Tuesday, December 17, 2019

‘VVIP’ met Azilah on occasions OUTSIDE prison since February 2019


‘VVIP’ among several individuals who met Azilah, claims Shafee

Najib Razak’s lawyer, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, says the meeting between several individuals and convicted killer Azilah Hadri took place outside Sungai Buloh prison 

PUTRAJAYA: Najib Razak’s lead counsel claimed that “several individuals” had visited former police officer Azilah Hadri, who is on death row over Altantuya Shaariibuu’s murder, in an attempt to persuade him to implicate the former prime minister for the model’s death in 2006.

Muhammad Shafee Abdullah said he had “very reliable information” that Azilah had met a “VVIP”, among other individuals, outside the Sungai Buloh prison since February.

“I would not say who that person was or whether the person is a politician,” he said after attending Azilah’s murder case review application at the Federal Court registrar today.


Shafee claimed that he knew the meeting between Azilah and these individuals took place outside of the prison, and that it was a breach of protocol of prison regulations.

He said there were also “two to three” individuals who attempted to persuade fellow former police officer Sirul Azhar Umar at the Villawood Immigration Detention Centre in Sydney to come out with something similar as Azilah’s claim.

Sirul had fled to Australia after the Court of Appeal freed him and Azilah for murdering Altantunya in 2013. Their acquittals were overturned by the Federal Court in 2015.

“I cannot disclose who they are but they are ‘agents’ of the Malaysian government and a reporter,” Shafee alleged, adding that this was a “coordinated effort”.

“The people who are behind it are mischievous,” he said.

The Federal Court will hear Azilah’s review application on April 20 next year.

Ten months in the making of Azilah's SD, wakakaka.

And with Azilah popping out of prison on a number of occasions too, wakakaka again, and eff rules and protocols. After all, in Malaysia the judiciary could be paralysed with the Judiciary Lord President and 5 top judges sacked, the Senate castrated and opposition leaders plus various political 'misfits' jailed (rather than being incinerated a la Shaolin monks).

By the by, hearsay reveals that the prison officer who accompanied-escorted Azilah out of prison is an Indian man, wakakaka. 

I heard from someone (thus only hearsay) that Sirul (in Australia) had been the first to be approached, and offered 10 million ringgit or dollars (???) to return to Malaysia to testify against Najib. But Sirul refused the offer.

Then "they" (including a "VVIP", wakakaka) approached Azilah with the offer of (from the grapevines):

(a) Death penalty being commuted to 'life sentence', and 

(b) after a decent period of 'cooling', an official pardon from his sentence.

I wonder who drafted Azilah's SD, as his lawyer said he didn't, wakakaka.


  1. Wow...heavily dedakised write up...
    of course, your Bossku is really desperate now..

  2. Wakakakaka…

    Now u r working overtime to promote hearsays!

    Apa sudah jadi ke?

  3. Kevin Morais murder trial: Accused tells court Najib offered RM3.5mil to admit guilt
    Tuesday, 02 Oct 2018

    11:42 AM MYT
    KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama): The seventh accused in the murder of Deputy Public Prosecutor Datuk Anthony Kevin Morais told the High Court here Tuesday (Oct 2) that he was offered RM3.5m by former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to admit guilt.

    S. Ravi Chandaran, 47, also told the court that the offer was made through a prisons officer and besides this, he also received an offer from Kevin Morais's younger brother, Datuk Richard Morais, to do the same.

    Ravi Chandaran, who is the defence's sixth witness, said this when cross-examined by counsel Datuk N.Sivananthan who is representing military pathologist Colonel Dr R. Kunaseegaran during the proceedings on the 24th day of the defence's case.

    Sivananthan : You said Dr Kunaseegaran offered RM1.5mil for you to admit guilt. This was done on Dec 29. 2017.

    Ravi Chandaran: True.

    Sivananthan: You also lodged a police report that on Jan 26, 2018, Richard Morais offered RM2mil to you to plead guilty.

    Ravi Chandaran: Yes, true.

    Sivananthan: In the same report you said in February 2018, there was a prisons officer who offered you RM3.5mil to plead guilty on behalf of Najib Tun Razak.

    Ravi Chandaran: Yes, true.

    Ravi Chandaran also agreed to Sivananthan's suggestion that the amount of money offered to him by the individuals concerned for him to plead guilty was RM7mil.

    To a suggestion that that the accused just made up the story about the money, Ravi Chandaran said he disagreed.

    Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/10/02/kevin-morais-murder-trial-accused-tells-court-najib-offered-rm35mil-to-admit-guilt#FeIQBbBVkMYkrvch.99

    1. Jibby is a magnet for T R O U B L E.

      Altantuya, Kevin Morais...next Najadi...ha ha ha....

      No wonder Obama didn't even drop by to visit his golf buddy when he was in town last week.....

    2. We now know why Toonsie loves Pakistan so much....their court just sentenced former PM Pervez Musharraf to death.....first time in their 72-year history.

      Jibby better watch out....Toonsie is consulting with Imran Khan how its done....

      Pakistan court orders death for ex-military dictator Musharraf
      Bloomberg - December 17, 2019

      ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani special court sentenced former military dictator and president Pervez Musharraf to death in absentia, ending six-year-long high treason proceedings against him for suspending the nation’s constitution in 2007.

