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DAP as a party is finished - Matthias Chang

Another Brick in the Wall:

DAP as a party is finished - Matthias Chang

Matthias Chang 

Certain segments of Malay activists held the view that DAP and MCA play opposite role but are in cahoot to take care of Chinese interest.

Well, why not? Why are the Malay political parties not doing so? Why should their political rivalry compromised on Malay and Islam's interest? How could they allow themselves to get swung by non-Malays and non-Muslims agenda?

Stupid ...

Be that as it may. The episodes between DAP and MCA on Tunku Abdul Rahman University College may not necessarily point to that cooperation.

Tunku Abdul Rahman University College is MCA's contribution to Chinese education irrespective of political leaning. However, DAP has become more "Malay" to politicise funding to TAR UC in their quest to seize control.

It has infuriated the Chinese community. PH colossal loss at Tg Piai is partly contributed by Chinese anger on DAP's denial of funding to TAR UC.

DAP insisted the control of TAR UC be passed over from MCA to DAP supporting TAR UC Alumni association.

They claimed TAR UC is a private college thus not entitle to government funding. Latest budget reduced funding from RM5 million to RM1 million. However, three DAP friendly private colleges received RM6 million.

In protest to DAP's partisan attitude on Chinese education, a humble kuew tiow seller in Ipoh used his hawker business to raise money for TAR UC.

Such is the attitude of Chinese towards the importance of education.

Someone known to have helped Matthias Chang in his past ordeal with the law shared his reaction and view of DAP in relation to Lim Guan Eng and TAR UC.


A scumbag and a political opportunist.

DAP as a party is finished. That is a given. Period.

Even, if subsequently LGE eats humble pie and behaves like a good boy, it will
not change the sentiments of the entire Chinese Community.


Just got hot air, and LGE is all thunder with no rain.
Its best, that the country consigned DAP back as a barking dog in Parliament. Not fit to govern. Making impossible promises in BUKU HARAPAN as CONFESSED by LKS recently, after the whacking DAP and PH received in the JOHORE By Election. TWO BIG SLAPS ACROSS THEIR THICK SKIN. HABIS CERITA.

No second chance for this loud mouth ego-centric green horn Minister of Finance. Good riddance to bad rubbish.---------

He was reacting to the following article in The Star (below):

even an Ah Pek hawker is better than this FM 


same as my post:

TAR UC - Lim GE's pettiness viewed by hawkers as disgraceful.

(taken from an article by Dr Pamela Yong published in Malaysiakini)

Dr Pamela Yong 


To highlight Matthias Chang warning on the fate of DAP, Malaysian Chinese are extremely sensitive and guards three interest with their heart and soul - Chinese education, economic interest, and culture.

Any group or political arrogant enough to ignore well face the wrath of the community.

DAP has infringed on two. Tony Pua and few DAP leaders have openly proclaimed in their speeches to Chinese community that they are not Chinese but Malaysian.

They ask to stop being Chinese and identify as Malaysians. What is wrong being Malaysian Chinese?

KT note: Also see my post un-Chinese Tony Pua.

What was written in this blog on DAP sometime ago has realised itself. The arrogance of Lim Guan Eng, Tony Pua and others have even infuriated their Singapore cousins.

After Tun Dr Mahathir is through with PKR, will DAP be next?


  1. Many people have over many years, at different times announced that DAP is finished.


    1. Wakakakaka…

      Needs another dirt on the wall to repeat the chorus!

  2. i dun see any alternative at the moment, but that doesnt mean some in dap is not stupid. mca could exploit fully the stupid gift relate to tarc, but its a double edge sword, bec many in mca is equally stupid, unless they able to grasp the chinese psyche n fear.

  3. Yes, the government has a responsibility, an obligation and a duty to fund TARUC no matter what. Even if it's Board of Trustees is illegally constituted.

    I expect MCA/TARUC to sue Guanee soon....ha ha ha...go ahead....also please follow the ongoing court case involving Zahid Hamidi and his Tak Masuk Akal Foundation to learn what can happen to a privately owned politically controlled Foundation that was left unchecked...

    TAR UC board’s composition violates rules, claims alumni group
    Published: Dec 10th, 2019

    The composition of the Tunku Abdul Rahman University College’s eight-member board of trustees violates rules set forth by the Companies Commission of Malaysia, Education Ministry, and the Finance Ministry, claims alumni group TARCian Alumni Association.

