Saturday, December 07, 2019

Same old racist Mahathir-Malaysia

Sin Chew via Malaysia-Today:

Racism Is Getting Worse In Malaysia

(Mysinchew) – Lush and sunny year round with breathtaking scenery and free from natural disasters, Malaysia is a veritable paradise on earth.

The country’s multiracial population and her cultural diversity are our gifted strengths that have been aptly promoted in Tourism Malaysia’s “Truly Asia” slogan.

Indeed, if you were to stay here for a whole year, you would be able to take part in the celebrations of Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival, Dumpling Festival, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Deepavali, Thaipusam, Christmas, Wesak…and the list goes on, not to mention Gawai and other festivals celebrated by East Malaysians.

In addition, the full spectrum of Malaysian delicacies will scintillate your most demanding taste buds. Just join one of the many gourmet trips the country has to offer, and you will get to taste the irresistible culinary offerings from the Malays, Chinese and Indians here.

By right we should appreciate and maximise the potential of our well gifted natural endowment instead of sabotaging it. But unfortunately our politicians and government officials do not think likewise, re-emphasising the superiority of monoculturalism and monoreligionism. Our differences, not our similarities, are being infinitely magnified. As a result, racist problems and religious tolerance have taken a dive in this country.

In Malaysia, anything can be politicised and exploited by irresponsible politicians for their own benefit with the motive of turning that into votes in their favour.

Zakir Naik, the Indian Muslim preacher on New Delhi’s wanted list for money laundering, has been accorded VIP reception here. He is not only granted permanent residence, but also generously condoned for stoking racial emotions. Our government remains unperturbed by calls from New Delhi to have him repatriated.

It is unbecoming for a government to protect a wanted criminal who has repeatedly made highly seditious remarks, without taking into consideration the feelings of non-Muslim citizens here.

In a similar manner, when a certain country is said to have offered asylum to Jho Low — the central figure in the 1MDB mega scandal — and has repeatedly rejected our pleas to have him sent back here, the IGP gets incensed. I wonder how the government feels about this.

The recent Malay Dignity Congress has sent powerful shock waves across the country’s non-Muslim society. As federal territories minister Khalid Abdul Samad from Amanah has said, there isn’t problem with the congress per se, and the problem lies with its contents which have spawned racial hatred and conflicts.

A supposedly respected university vice chancellor has all of a sudden become a politician issuing highly sensitive racist remarks. If he really wants to stand out, he should have joined politics and not stayed back to mislead his students.

The congress also proposed to wipe out Chinese and Tamil primary schools within six years. As if that is not enough, scholarships should be awarded exclusively to bumi students scoring at least C or D in SPM.

The Malay ultranationalism has nurtured exclusionism that renders all non-Malays imaginary enemies. Such a perverted ideology strongly advocated by our rogue politicians will not do their Malay compatriots any good in the first place.

When a race is excessively taken care of by the government, its competitiveness will be invariably weakened. It is not easy to cross to the other side of a tall and thick wall that stands in the way, and the only “crack” is to put all the blame on non-Malays.

It is also not unusual for these politicians to label Chinese and Indian Malaysians pendatang. And when the Basketball association has carelessly and ignorantly displayed a five-point Jalur Gemilang, the local Chinese community is again implicated.

Perlis mufti Asri Zainul Abidin is yet another typical ultranationalist who had the honour of being invited to attend and address the Malay Dignity Congress, and seated alongside Tun Mahathir and PH ministers. But when he started talking, he wasn’t any different from PPBM, Umno or PAS politicians.

He later urged the government to take stern actions against those involved in displaying the wrong version of national flag for they, as citizens, had done something extreme and disparaging to the country.

Thanks to instigation by such people, racial relations have become an increasingly rare commodity in Malaysia. Whenever a road accident takes place, people will first ask what race, and will mercilessly blast on social media if the people involved in the accident are not from their own ethnic community.

When an ambulance arrived at the scene of an accident in Alor Setar recently, some onlookers attempted to prevent the rescuers from stopping the bleeding of a victim as he was not a Malay.

The seditious remarks repeatedly made by our politicians over the years have sadly worked their way among this generation of Malaysians.

This country will be very much more peaceful if we banish all those rogue politicians to an uninhabited island far from human civilisation.


  1. That is why we must support multi-racial multi-religious parties like DAP, PKR (minus you know who), Amanah, yes even Gerakan. We must reject single-race single-religion parties like UMNO, PAS, (yes Bersatu) and lost and confused single-race parties that support them, like MCA and MIC.

    If GE15 is fought between along this line then voter choice is so easy to make.

    1. MIC and MCA are NOT nor confused, but have stuck with UMNO mainly for 2 reasons, historical allies and the lack of political viability-survivalibility (???) without a major party to ally to.

      Hasn't Lim KHAT Siang been equally confused and lost by allying with Mahathir, a known unrepentant racist?

    2. Wee Jerk Seng, the MCA candidate for Tg Piai, was confused about whether he should support the teaching of khat in schools...then he was "reminded" that MCA's sponsors now are PAS and UMNO....and MCA must follow orders...

