Monday, December 02, 2019

Food Floods for your thoughts PM Mahathir



More than 11,000 displaced by floods in Kelantan, Terengganu

The number of Terengganu flood victims has increased drastically to 5,807 people from 1,719 families as at 8am today, compared with 2,387 (650 families) as at 8pm last night.

In Kelantan, more people continue to be evacuated due to the floods, with 5,636 people from 1,621 families being accommodated at relief centres in seven districts in the state as at 7am today, compared with 2,652 victims, involving 781 families, last night.

According to the Social Welfare Department’s InfoBencana, 3,231 of the evacuees in Kelantan (970 families) are at 18 flood relief centres in the Pasir Mas district, and 739 people from 209 families have been evacuated to seven relief centres in the Kota Bharu district.

In Pasir Puteh, 611 people from 165 families have been evacuated to seven relief centres, while in Bachok, there are two flood relief centres with 256 people from 60 families.

The other flood-affected districts are Tanah Merah, with 371 evacuees (50 families) at eight relief centres, Machang, with 219 evacuees (65 families) at six relief centres and Kuala Krai, with 209 evacuees (50 families) at five relief centres.

Meanwhile, according to the Drainage and Irrigation Department’s website, the water level in three rivers in Kelantan has exceeded the danger level.

For 22 years from 1981 to 2003, and then for almost another 2 years (May 2018 - 2019), Mahathir has been PM of Malaysia. In his first reign he did virtually nothing to remedy known flooding (for centuries) in the East Coast. He wasted another almost two years despite worsening weather due to ignored climate changes in recent times.

photo from New Straits Times 

Instead he focused on LYNAS (despite horrendous public health consequences from rare earth mining in Bukit Merah and Papan), ...

... Car No 3 and its 4,000 parts (public financing unknown and unrevealed), aeroplanes and things that can/may fly in Malaysia with their KDK-ish engines having 30,000 parts each, ...

ta'malu kah? 'Ni kereta terbang produksi negara China lah - kereta Malayisa pun ta'ada

aiyoyo, mana 'dignity' lah YB Menteri?

... KHAT (with help from his macai Lim KHAT Siang), ...

... Malay 'Dignity' Congress with his racist mates who did NOT vote for him or PRIBUMI (whilst ignoring those who voted for him), ...

... insulting India jeopardising palm oil exports, Capati-production, nourishing a foreigner, an Indian fugitive from Indian law, etc etc etc.

But what flood mitigation programs did/does Mahathir had/have for all those decades of being PM of Malaysia?


  1. Your idol was out playing golf with Obama while the East Coast was underwater.

  2. What an insightful vitriol from a persistent mamak basher!

    What had been done by the successive federal govt wrt the Queensland floods?

    & yet those floods keep coming back!

    Blame the Queensland state administration for not been able to work with the federal govt to resolve these chronic issues?

    Exchange Queensland with Trengganu. Ditto with the central govt of Oz & M'sia.

    What conclusion u get?

    Everything under the bolihland sun IS the fault of mamak, right?

  3. Flood is an act of God.
    Don't blame Mahathir lah.

    1. You need to improve on your English; KT never blamed the flood on Mahathir. He merely said Mahathir did NOTHING to mitigate the circumstances; as PM, he did nothing to instigate any flood prevention measures.

  4. So now banjir oso Toonsie and only Toonsie's fault? Let's be fair. Here was what Jibby did while the country was flooded.

    Malaysia PM Najib slammed after photos show him playing golf while over 100,000 flee floods

    DEC 26, 2014

    KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) - Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak came under fire after photos showed him golfing with United States President Barack Obama as the country's worst flooding in decades forced more than 100,000 people to flee.

    At least five people have been killed by the rising waters and there appeared little respite on the way on Friday, with forecasters predicting further heavy rainfall across previously unaffected southern parts of the country.

    As local media carried photographs of people wading through flood waters as deep as 2m and entire houses submerged by rising water, the government faced criticism for not declaring a state of emergency to help devastated communities.

    Seasonal flooding hits Malaysia every year and regularly forces tens of thousands from their homes, but the latest round has forced the authorities to evacuate more than 100,000 in seven states, mostly in the north-east, state news agency Bernama reported.

    A total of 105,568 people have been displaced in Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Perak, Kedah, Perlis and Johor, surpassing the previous record of 100,000 people evacuated during floods in 2008.

    Among the dead was a man who drowned at a relief centre on Christmas Eve, while a rescue boat carrying eight people including a young couple went missing after it became entrapped in a whirlpool and capsized, the news agency said.

    Rising floodwaters has rendered several roads unusable and the authorities have suspended train services in some of the worst-affected areas. Communications have also been badly hit by the storms.

    Mr Najib himself came under fire, however, when photos emerged of the Premier playing golf with Mr Obama in Hawaii, with Malaysians questioning why he was not at home to deal with the crisis in posts on his official Facebook page.

    Critics have also charged his government with failing to respond quickly enough, with some lambasting the authorities for not declaring a state of emergency in the worst-hit regions.

    Some states and districts across Malaysia have decided to cancel their New Year celebration plans as a mark of respect for flood victims.