    This is because all eight members are either current or former MCA senior leaders.

    “These individuals from a single political party holds ultimate control over the TARC Education Foundation (TEF), thus violating the regulations of the CCM, MOE, and MOF - the composition of the TEF board of trustees shall maintain at least 50 percent of the total number of trustees being third parties having no connection with TEF or any of its founders without any political background,” it said in a statement today.

    It claimed that this had been the case since 2013 when TAR College was upgraded to university college status.

    In a separate statement, however, TAA legal advisor Kenny Ng said this was a condition imposed by the CCM on its incorporation, by the MOF for its tax-exempt status, and by the MOE for its licencing as a private university.

    “Such a condition imposed by the government and the law is the norm for any foundation meant for a public purpose like TARC Education Foundation on the grounds of public policy considerations.

    “Otherwise, a foundation with a tax-exempt status can be easily abused as a vehicle for tax evasion, money laundering activities, and even criminal breach of trust.

    “Suffice to add that currently someone renowned and powerful is charged in court accused of abusing his foundation for some of these crimes,” he said.

    Ng also noted that the government had funded TAR UC’s precursor, TAR College, from 1969 to 2013 as a public institution. Despite this, not a sen was paid to the government when it was privatised and taken over by MCA in 2013.

    As a private institution, it is also technically not entitled to any public funding, he said.

    “Hence the need for at least the aforesaid 50 percent independent representation in its board of trustees for public policy consideration of transparency, checks and balances, accountability and good corporate governance since TARC Education Foundation is the trustee and custodian of public money and assets by the billions in ringgit terms,” he said.

    MCA and Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng is currently embroiled in a feud over government funding for TAR UC.

    Lim had made it a precondition that MCA relinquishes control over TAR UC before the government resumes funding TAR UC directly.

    As a temporary solution, he had appointed TAA to set up a trust fund that would channel up to RM40 million annually from the government to TAR UC and its students.

    Meanwhile, TAA questioned MCA and the board of trustees for supposedly failing to raise the issue of funding after it was only allocated RM30 million per year in 2017 and 2018.

    This is in contrast to the cabinet’s purported 2013 commitment to provide up to RM60 million in matching grants.

    “Since the annual allocation is less than RM60 million, why didn't MCA and the board of trustee members oppose the government then?

    “TAA has been instrumental in successfully getting RM40 million government funding for TAR UC by surpassing politics; however such efforts and good gesture expressed by the (Pakatan Harapan) government were distorted by some irresponsible politicians, thus resulting in TAR UC and the Chinese community being used for political gain,” the association said.

    1. what is the rationale lge give funding to tarc n only tarc when mca relinquish control? lge is playing politics on education, he started it.

    2. Guanee is being polite. He could have said "when MCA comply with the law". At the moment their BOT is illegally constituted, or HARAM. But he is polite so he just say "relinquish control".

    3. not complying law still no action? prosecution with dap/lge characteristic?

    4. Snail brain thinks very sluggishly with limited views!

      Mfer can't understand the dire consequences facing TarUC if the legality of BOT is been successfully challenged.

      If the BOT is found contravening its article of association, then TarUC will be facing the same fate as the now dead as stone umno lama!

      What WOULD then happened to the fate of thousands of its students, lecturers & casual workers?

      DAP has obviously thought about this unsavory outcome. Thus avoiding the sledgehammering approach of prosecution.

      U r dead right in saying this is indeed consideration with DAP characteristics!

      But mfer, like u, WON'T be able to fathom such consequence under yr fart filled tempurung, while shouting loudly about championing the rights of the marginalized Non students!

  4. The Chinese always have the option of going back to MCA, now chained to Muah Fart Karat Nasional. Such is their stark choice. Very simple decision no?

    1. many chinese use to support hudud when they cant stand a dog.

    2. Support hudud?

      Over yr dead body bcoz they can see a k9 caretaker miles away!

      Dream on lah & don't forget to entice yr ketuanan pals/master

    3. anthony claim cina tidak perlu takut hudud. so pray tell whats the big picture behind his assertion since u r a big picture aficionado.

      n next time u no need to retort panjang lebar, just write 2 words big picture n we all hear u.

    4. "anthony claim cina tidak perlu takut hudud."

      Can't u read?

      No need to afraid of hudud DOESN'T translate into supporting hudud! There r other ways to deal with it.

      Faham tak?

      There lies the big picture that yr tempurung view can't penetrate!

