Monday, December 23, 2019

Just for his Muslim credentials, he offends the World


Please stop arguing with big nations, Wee tells Mahathir

MCA president Wee Ka Siong reminds Dr Mahathir Mohamad that the country will have to pay a ‘huge price’ for his comments.

PETALING JAYA: Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad will only offend many other bigger nations if he continues to speak as he pleases, MCA president Wee Ka Siong said.
The country would have to pay a “huge price” for his comments, he said in a Facebook posting today.
Wee said Mahathir, as the world’s eldest statesman, had plenty of political experience but is also known to like picking fights with the world’s biggest nations.
“During his first term as prime minister for 22 years, he might have been viewed as the spokesperson of the third world countries. However, the world these days is very different from what it was 20 years ago,” he said.
Wee said the uncertain global economy will surely affect Malaysia’s economy.
“The government should avoid having any arguments with big nations but be practical in developing the economy.
“In the current international circumstances, only by maintaining amicable diplomatic relationships with other nations can we create more business opportunities for our country.”
In September, Mahathir angered India when he commented on the Kashmir conflict. Wee said this resulted in the drop of palm oil exports by as much as 76% and caused much anxiety among palm oil industry players, especially the 600,000 small-time planters.
During the recently-concluded KL Summit, he again criticised India on a new citizenship law and this also drew a strong protest from the Indian government.
Wee said the Charge d’Affaires of the Malaysian embassy was also summoned by the Indian external affairs ministry for an explanation.
“Despite all this, Tun Mahathir maintains that he is right and this is a worrying trend for Malaysians.”
Wee said there had also been tension between Mahathir and China, and he was involved in a tit for tat with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on the issue of the new version of colonialism.
He reminded Mahathir that the two countries’ diplomatic relationship is still at the recovery stage over the past few months.
Wee said Mahathir had also upset Saudi Arabia by inviting Iran and Qatar leaders to participate in the KL Summit.
“There seems to be no end to our diplomatic disasters,” Wee said.
The Ayer Hitam MP also drew attention to Mahathir’s past remarks that attacked Singapore over the crooked bridge project and price of raw water being supplied to the republic.
“Singapore and Malaysia have enjoyed a special relationship as neighbours. Being a significant trade partner, the trade figures between the two nations are comparable to many big nations.”
Wee said in another case three months ago, Mahathir had unapologetically criticised the five countries with veto power, namely the United States, Russia, China, the United Kingdom and France, in a speech at the United Nations General Assembly.
“Malaysians who know Tun M well know that he has always been critical of the United States. He even said that he would like to apply sanctions on US President Donald Trump but he can’t.
“Such remarks are clearly unfriendly towards Trump and it is believed that the United States is wary of Tun Mahathir.”
He reminded Mahathir that when he chaired the NAM Summit, he had stressed that he would not interfere in the internal matters of other countries.
“We also do not want to see other nations interfering with our internal affairs.
“If Tun Mahathir continues to offend more countries, our younger generation may have to pay the price for what he has done. What is the point of saving face for yourself when we are going to lose the entire world as friends?”


  1. if what mahathir say n criticise is factual, i see nothing wrong, as long as he can accept when other did the same. wee is a dog, so always behave like dog.

  2. Mahathir is desperate to stay relevant and appear very "sagely".

    To me, he should just fade away..he thinks too highly of himself

    1. His so-called "sagely" image is wearing thin...the fangs are showing as he loses patience when the stream of UMNO scum-frogs stopped lompating to his Bersatu, and he is further aggravated by those 'provocative' biadap-ness of the Chinese and the dare they, these unqualified uncouth whom the Malays 'so kindly' 'gave' citizenship to. Btw, he seemingly forgot that his own grandfather from India too became a citizen in this unqualified one too, hehe.

    2. on this we're on the same side, wakakaka

  3. Wee KHAT Siong is so vocal of the PM now when he is a powerless opposition MP, like a barking dog outside on the streets, but when he was in Cabinet, even as a Minister in Jibby's PMO he was so silent for many years over the 1MDB scandal.

    So this is why DAP should not make the same mistake, don't quit Harapan government, then you will join the barking dog outside.

    Woof woof...

    1. so, how's Lim KHAT Siang today?

    2. Lim Kit Siang does not and never has had any executive position in the Malaysian government.
      Fundamentally, he is nowadays just an old man with a blog.

    3. DAP too were barking at all BN policies when they are in the opposition. What happen NOW?????.
      Looks like they stuff their tails into their @$%#$^...ha..ha..ha..

  4. Wee KHAT Siong says Malaysia will have to pay a huge price for Toonsie's comments.

    How much do we Malaysians have to pay for 1MDB, which MCA and Wee KHAT Siong remained silent for years while he was Minister in Jibby's PMO?

    How much do we Malaysians have to pay for KPFZ project when MCA was in charge of the Ministry of Transport?

    And as KT likes to skip Jibby and Badawi years and go further back into ancient history how much do we have to pay for Toonsie 1.0's scandals like BMF, Forex Scandal, Maminco etc etc? Remember, MCA was in government then too.

    Can Wee KHAT Siong please work out the total amount and let us know how much MCA was responsible for?

  5. Wee KHAT Siong should be reminded that today it is nearly 2020, not 2000, when he was Deputy Education Minister, around the time he introduced KHAT into primary school textbooks.

    As he reminds Toonsie that it is the 21st century now, the world has changed since Toonsie 1.0 was last in power, similarly MCA is no longer in power.

    Today MCA is in opposition, a one-man underling party, two if you count Wee Jerk Seng who was “allowed to win” in Tg Piai (ha ha ha), but yet they continue to have this “entitlement mentality” that the government of the day has a “legal obligation” to fund TARUC which is run by an illegally constituted MCA-Board of Trustees. MCA caught the ”bumiputra entitlement” disease after so many years under UMNO influence.

    So as you advise Toonsie to “stop arguing with big nations” you should also “stop arguing” with powerful Finance Minister Guanee over TARUC funding and learn to take your position as a minor party and politician. Find your own money to run TARUC or give up control. Guanee can pass you some empty Milo tins.

    1. Guan Eng is of course like his kHAT father, a traitor who sells out his supporters

  6. For severe abuses of human rights , genocide and ethnic cleansing, if the criticisms are based on facts, it is not wrong.

    Governments should not get a free pass on committing crimes just because it is carried out within their borders.

    Likewise, Mahathir has to accept international criticism for his and his government's seriously problematic actions if they are based on facts.

    Wee Ka Siong's stance is particularly objectionable given MCA has a long and disreputable history of silence on serious wrong doing in the government when it was in power - to avoid offending Mahathir, Badawi, Najib...whoever...