remarks.

It may well become another Ops Lalang when some hot-headed Malays, encouraged by Mahathir's ominous threatening words, decide to plan a "congress" to challenge the impertinent Chinese for hurting their 'feelings' - after all, Atuk said so.

Then, with the expected rising tension, Mahathir may get the IGP to act a la Ops Lalang (27 October 1987).

I wonder who will get the free nasi kari kosong this time?

Hmmm, Anwar? wakakaka, Ronnie? wakakaka, Superman? wakakaka, Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak? wakakaka ...

And who gets to go on extended leave in Australia? Wakakaka.

And so Mahathir lives happily ever after, wakakaka.

those idiotic guppies played just right into my hands, wakakaka 


  1. Singapore's Lee Kwan Yew abolished Tamil schools in 1975, Malay schools in 1982 & Chinese schools in 1987.
    Subsequently Sing had 1 school system, with Chinese, Malay and Tamil mother tongue language subject for all students.

    I disagreed with many Sing government policies, but this was absolutely the right move.

    1. you failed to mention one most important issue - Sing's national schooling system was/is top notch. Many Malaysians including Malay parents choose vernacular schools for its standards and dedicated teachers, not racist ones

    2. i think lky never did that, its a natural progress when national school is deemed the best. but he did close nantah.

      msia chinese school is a hedge, international school is a hedge, cis is a hedge, tarc is a hedge, dun ever let the govt have a say on how them work, including dap unless they show their courage to say no, which is not the case in almost everything.

    3. Lee Kwan Yew was too clever a fox to actually order the vernacular schools closed , he let them whither and die a natural death.

      The dates mentioned are correct dates when the last vernacular schools were shut down.
      Once the supply of students from Chinese schools ceased, the absorption of Nanyang to the national university system was a fait accompli.

      Anybody who runs a successful business will tell you too many different hedges lead to an unstable business, because it is a practical impossibility to manage ALL of them properly.

      The same is happening with the too complex Malaysian education system.

      If they are fully independent , zero demand on taxpayer funds, fine,continue.

      I can tell you Malaysia is digging it's own grave with its 4-stream government funded education system.

      No other country in the world has ever attempted this, even countries with GDP per capita 5x that of Malaysia, or National GDP 10x bigger than Malaysia.

    4. I politely disagree. I think Malaysia should continue to SUPPORT as many education streams as people want.

      No amount of persuasion or even force will make everyone happy. So don't waste energy trying to do do. Nobody will budge.

      Let the parents decide which stream is best.
      Let the market decide which stream will succeed and which will fail.
      Over time the strongest will prevail, the weakest die a natural death.

    5. Agreed. The Chinese Primary School that I studied in closed shop a year after I graduated standard 6. I was in the 2nd last batch before it closed. 3 years before that another Chinese Primary School with its last 3 batches of students "borrowed" our classrooms by sharing our school premises while their "own" school premises closed immediately. In short 2 Chinese Primary Schools died a natural death 2 years sfter I graduated from standard 6. I clearly remember that around that time, many more Chineses primary schools were closing down one by one. This happened because most of the chinese parents at that time believed that to give their children an advantage and better prospect to look for a job when they grew up, it was better to send them to English Pimary Schools. So at that time, the Chinese schools were facing a dearth of supply of students and staring at an ultimate natural death. However, as everyone knew today, there was a twist in the storyline, the Chinese schools were given a lifeline because after they thought they have "fixed" the Chinese schools, they would now closed down the English schools by converting them one by one into national schools. As it is today, it goes without saying, parents want quality education for their children, if they cannot afford the international schools, Chinese schools are the next best choice because quality education is not defined by the medium of education thus language isn't the critirion. I believe that is also the same reason why Malay parents send their children to Chinese schools nowadays.

  2. Go ahead Toonsie, arrest all those DAP and PKR people.

    But remember, today they have around 42 + 40 parliament seats, not like in 1987 when you had 2/3rds majority.

    Not quite the same.