      The panjang lebar rebuttal to yr fake propaganda IS NOT for yr consumption! A dickhead doesn't deserve it. So don't kid yrself no end lah.

      It's for the other readers out there!

      In anyway it's still better than yr tin-kosong one-liner fart, right?

    5. tak faham, pray tell what way?

    6. Snail brain definitely tak faham le!

      Any further elaboration for such f*ckhead is time wasting.

      Remember, not for yr consumption?

      Or tak faham juga?

  5. I can just see it now, at GE15, droves and droves of voters who chose DAP in GE14 now voting MCA-PAS-UMNO, just to punish DAP over the TARUC issue. Makes a lot of sense.

  6. Matthias is of course a 100% supporter of Toonsie, he was his political secretary, and would love Toonsie to serve full term and beyond if possible ha ha ha....

    Interestingly the Bible character of the same name was carefully chosen to replace Judas and he turned out to be such a loyal and obedient follower of Christ, he was made Saint Matthias.

    Saint Matthias was the disciple who, according to the biblical Acts of the Apostles 1:21–26, was chosen to replace Judas Iscariot after Judas betrayed Jesus.

  7. QUOTE
    MCA’s fear over TAR university is comical
    Ko Chung Sen -December 11, 2019

    Pamela Yong, under the guise as deputy chairman of the Institute of Strategic Analysis and Policy Research (Insap), invoked the ghastly fear of “political castration of TAR UC by MOF” in her statement two days ago.

    Pamela Yong is actually the Sabah Wanita MCA chief, and sits on the board of TAR UC.

    Insap is an MCA think tank chaired by its vice-president Ti Lian Ker.

    TARC was established in 1972 due to MCA’s failure to get enough university places for Chinese students with good grades.

    It was a “token of consolation” with “affordable tuition fees” to soothe the anger and resentments against MCA.

    The ploy worked so well that TARC became a runaway success. Chinese preoccupation with education, coupled with the demands of a rapidly developing economy, saw a spike in the number of students.

    The Chinese community’s generous donation in pursuit of their children’s future, together with the government’s matching grant, soon led to the establishment of UTAR and TARUC.

    Everybody was involved in the process, including the traders on the streets, the government and the taxpayers. But only MCA is claiming the prize as its own.

    The board of trustees is controlled by MCA leaders, and they can pick and choose new members.

    In reality, MCA is no more than the interim custodian of TARUC when it was being established by the combined efforts of the public and the government.

    In the Memorandum of Association of TARC Education Foundation, at least 50% of the total number of trustees must be third parties, having no connection with the foundation or any of its founders.

    MCA had willfully and blatantly disregarded the sanctity of the TARC EF by filling the board with cronies.

    Yet when the government requested for MCA to obey the rules set by them, they started behaving like a bunch of crying babies, accusing the government of breaching iron-clad contracts and laws.

    The lame excuse came from Dr Pamela Yong, who conjured up a picture of “castration of TARUC”, to put fear into the psyche of every Malaysian male.

    MCA is behaving like an irrational parent who refuses to acknowledge the child had grown up.

    TARUC has been in existence for 47 years with 28,000 students. The cash flow is solid with RM634 million in reserve. The alumni boasts many tycoons and successful professionals, many of them who are older and wiser in the real world than the current top leaders of MCA.

    The RM40 million funding involved was already given to TARUC to be used fully to develop the human resources.

    TARUC is not short of money. The alumni, the teaching staff and the students are more than capable to take care of the university.

    MCA is the hindrance and obstacle now. To let a grown-up child to fly the nest may be difficult. It takes a real grown-up to learn to let go.

    MCA’s fear of losing control of TARUC, to the extent of feeling castrated, is comical, and sad.

    Dr Ko Chung Sen is the DAP assemblyman for Kepayang, Perak.

    1. a dap assemblyman tell us pamela is a mca state wanita chief? y suddenly dap got so many idiot, a dr somemore.

  8. I support the principle that a Higher Education institution, especially if it wants to receive public funding, should not be controlled by a political party.
    That arrangement has "Conflict of Interest" written all over it.

    However, Lim Guan Eng's method of going about this over TAR UC looks like a sledgehammer, and most Chinese prefer it is not handled as a confrontation, and students should not suffer.

    1. who would have built a Higher Education institution for those who have been marginalised by the privileged uni's and colleges?


    2. There r existing one like new era, hanjiang that r been built w/o any political patronage for those who have been marginalised by the privileged uni's and colleges!

