Monday, December 23, 2019

Malaysian Double Standards of Hatred

The boy and the Nazi salute

By Professor Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi

I assume that because Wong Yan Ke was a Chinese reprimanding a Malay elite, he was given the royal spanking, but the UMS graduate was left untouched because he was a Malay and he merely agreed that all Jews should be justifiably killed as enemies to Islam 

Several weeks ago, a graduate from Universiti Malaysia Sabah posed a daring picture of him with a Nazi salute with the right arm straight up at an angle.

I am not sure whether he had uttered the ominous ‘Sieg Heil’ or ‘Heil Hitler’ but the incident caused a reprimand from the German ambassador and an apology from Syed Sadiq on behalf of the young Muslim Malay graduate.

The issue was quickly buried and after three days hardly anyone talked about it. Unlike the Wong Yan Ke incident where the Universiti Malaya graduate displayed a placard reprimanding the Vice Chancellor for the Kongres Maruah Melayu incident and a host of issues to local students, that particular incident caught on the attention of the people for several weeks after. There were calls to revoke his degree and a silly academic even suggested the ISA law to be used on him.

racist UM VC Abdul Rahim Hashim

I assume that because Wong was a Chinese reprimanding a Malay elite, he was given the royal spanking but the other graduate was left untouched because he was a Malay and he merely agreed that all Jews should be justifiably killed as enemies to Islam.

Well, in this column piece I want to take the issue of the Nazi salute to task not because of the graduate but more to take his educational construct to task in producing such a cruel and unfeeling attitude towards a whole race of people that he has never even met ... I presume.

I wish not to task the student in question and that’s why the title of this piece is the word ‘boy’ rather than ‘the graduate’ or ‘the man’.

I have two issues in this article concerning the background of religious and secular education that has brought such a monstrous attitude of murder and justifying genocide.

I also wish to deal with the deafening silence that follows from religious leaders, educationists, academics and politicians as to condemning the attitude of justifiable genocide.

Before that, let me give my own understanding of Islam and the Jewish people that I am very sure the boy in question has failed to understand.

Many Malaysian readers do not know that the attitude of hating all Jews is a common attitude of all Muslims I have met from the uneducated to the highest level of educated elite. Friday sermons and religious lectures are rife with hating the ‘Jews and Christians’ as enemies of Islam. The Jews are seen by Muslims as an arrogant group of people who thinks that they are better than the others simply because God has remarked that they were the Chosen People.

Muslims are also fed stories of Jewish betrayals and conspiracies to kill Prophet Muhammad as well as contemporary ideas about ruining Muslims. Muslims love to blame the Jewish conspiracy theories on the dismal positions of the Muslims in the world today. That 90% of the problems in this world are caused by Muslims themselves with respect to condoning acts of terrorism by the IS and other groups, accepting corruption as ‘halal’ as long as the money helps Muslims, being conservative in venturing into various controversial research areas and allowing narrow minded clerics to rule their lives simply because Muslims are too lazy to read themselves the many available sources of information regarding religious issues.

The boy with the Nazi salute do not understand, as with many Muslims, that most of the Prophets in Islam like Moses, David, Harun and Solomon, Jesus and Zakaria were all Jews from the loins of Ishak, the son of Abraham. The other son of Abraham named Ismail bored no prophet saved one, whose name was Muhammad, the last Prophet. Thus, how can Muslims hate Jews if many of the Rasul or Prophets were also Jews? Furthermore, the Qur’an carried the holy words of Allah to ask Muslims to believe and honor the previous Books or Kitabs like the Injil or Bible, the Taurah or Jewish Torah and a few others. The Qur’an contains revelations that are simply a continuance of the books of the past peoples who the Qur’an calls ‘The People of the Book’, which includes Jews. The Qur’an also carries an edict that allows Muslim men to marry Christian and Jewish women without them converting to Islam. There was also the incident where the Prophet stood up to pay respect to a Jewish body during a funeral procession. The Qur’an and the Prophet gave due respect to the Jewish people but Malays and Muslims condemn every living Jew in this world. Finally, there was a Jew by the name of Muhammad Assad who translated the Qur’an and wrote commentaries and is hailed one of the greatest scholars and politicians in Islam. I bet the UMS boy along with most Malays and Muslims never knew that…because their ustaz never explained.

The main question that begs to be asked is what kind of religious education can produce a view that agrees to the horrifying genocide of a whole race of people inclusive of women, the elderly, infants and the young? If a religion teaches the justification of genocide to its adherents, I do not think any right minded human being would want to be associated with such a cruel faith. The fact is, none of the great religions teaches that but the teachers of these faiths are the narrow minded and cruel culprits of wanton human destruction.

