Thursday, December 05, 2019

Mahathir - only spoonfuls of Indian blood left in his body

Extracts from finance twitter:

Zahid Is Paying The Price For Calling Mahathir Son Of “Kutty”, Not For Forbidding Chin Peng’s Ashes From Returning
Zahid and his wife are toast because their criminal breach of trust, bribery and money laundering are easier to prove than Najib’s 1MDB scandal. It doesn’t matter if Zahid was already a multi-millionaire 25 years ago, as claimed by UMNO secretary-general Annuar Musa. He needs to prove his luxury lifestyle actually came from legitimate sources of income.

That probably explains why the panicked Zahid made a silly argument that he’s being slapped with 87 criminal charges because he did not allow Chin Peng’s ashes to return to Malaysia during his stint as home minister. And he’s paying the price now because Chin Peng’s lawyer at that time – Tommy Thomas – is now the country’s attorney general.

The crook tries to politicise his own corruption with a dead man’s ashes. That’s an incredible shameless allegation from the Java-immigrant. The Attorney General Chambers will not be able to prosecute him without sufficient investigation and evidence from the MACC and police. Actually, he should ask why his colleague Hishammudin Hussein is still a free man, but not him.

Yes, actually what Zahid did was normal among the 191 UMNO warlords in their capacity as division chief. Every one accepted bribes in exchange for projects, including Hishammuddin. Despite RM500 million land swap deals and RM300 million procurement of 6 helicopters scandal involving the Defence Ministry, why hasn’t former Defence Minister Hishammuddin been charged?

Zahid has himself to blame for offending Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. Zahid’s corruption is peanut if compared to Hishammuddin’s. But unfortunately to Zahid, he had insulted and mocked Mahathir with regards to his Indian ancestry – calling the old man son of Iskandar “Kutty” during the 2018 general election campaign. Hishammuddin did not badmouth Mahathir.

To the 94-year-old Mahathir, it’s an insult of the highest degree to label him as some sort of Indian pariah. Like Michael Jackson, who had tried very hard to appear white, Mahathir too wants to become a more Malay than the Malays. Obviously ashamed of his Indian roots, the prime minister – hilariously – argued that there are only spoonfuls of Indian blood left in his body.

So, Zahid should realize that his trouble didn’t start because Tommy was vengeful due to Chin Peng’s case. Rather, his toxic mouth – calling Mahathir the son of “Kutty” – has angered the old man. Just because Mahathir appears to be senile doesn’t mean he had forgotten what Zahid had said. Now that Zahid and Najib are blocking UMNO from joining Mahathir’s party, there’s more reason to send Zahid to jail.


kaytee notes:

Mahathir is vengeful if not anything. He hates the following persons:

(a) Anwar Ibrahim for 1997 & 1998,

anwar went to jail, & mahathir??? 

(b) KJ for hurt done to Mukhriz, and thus vicariously AAB,

(c) Najib Razak for not supporting Mukhriz and refusal to take orders from Mahathir,

(d) Ahmad Zahid for Kutty-ing Maddy biadab-ishly, wakakaka. Maddy is ultra sensitive in being described as of Indian descent.


  1. My Dear Friend Pahid Hamidi,

    Don't worry, MCA to the rescue.

    MCA already approved a non-Chinese membership category, sort of second-class membership, but for you we will make exception. You can join us, we will protect you against Toonsie. We will hide you in one of our buildings in our last bastion TARUC, which will be like our "Custer's Last Stand".

    And if by some miracle BN wins GE15 we will make you Honorary President, second in rank only to me (of course) but please remember to honour the promise you made at our AGM, to re-instate TARUC funding, "plus more". I want BN to go back to the Good Old Days when Milk and Honey flowed from UMNO.

    I will make MCA forget about all those made-up charges involving your Tak Masuk Akal Foundation, your outrageous watches and fancy cars, houses and what not. In return please keep the Milk and Honey flowing.

    Wee KHAT Siong

  2. I find it repulsive for this blog to portray Najib as some sort of victim of revenge over 1MDB.

    1. wakakaka, if finance twitter posts such an article it must be plausible