Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Malaysia's Economy Shutting Down?

From OutSyed The Box:

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Economy Shutting Down. Dr M Shut Down Already

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OSTB - Here are two items I received (from my cousin) who is a medical practitioner and runs a private hospital. Thank you. The following has actually been written by someone else.

1. Tesco for sale. Sushi King closing outlets in malls. Giant closing some outlets ..... and yet the rakyat can support PH that says the economy is doing solid. What a mockery of Malaysian people's intelligence.

(OSTB : Well it is the people who are mocking
their own intelligence. The moment I realised Dr M had gone bananas I parted ways. But tha'ts me.)

Time voters wake up to reality and accept the fact that the current government just doesn't have the capability to address the economic woes. Its somersaults that are far too frequent are nothing more than masking the inadequacy of the ministers who clearly lack the fundamental and rudimentary knowledge of their respective portfolios.

(OSTB : Inadequacy?? That is understating it yo. Its more like bodoh tahap bontot lembu.)

Even the Attorney General has lost his credibility and is now perceived as a political puppet.

Not to forget the education minister and his charges who have not moved an inch in reforming the education system other than changing the school shoe colour.

The health ministry is a mockery of all time. It can't even make any change to the health industry as it has no inkling on the dynamics of the medical canvas that had so many intricate undercurrents.

And to top it all the Ass H-le in waiting with his apparent "divine patience" is nothing short of a man who can't even be firm with his deputy in the part that he seeded. How is he ever to handle an entire cabinet in the future whereupon ministers will come from other political parties?

If one is already going flacid within his own territory, it's a wonder how the Ass H-le in waiting is going to handle the wolves from other territories.

Malaysians must think critically in the next election before voting. No one is better than the other as all of them (except for DAP), have the same root which is UMNO. (Amanah is from Pas.) Where is Malaysia heading?

2. OSTB - Here is more news about Tesco wanting to shut down all their 74 outlets in Malaysia.

Msian business 74 stores

Read more at 

OSTB - My comments:

Tuan tuan I just read that the freaking government is going ahead with "selling" Plus to the rich and powerful.

What is their value added to you? The long suffering toll payer? Tuan tuan dapat apa? Nothing. You will be paying and paying and paying until your teeth rot.

Highway sudah siap. Toll collection is at its maximum. The Banglas cut the grass. They just have to collect the tolls. No need to work hard. Dr M is creating another generation of lazy Malay corporates. The easy money millionaires.

They just shift assets around among the orang kaya and we have to pay.

This is why Tesco is shutting down. There is no new wealth generation in the economy. No new productivity. Just repackage old projects, extend old concessions, shift assets around. Thats it.

Dr Mahathir has shut down.


  1. I agree with OSTB on some of his points, not others.

    Tesco is so 80s and 90s, like Toonsie ha ha ha, shutting down in Malaysia is not bad news. Three points:

    1.Malaysia (& Thailand) are the LAST overseas operations to be shut down by British hypermarket chain, other countries closed years ago...

    2. Hypermarkets are closing worldwide, Carrefour is another example, anyone remember Makro, the trend is towards convenient stores and online shopping. Speedmart, KK Mart, MyNews etc and many other convenience shops are sprouting up everywhere, and these are MALAYSIAN owned, not some foreign named conglomerate who suck money overseas. The larger local owned chains like Jaya Grocer, BENS etc are expanding...
    Also convenience shops at petrol stations are making the stable profits for the station operators....who are Malaysians....

    Ditto for Sushi King (which is foreign owned Texchem), customer taste has changed and people order via GrabFood or FoodPanda, eat at home while watching Netflix...and has anyone ever ordered TAKEAWAY sushi?

    On OSTB's cousin saying Tommy Thomas has lost credibility he does not explain why he said so. If it is over the arrest of the so-called "LTTE revivalists" this was obviously done by AGC Deep State operatives out to create embarrassment for a Christian AG. The arrests were made without his knowledge and whilst he was overseas. Similarly the appeal against Rafizi Ramli's court decision was done in spite of his instruction not to appeal.

    Tesco is brick and mortar, today we talk about electrons....

    As for the rumoured sale of PLUS, supposedly to a Toonsie crony, I believe if Toonsie had two-thirds majority like he did before, PLUS would have been sold long time ago, but for strong resistance from Guanee and other ministers. There is a poker game going on in the cabinet, Guanee wants to try out the Tony Pua model (KT darah naik ha ha ha), divest the Klang Valley highways then impose a congestion charge during peak hours, toll on PLUS highways can wait, but Toonsie disagrees.....let's see what happens...