    Number of evacuees* from:
    KELANTAN: 32,139
    TERENGGANU: 31,001
    PAHANG: 35,736
    PERAK: 6,119
    JOHOR: 214
    KEDAH: 96
    PERLIS: 263
    TOTAL: 105,568
    (*as of Dec 26, 2014, 1pm)

    Report: Najib spent US$15m on holidays, shopping and jewellery

    Published: Mar 31st, 2016

    More startling allegations regarding Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's multi-million ringgit spending on luxury goods have emerged.

    According to The Wall Street Journal , Najib spent a total of US$15 million on holidays, shopping and jewellery. The spending was done at stores in the United States, Malaysia, Italy and elsewhere.

    Malaysian investigation documents, it claimed, showed that Najib's credit card was charged US$130,625 at exclusive fashion store Chanel in Honolulu, two days before he teed off with US President Barack Obama on Christmas Eve of 2014.

    That trip became a controversy as parts of Malaysia's east coast were then hit by devastating floods and Najib had to fly back to visit the affected areas.

    1. as dear Monsterball kindly researched, he dug up an old post of mine to show how I "protected" (defend) Najib - please read that post wakakaka, then you can condemn me as Monsterball had intended with that post

    2. Don't Pull A Fast One.

      Half that post wasn't even written by you. It was written by RPK, you merely extracted from HIS post (which by the way has gone AWOL PAGE NOT FOUND, in which RPK basically defended Jibby golfing with Obama (but not Jibby/Rosmah Chanel Honolulu shopping with KWAP Malaysian Govt Employees Retirement money ha ha ha).

      The other half that you wrote was attacking Toonsie, giving the example of he meeting with George Bush, with lobbyist Abramaoff paying USD1.2 million to arrange that handshake photo.

      So pray tell, how is this 2015 link show you putting at least some blame on Jibby not doing anything to mitigate the effects of flooding? Remember Jibby was PM for the 9 most recent years but this was simply brushed off. You only highlight what Toonsie didn't do 20-30-40 years ago.

      By the way Jibby's cost for meeting Trump nearly cost us hundreds of millions in MAS procuring Boeing planes we didn't need and billions of EPF money to invest in American infrastructure and "Make America Great Again". Fortunately Toonsie won GE14 and saved the day.

  5. Its amazing what the Monsoon does to people's minds.

    PUS previously blamed the floods on Divine retribution , a warning for people who deviated from the True religion.

    Ah Mok now blames the floods on Mahathir.

    1. wakakaka and tsk tsk tsk, again dedak-driven Monsterball twisted the thrust of my post, where I blame Mahathir not so much for the floods per se but for his lack of remedial actions/programs to ameliorate the consequences of such flooding on the people on the East Coast

  6. Back in 2015, the East Coast faced the worst flooding in a generation.
    70 year old houses that had never been flooded before were swept away.

    See how Ah Mok at the time whitewashed away Najib's absence during the time of crisis. Complete lack of leadership, as some of his commentators at the time remarked.

    1. I re-read that 2015 post PLUS its comments and invite all my visitors to do so, wakakaka

  7. Ha ha ha KT is throwing the kitchen sink at Toonsie, criticising his non-action(?) to tackle floods. But KT should also publicly blame the Australian PM Scott Morrison (?) a Climate Change denier, and all previous PMs going back decades for doing NOTHING to tackle and manage bushfires which are as predictable as our monsoon floods.

    Sydney pollution index was worse than KL during our haze. Shameful.

    As Smoke From Bushfires Chokes Sydney, Australian Prime Minister Dodges on Climate Change

    NOVEMBER 21, 2019

    As hazardous smoke from raging bushfires blanket Sydney’s landmarks on Thursday, the Australian Prime Minister refused to admit a direct link between the fires and the country’s carbon emissions, which are among the highest per capita in the world.

    Health officials have issued warnings over “hazardous” air pollution levels as Sydney’s Opera House was shrouded with smoke. The smoke around Sydney and the north-coast is set to settle and remain in the area for the rest of Thursday, fire officials said. Members of the public, especially those with respiratory health issues, are advised to avoid all outdoor physical activities.

    Fires have devastated large areas of the country since Oct. 20. New South Wales has seen the most severe and dangerous fires, with six people killed and around 1.7 million hectares burned. Climate Change has played a key role in the bushfires, Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology has said. They said: “Climate change is influencing the frequency and severity of dangerous bushfire conditions in Australia and other regions of the world.”

    Australia bush fire smoke shoots Sydney into top 10 global pollution index

    NOV 22, 2019

    MELBOURNE (REUTERS) - The Australian state of New South Wales was gasping under the worst levels of air pollution ever recorded on Friday (Nov 22) as smoke from widespread bush fires caused a spike in hospital visits and hazards including poor visibility for drivers.;

    Sydney, the country’s most populous city, was blanketed in a thick haze for the fourth consecutive day, pushing it into a rare and repeat appearance in the list of top ten cities with the worst air pollution in the world.

    Even as a cooler change brought some relief for firefighters battling scores of blazes burning for days across four states, many of the 7.5 million residents of New South Wales switched from contemplating evacuation to avoid rapidly advancing wildfires to hiding indoors from the smoke.

    1. my matey Dean Johns and I have criticised Scott Morrison plenty lah, don't you worry

  8. And since KT is blaming Toonsie for Lynas please also blame the PM of the country that "exported" Lynas to us and will suck all the profits back to after leaving all that radioactive waste behind.

    If I were a Malaysian with PR status there I would immediately pack my bags and come home in disgust rather than live in that country.