      All it takes IS the handoff approach of the govt, especially the em.

      MCA is just gripping with its last political capital for its present day relevancy, hoping against the educational craving of the cinapeks.

    3. Marginalised by the Ruling Party, and was MCA not in the Ruling Party ?

    4. those who have been marginalised by the privileged uni's and colleges have been non-Malays -did DAP do anything other than rave and rant? T'was MCA who organised TAR UC

    5. examples of beneficiaries, Teresa Kok, Chong Eng, Salahuddin Ayub

    6. I don't think Guanee was using a sledgehammer. He gave MCA 1 whole year to legalise their Board of Trustees.

      In the 2019 budget presented in parliament in October 2018 Guanee used the soft approach, reducing the funding to TARUC because they already had 634 million in funds (there were other more deserving institutions) and politely asking MCA to relinquish control before further funds would be channelled their way. But MCA and Wee Ka Siong were vindictive, kiasu-ive and obdurative, and refused to budge.

      Guanee waited patiently for one year and when he saw there was no progress, in the 2020 budget he repeats the request politely and channels 40 million to needy students, so they would not suffer because of MCA's continuing to break the law.

      MCA had one year to comply with the law; their own Article of Association for a public (not private) trust. Not some law Guanee made up out of thin air. Guanee does not want MoF to be sued for funding an illegal private Trust. He wants to be a law-maker, not a law- breaker ha ha ha....

    7. Ktemoc keeps evading the fact that the Nons were Marginalised by the Ruling Party,of which MCA was part of.

    8. don't be so childish in your eagerness to smear my name, wakakaka - in fact I mentioned it as the reason for the necessity of a college like TAR UC which would be accessible to nons

      of course MCA was part of the BN which marginalised the nons, but being the junior weak partner the best they could do (instead of pointlessly appealing and begging) had been to develop TAR UC.

    9. and what is DAP doing for UEC, apart from bizarrely weakening TAR UC?

    10. and matriculation process?

    11. TarC was an unexpected (right) outcome of a wrong MCA last straw political decision!

      At that period of MCA sopo directional headlessness, someone (yes, there were brilliant macais within that k9 hive!) came up with a higher ed institution modelling on the concept of Merdeka University that was firmly put to its dead by the ketuanan umno.

      But in order to establish TarC with the consent of ketuanan umno, many unwritten compromises were made. Many of these secret rules were/r proven to be detrimental to the sopo educational developments of the Chinese M'sians.

      Cases in points r the amounts of public money channeled into many of the useless ketuanan educational outfits vis-a-vis those pittances received by the vernacular primary/secondary schools.

      TarC would be the political lifeblood of MCA, as educational initiative was/is the ancestral trace long meme-ed into the daily lives of the Chinese M'sians.

      "did DAP do anything other than rave and rant?"

      Can DAP did/does anything when the ketuanan grip on education issues were/r so STILK so water tight?

      Was DAP in the govt then? Indeed, all DAP could do was rave & rant outside the govt administration. That's the best they could do, instead of pointlessly appealing & begging in making secret compromises with the ketuanan freaks like MCA!

      So DON'T put the establishment of TarC (subsequently TarUC & UTar) by MCA on the pedestal. They had/have no noble initiative but JUST pure political survival instinct to guide them!

      DAP is 100% right in demanding the severance of that unholy umbilical cords that forever tie round the necks of these ed institutions. W/O that patronage, whatsoever secret promises made r now null & void. These ed institutions CAN now flight to greater high!

    12. fuck off dap, solve uec n uni quota first.

    13. Go talk to yr dangdut hour pals & see u have better outcome lah!

    14. The PH government has channelled millions of ringgit of development funds to Chinese Independent Schools, something the Hentam DAP mob is evading mention.

    15. dap is one that told us they can do if vote into power, i never said.

    16. Ain't DAP trying hard to solve UEC & uni quota NOW?

      If u have a fast track cable with yr ketuanan pals, do something lah. Otherwise what u have ranted about r just what u have said - syiok-sendiri mah!

    17. now is after 2 years, while tarc conclusion n changes is like cooking instance mee?

      so if u hv a instance cable to lge, ask him to fuck off.

    18. Wakakakaka…

      So yr dangdut buddies r good for happy hour - no cable or they r actually not willing to do anything.

      Should I say u r in the same boat as those MCA k9?

      Oooop… ain't u the k9 caretaker by default. Wakakakaka…