      The real story behind Wee Jeck Seng’s political acrobatics

      Nov 15th, 2019

      MP SPEAKS | It is most extraordinary that the PAS, Umno and MCA candidate for Tanjung Piai, Wee Jeck Seng, should be playing the “disappearance” game at the most important MCA by-election media conference yesterday, which would be the last day the media conference would be covered by the media as whatever said today would not be reported tomorrow, the polling day for Tanjung Piai by-election.

      Here is the real story behind Jeck Seng’s 20-hour political acrobatics of courage and bravery and his “disappearance” game.

      On Wednesday at 7.48pm, Jeck Seng posted on his Facebook that “MCA unites to oppose Jawi”, which lasted for some 20 hours, but at 4.41pm yesterday, this particular line was amended to read: “MCA unites to oppose the addition of Jawi khat (calligraphy) in the Bahasa Malaysia curriculum in Chinese and Tamil vernacular schools.

      Why did Jeck Seng disappear from the last and most important MCA media conference in the by-election yesterday?

      Even Wee KHAT Siong is confused about whether to support khat. He was the Deputy Minister of Education when Jawi/Khat was first introduced to the primary school textbooks in 2013 but in 2019 when Teo Nie Ching is Deputy Education Minister he suddenly opposes it, make huge fuss and puss. Then during the Tg Piai by-election he makes yet another U-Turn and says MCA supports khat....????

      In the Tg Piai campaign Wee KHAT Siong said khat should not be compulsory but if that is the case then why did he introduce it in school textbooks (BM textbook no less) in 2013 when he was Deputy Education Minister?

      Dr Wee refutes news portal claiming MCA against khat in schools

      Thursday, 14 Nov 2019


      PONTIAN: Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong has refuted a report in a news portal for claiming that MCA was against the teaching of Jawi calligraphy at school.

      "Since Barisan Nasional's time, we have never stated that we are against it.

      We respect the cultural and artistic value of Jawi calligraphy, just like the Chinese and Tamil calligraphy as our national heritage.

      "MCA's stance is that it should not be made compulsory, but an elective or optional topic as how society wants it" he told a press conference here on Thursday (Nov 14).

      The MCA president was clarifying a Malay report which appeared on a news portal earlier on Thursday, quoting Barisan Nasional candidate Datuk Seri Dr Wee Jeck Seng.

      Ka Siong said that the report, titled "Tolak Mahathir jika anda tak mahu Jawi dan Himpunan Maruah Melayu - Calon MCA" was taken out of context.

      The report was translated based on a Facebook post on Jeck Seng's Chinese page, refuting Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng of the latter's baseless allegations.

  2. The existence of the Deep State is finally confirmed by AG Tommy Thomas, following the appeal against Rafizi Ramli's successful court defence. Obviously a lawyer within the AGC wants to sabotage Tommy, just like in other legal cases.

    Over in the Police Force there are also many senior Deep State officers who oppose the IPCMC, not because they think it is wrong but because they want to scupper Reform in the Police Force. If the IGP pushes through the IPCMC there will be revolt among the senior officers and the entire police force will be paralysed.

    Same thing in many government departments and civil service. Remember, 50% of voters in GE14 DID NOT vote for a New Malaysia. They did not miraculously convert and become supporters overnight. There is no tinker-bell Disneyland magic wand that transformed them overnight.

    So, KT can re-write his earlier blogs:

    1. 1st-ly, Tommy Thomas did NOT confirm existence of a Deep State

      2nd-ly, why would there be a need to re-write my posts (mentioned by you)? They are still valid

    2. KT likes to make selective citations from Malaysiakini's "Yoursay" section. Here is my selection...ha ha ha...

      Yoursay: Hidden hands in AG’s Chambers? The deep state strikes again

      YOURSAY | ‘There is evidence of insurrection in the ranks. The AG has rightly called them out.’

      Disobedience - AG to act against errant officers over appeal in Rafizi's case

      The Third Man: It’s time to clean house, attorney-general Tommy Thomas. These officers should be investigated and severely dealt with, including terminating their services.

      As for the ill-intent appeal against the High Court's decision to acquit and discharge PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli and bank clerk Johari Mohamad over charges under the Banking and Financial Institutions Act (Bafia) filed by these errant officers, it should be withdrawn.

      It just shows you what the Pakatan Harapan government has to deal with, especially in the civil service with many of these unprofessional individuals who are trying to sabotage the efforts of the government from succeeding in its reforms.

      The Harapan government must declare war on all these traitors by identifying the culprits.

      No effort should be spared to bring the full force of the law against them. They deserved to be punished severely for their misdeeds which border on high treason.

      David Dass: There is evidence of insurrection in the ranks. The AG has rightly called them out.

      Let him sort it out in his own way. There is no racial issue here. Was it miscommunication or misunderstanding or was it defiance of the instructions of the AG?

      And if the latter, why? Passionate belief that the conviction was correct in law? Or was there some other motive?

      Ferdtan: The deep state at work? Civil servants, especially from enforcement agencies like the police, have been seen as such.