    All other comments I agree, more or less, including shutting down Toonsie, who is of the Tesco mould.

  2. Penang is doing very well, with record Industrial FDI in 2019.

    Part of it is due to 1-time benefit from companies reconfiguring their manufacturing supply chains to mitigate the effects of the US-China Trade War, but there is no denying that Penang's economic fundamentals are strong.

    Add to that strong inbound tourist numbers, and 2020 is shaping up to an excellent year.

    Full employment, growing economic opportunities.

    If the kids are well fed, and the wife has pocket money to spend, there is little room left over for Race and Religion bullshit.

    1. taiwan oso doing very well due to the trade war, poll show ccp agent will do badly in the election.

      but msia overall still very slow, we r waiting for the old man to go, n those stupid to retire along so hopefully ph could survive well with an improve economy.

    2. Talking about economic affairs with yr level of blur econ modelling!

      What a laugh!

      BTW, when was yr last visit to that Formosa where the trade war had spurred her econ activities?

      Been to any of these 13 counties for a look-see?

      彰化縣, 嘉義縣, 新竹縣, 花蓮縣, 金門縣, 連江縣, 苗栗縣, 南投縣, 澎湖縣, 屏東縣, 臺東縣, 宜蘭縣, 雲林縣

      Or like yr fraud econ model that only the prosperity ring around Taipei matters. In the same vein as the econ activities of the Pacific & Atlantic belts of US determine its econ status. The agricultural Bible belt & the Rusty heartland DON'T count!

      Thus, the election of people like Trump & Tsai!

    3. i am familiar with jiayi/chiayi, whats yr point? taiwan is not a city state like hk or spore, japan oso hv hakkaido, what yr point, again?

    4. So u do know Taiwan is no city state. Then, what's yr fart about the overall Taiwan econ scenario based on just Taipei's input?

      U r painting a rosy picture for Taiwan just based on a singular input.

      U know 嘉義縣! Well enough to say that its econ prospect is rising since the trade war?

      Wakakakakaka… luckily u r no 嘉義縣 native. Otherwise, u WILL be outcasted & maybe excommunicated on speaking for 嘉義縣!

    5. i wrote twn doing very well due to trade war, simple writes u oso wan to twist. no class la.

    6. Wakakakaka…

      Simple writes?

      More like simply fart lah to twist!

      Did they teach u to do that in 中正?

      Siapa tu no class?

  3. Dr M is a master chess politician.Just because one is a master chess player it does not mean one can be a good PM or an expert in business.Giving monopolies to cronies,making them billionaires does not make one smart.

    Just look at Donald Trump.He can cheat and win the elections and now he is squealing like a pig going to the brothel to be raped.

  4. Beware the Ides of APEC and Toonsie 2.0....

    Toonsie 2.0 said he will handover power to Anwar after APEC 2020, which culminates in November 2020 when Asia Pacific leaders congregate in KL.

    The last time we hosted APEC was in November 1998. Toonsie 1.0 was at the "apec" (ha ha ha) of his first reign. Remember Al Gore's infamous "Reformasi" speech and walkout at the PWTC?

    But rewind just a couple of months before APEC 1998. Anwar Ibrahim was DPM and was rising in influence too fast for Toonsie's liking, especially with the US. On September 2 1998, Toonsie 1.0 sacked Anwar as DPM for Sodomy 1.0, the following day he was sacked from UMNO. This was just days before the start of the 1998 Commonwealth Games. Toonsie 1.0 did not want to share the limelight with his deputy, when Queen Elizabeth attended, in fact Toonsie 1.0 wanted to publicly humiliate Anwar when all eyes were on Malaysia. And when APEC 1998 came around he and only he was the supreme leader.

    Fast forward to APEC 2020.......Anwar better Be Careful.....Beware the Ides of APEC......and Toonsie 2.0......Fool Me Once Shame On You, Fool Me Twice Shame On Me.....

    Azmin Ali is ever so hopeful, working on his "Renaissance Speech"......Reformasi 2.0 ha ha ha....

  5. This OutSyed the Balls fella is so bloody slow. After all the decades of living and involved in politics, only now he realizes Mahathir is useless? Lol! Damn Malaysia really has lousy political analysts. For real. But i guess malaysians are even dumber for believing him in the first place. Wonder how u ppl survive in such a country? More like lab rats. Lol!

    1. tis fella used to delete all my comments that sound critical toward his affection n asskissing skill on his ayahanda. what a big change.

    2. Bcoz he wasn't offered a deal that the macc carpetbagger got!