  3. Somebody please do a Vell Paari on this Old Fart....or alternatively...

    Malaysians should make a plea to Tun Siti Hasmah to ask Toonsie to step aside. We all know she has steadfastly stood by him all these years but if she wants him to leave the stage with any dignity, now is the time to pull him aside.

    Maybe Marina too, but definitely not the sons.

  4. Toonsie's remarks at the now-renamed "Perdana Dialogue" or in other words "Sembang Kopitiam" is sure to upset Saudi Arabia and USA.

    Toonsie praises Qatar and Iran for "rising above sanctions". Of course we know it is Saudi Arabia and the USA that led the sanctions against these two countries.

    I guess no more "donations" from the King of Saudi (ha ha ha)...

    Tun Siti Hasmah, please pull his ears and nasihat dia sikit...

  5. Gold dinar....really, I thought Toonsie was full of ideas from the 70s, 80s ad 90s, now he goes back to the time of the caliphs to solve a 21st century problem....Islamophobia.

    Top 10 Gold Producers:
    China, Australia, Russia, USA, Canada, Indonesia, Peru, South Africa, Mexico, Ghana.

    Top 10 Gold Reserves:
    USA, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, China, Switzerland, Japan, Netherlands, India

    So where are the Muslim countries? Indonesia? Jokowi didn't even dare to show up for the "Sembang Kopitiam in KL"

    No clout. Don't bring a water-pistol to a gunfight.

    1. Muslim countries have large quantities of gold bullions. Unlike the USD$, you cannot trace them.

    2. Ya corrupt untraceable gold bullion.
      Muslim leaders and business tycoons are good at that.
      Najib also had to his stash.
      Mahathir too, if ever he gets investigated properly.
      Anwar too...

    3. That's part of the bigger problem. Many countries have hidden wealth, hidden from foreigners' knowledge and hidden from their own people's knowledge. This hidden wealth is held in secrecy, does not appear in any government report. Like the billions in personal bank accounts of leaders, Birkin handbags, Swiss bank accounts, proxies etc.

      It's called CORRUPTION.

    4. Between the Jew USD$ and Muslim Gold Dinnar, of course Muslim Gold Dinnar is 1000 times better. BTW I have proposed for an Islamic Currency Unit in my study many years ago.

    5. USA Dollars, Chinese Renminbi, Gold Dinar, Bitcoin, Pound Sterling in its heyday....whatever common exchange base you use comes back to the same concept. Economic liquidity.
      And you are still beholden to whoever holds the largest hoard of your base.

      In the case of Gold Dinars, Muslim countries would be beholden to the countries that hold the largest gold reserves....hahaha...back to Mahahathir's hated USA and its allies.

      The other economic problem is, of course, the finite amount of gold means governments lack the flexibility to counter liquidity crises in a gold-based currency.

      The Gold Standard did not prevent the Great Depression and the massive contraction of All national economies. The currency values vs. Gold remained the same, but people simply lost the ability to earn them, and middle class savings evaporated when banks collapsed.

  6. Australian PM just cut short a family holiday in Hawaii to rush back and attend to terrible bush-fires at home.

    Sound familiar?

    What's with Hawaii anyway...? Was he invited for a round of golf with Obama or something? Did he buy his wife a RM500k piece of jewelry to pacify her? Ha ha ha.....does Australia have any "untraceable" gold bullion....?

    1. Dean Johns and I agree on Scott Morrison being a most 'disagreeable' person - in short he's an @$$h*le

      I believe I read in Dean's article that Scott Morrison went on his holiday being hosted at the Hawaiian hideaway owned by his media ally and supporter, Rupert Murdoch.

      read also

  7. What problem for these zombies?

    Their god DOESN'T consider corruption as sin & the zombies think that corruption is their gid given manna!

    1. ADVICE CK - don't speak for someone's God (as in "Their god DOESN'T consider corruption as sin") - apart form being rude, you don't know him (or her)

      However, it's OK to say "Zombies think their God okays their sins" which does NOT implicate their God's "involvement" nor your rudeness, wakakaka

    2. Wakakakaka…

      Advice noted!

      Who's more inclined to that trace when the religious zealots put everything they do as their God's commands - definitely apart form being rude, Dzo they really know him (or her)?