      It is time for the Harapan government to take proactive stands against such disobedience from subordinates. Sack them to show the seriousness of their offence to deter others who think they are at liberty to disobey orders.

      Myviews: AG, transfer them at the shortest possible notice. It is not against the labour law because they are not being sacked.

      Then take your time to investigate their wrongdoings and if they are found to be disobedient, sacking them is the only solution.

      We cannot keep pandering to these recalcitrants of the old regime. It will only spell doom for the new government. The soft approach has failed, it is now time to crack the whip.

      Only Truth: This is not the first time Thomas has been played out by his subordinates. Sabotage is the word to be used. Look at the LTTE case, now this Rafizi case and what else?

      There is a bunch of prosecutors who working hand in glove with interested parties. Get rid of them as they are trying to give the AG a bad name.

      Shanmugam VK Subrayan: Yes, sack them from the office. Let them lose their pension benefits. If you don't nip disobedience in the bud, it will spread like cancer and things will get out of control.

      See what is happening in PKR because party president Anwar Ibrahim did not take immediate action to sack deputy president Azmin Ali and vice-president Zuraidah Kamaruddin for disobeying party rules.

      Steven Ong: Indeed, if the police really want to investigate the deep state, now is a clear chance for them to show their sincerity in their investigation.

      It is difficult to fault him when some of his subordinates are still reminiscing about the "good old days". What a tough job. I salute you, Thomas!

      Quigonbond: Some commentators have been playing up the notion that deep state is just a figment of Harapan's imagination. It is real.

    3. I don't think KT will blog about his (sometimes) favourite writer P Guna so I quote him here, with some editing to fit in...

      The deep state and its manifestations
      P Ramasamy -December 7, 2019

      There has been so much talk recently about the ominous presence of the deep state within the government.

      It is argued that the presence of this deep state is thwarting the efforts of the Pakatan Harapan government from implementing promises made during the last general election.

      In fact, the inability of the government to control and manage the civil service or parts of it is described as an instance of the functionality of the deep state.

      The earlier arrest of 86 Malays suspected of having links with the Islamic State group and the recent arrest of 12 Indian Malaysians for allegedly having links with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) can be seen as instances of the operation of the deep state.

      Even if the PH government had the intention of doing away with the obnoxious aspects of the Security Offences (Social Measures) Act of 2012 or Sosma, the countervailing force of the police or its counter-terrorism unit have neutralised the efforts of the state.

      In the Sosma arrests,the deep state’s certain overriding concerns were not reducible to those of the government.

      The deep state might not be confined to the police alone; other agencies with particular interests might act to neutralise the efforts of the government.

      The deep state might be most effective when it comes to national security matters, on the position of Islam, threats posed to Malay dominance, on the position of royalty and other matters that are perceived to be harmful to Malays and Islam in general.

      It is not a well-defined or recognisable authority, but a power centre or centres that might be defused, amorphous and decentralised.

      It is the non-recognisable nature of the deep state that makes it effective.

      A deep state is not a singular authority, it might be differentiated at many levels, they might come together on certain matters or might function informally at different levels.

      It is not that the deep state is a recent phenomenon. It has always been there, but comes to the fore when things are imagined to be politically, economically and socially unsettling.

      In a more pluralistic political context, the deep state can also be termed as interest groups. Unlike in the Malaysian context, they would be overtly recognisable and well-defined.

      Perhaps it could be that the lack of democratic space and our overwhelming concern with racial and religious politics have submerged the deep state.

      Deep state is also a function of the popularity or the general level of acceptance of some issue or matter.

      If the government is seen as undermining the accepted conditions of Malay dominance, then there is every possibility for the deep state to emerge as a “saviour” of the nation.

      There is no single dimensionality to the deep state. Under conditions of a high degree of consensus within the government in power, the deep state might remain camouflaged.

      If the interests of the government and the deep state coincide, the latter will never be an issue. The problem starts when the government in power is seen to do things that might disturb the core interests of the elements of the deep state.

      Under the PH government, the deep state is perceived to be flexing its muscles. Why?

      The perception or over imagination that the Malays have lost power, that Islam has been challenged, that there are real threats to Malay political dominance, the calls for the expulsion of the Islamic preacher and fugitive Dr Zakir Naik and others might have activated the concerns of the deep state.

      The role of the deep state is also a function of the level of the effectiveness of the government in office. If the elected government in office is seen as weak and not performing or not having effective control over its agencies, then this might send wrong signals to the deep state.

    4. A Deep State effectively exists when the Public Service officials deliberately choose to act contrary to proper policy direction given from the elected government.

      After 18 months of PH government , the existence of suchb deliberate insubordination and even sabotage by some Public Service officers has become very obvious.

      They are betting that PH will be a 1-term government, and in fact doing everything in their power to ensure that.

      If PH remains in power, and their treachery becomes exposed, these Civil Servants with hidden agendas could face serious repercussions, including ruined careers even dismissal.


    Its public.official......MIC supports RU-355
    Where is MCA ?.