The other question that begs to be asked is why the silence that follows? When the boy in question unashamedly wrote in his social media glaring words of justifying genocide, I noticed a clear and deafening silence from the religious scholars, authorities and institutions. There was also none from the Social Science academia as well as politicians from all sides. This silence, to me, is the greatest failure of our society and education system. Period.

In the closing of this second decade of the 21st century, I ask Malaysians, where do we go from here after being a nation that seems to condone and accept the attitude of a university graduate that encourages the killing of infants, elderlies, women and children simply by virtue of its race. For Malaysia in the coming decades. Susahlah ini macam!

Professor Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi is Professor at a local university


  1. First of all,I think that the master politician,Dr Mahathir,has lost his touch.Or at least his mental fitness.Or even both.

    The Chinese was right in doing what he did.But,he was screwed right,left,center and behind.

    The Malay was fucked up in doing what he was doing.And the boy minister has to apologized.And no action taken against him.And he was not fucked right,left,center or behind.At least Azmin got it deep inside his backside.

    No wonder the country is going to the dogs.Under Umno the dogs were having a party.Under PH,the dogs are having puppies.

    This is good news for Anwar supporters.To push for the exit doors for Mahathir.

  2. a reflection done by a malay muslim, how many chinese do the same on chinese double std?

    1. It's JUST that u don't read them in the public press!

      Or u choose to ignore them liken to yr blurred dead set believes in some of 鲁迅/柏杨 irrational rants!

    2. i read their double std in all over the place, especially here. of course i cant read their reflection if they do it in their bedroom, y u sound so dumb one.

      btw, i doubt u ever read luxun or any writes from his era, thats y yr dumb comment.

    3. Wakakakaka…

      If u have read, then u ONLY read what u wanted to read. Just like those pieces of trashes propagating out from HK/Taiwan 废青 that u so shamefully quoted!

      Wakakakaka… again! If u have truly read 鲁迅 then u would have understand what I have been trying to say.

      Don't just look superficially at his famous quote of 横眉冷对千夫指,俯首甘为孺子牛. What about those forgotten previous phrases? What did he said/implied?

      Mfer, like u, who choose to read what they wanted to read ALWAYS failed to understand that no body, 鲁迅/孔子 included, r not infallible!

      U people have put them onto the pedestal to worship - along the way ignores their human inclination towards ideas/doctrines that they think they r right within their self imposed boundaries.

      I have enough time to read many of them & I'm always read them critically! Many I agreed & many too I disputed as trash!

      AND I DON'T have to educate a dumb mfer who has only obstinate d silo views generated under his cozy tempurung!

    4. thats y i said from that era, read critically applying today norm n std is not a good evaluation, try to understand whats the chinese facing n challenge during late 19 century n earlier 20 century.

      by the way, i am not a fan of boyang, i believe i know whats luxun intention, but i dun know whats boyang objective, anyhow they r just writers n intellectual, their impact on people life is far less of a politician that possess power, i suppose they r more sincere.

      read critically n understanding is a diff matter i guess, 101 for a dumb wakaka.

    5. Wakakakakaka…

      What a rd rant!

      If one doesn't read critically then from where is the understanding arises?

      Perhaps yr rd101 has a same kind of definition in understanding as yr zombieic pals interpreted their deviant doctrines!

      Ooop… if u want to play with words, maybe be u SHOULD take a lesson from the blog host.

      When u quoted 鲁迅 to infer yr f*cked understanding of 'very coldhearted, indifference & merciless' about the current Chinese made food, have u taken that chronological consideration into account?

      AGAIN, what's yr f*cked reading skill?

      Or just shot to vent yr irrational hatred about things Chinese?

  3. The good professor is right..there is double standards in the way Muslims and non-muslins are treated in Malaysia.

    A non-Muslim like me will always be turned off by the Islam because its practioners are not good examples

  4. This Malay-Muslim boy is proof that the religion we teach is wrong.
    Islam is peace, harmony and love. Not hatred.

    Nazi Germany murdered 6 million Jews in WW2.

    Let's put things in perspective. How many is 6 million?

    In 1957 the population of Malaya was 3.1 million Malays, 2.3million Chinese, 700k Indians, 100k others, total 6.3 million.

    So it's like wiping out every man, woman and child in Malaya.

    And this boy "worships" this act and wishes it repeated?

    Israel today has good relations with modern Germany. So the Jews can forgive the Christians. And Germany today accepts so many refugees and immigrants from Muslim Syria, Turkey etc.

    This boy needs to learn some proper history, and religion.

  5. Ktemoc's equally objectionable Sig Heil

  6. 'clear and deafening silence from the religious scholars, authorities and institutions'......means they agree with the boy's action....