      In a two-to-one majority, the three-member special court headed by judge Waqar Ahmad Seth announced the verdict, his spokesman Mohammad Amjad said by phone on Tuesday.

      Musharraf, who has been in Dubai since 2016 seeking medical treatment, has the right to appeal in the Supreme Court, according to former attorney general Ashtar Ausaf.

      It is the first time in Pakistan’s 72-year history that a military ruler has been tried for high treason for imposing emergency rule and suspending the constitution in 2007.

    3. The Najadi murder case is another very puzzling one.

      A Chinapek who had never met Najadi before in his life, and had no past connection whatsoever with him bumps into him and fires multiple gunshots killing him.

      The killer was arrested, put on trial, sentenced to death, and exhausted all his appeals. Not sure whether the sentence has been carried out.

      Once again, the police, authorities and the trial proceedings were completely uninterested in the motive why the Chinapek would want to kill Najadi, and whether anyone else was involved.

      One interesting point, Najadi was a Very senior figure in Ambank....and at the very time, some internal executives in Ambank were raising alarm bells about their bank being used for what was suspected to be money laundering involving Najib Razak.... go figure...

    4. The truly ruthless leader Malaysia has had, absolutely ruthless and unscrupulous in protecting his personal interests is Najib.

  4. Add the durian and budu, mix well and sip it with a straw. Try it. It is awesome. Malaysia Boleh. Wakakaka..

  5. If you read the full SD by house painter Azilah, there's enough details in there to provide concrete, corroborating evidences to hang ChiefLiarPirate kau kau.

    And if you read RpuKi latest dedak write to clear his paymaster the ChiefLiarPirate of the murder of Altantunya, you know Johnny Walker has done gone to his addled brain...he barely scraped enough live cells in that otak udang of his to hammer out the most pathetic of drivel one ever have the misfortune to waste those minutes to read :

    "Regarding Najib being behind Altantuya’s murder, the Special Branch had investigated the matter thoroughly and Najib is clean, they told me. One of those Special Branch officers is the current IGP, Abdul Hamid Bador, but I can name three more Special Branch bosses who personally spoke to me to convince me that Najib was not even remotely involved in the murder.

    So, there you have it. The Special Branch says Najib is not involved in Altantuya’s murder.

    If they pardon Azilah or commute his death sentence that will render his confession as suspect. If they hang him then his confession would look very strong. No one can then say he confessed to escape the death sentence.

    Anyway, if the police want, I can also give them my statement or sign a statutory declaration naming those Special Branch bosses who told me they had investigated the matter and can confirm that Najib is not involved in the murder. I am not trying to escape a death sentence so my statutory declaration should be more believable."

    Celaka betul RpuKi....pigiii dah mabuk

  6. Now Prisons Chief confirms there was no such "Azilah meeting with VVIP outside". Even Shafee himself admits he has to check the facts before he can name names.

    KT spreads hearsay but does not spread SWORN COURT TESTIMONY that Jibby offered 3.5 million to one accused (Ravi Chandaran) to admit killing Kevin Morais.

    I tell you Jibby is T R O U B L E.

    Jibby was so "brave", now threaten to sue AmBank, but he should think twice, no three times, because this will dig up AmBank founder Najadi's murder next....another murder with no motive...ha ha ha...

    That makes it THREE MURDERS connected with Jibby, with no motive...

    Now got Altantuya, Kevin Morais and Hussein Najadi ghosts after him....ha ha ha...any more...?

    Prisons Dept rejects Shafee’s claim Azilah met VVIP outside jail
    Wednesday, 18 Dec 2019 01:24 PM MYT


    KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 18 — Azilah Hadri, the ex-police commando sentenced to death for murdering Altantuya Shaariibuu, never set foot outside the Kajang Prison the entirety of 2019, the Prison Department said today.

    The department was responding to lawyer Tan Sri Shafee Abdullah’s claim yesterday that Azilah was brought outside the prison in breach of procedures to allegedly meet with a “VVIP”.

    “In fact, the person named has never been taken outside of the prison since April 15, 2015.

    “The last time he was taken outside the Kajang Prison was on April 15, 2015 for his trial proceedings at the Sepang magistrates court,” the department said in a statement.

    There were no records of Azilah ever leaving the prison for any reason since then, it said.

    The murder convict was visited 34 times by family members and met with lawyers 15 times over the past year.

    It said such visits were consistent with what was allowed to death-row inmates under the Prisons Regulations.

    “As such, any statement by any party that Azilah Hadri was brought outside of the Kajang Prison this year to meet a VVIP is completely untrue.”

    1. I guess I have to admit I was naive in expecting the prison warden to admit all, wakakaka, wait, wakakaka again and again .................. wakakaka

    2. You seem not to realise the most likely scenario, which is that you Najib's lawyer was Bull shitting.
      He has been doing tons of it lately.

    3. Just bcoz prison said no meeting...u accept...just like dat...aiyaaa

    4. I would say the same.... just because Shafee said there was a meeting outside the prison, you accept just like that, as a statement of fact.

  7. If Shafee is unable to produce a single shred of evidence to back up his preposterous claim, he will likely face a charge in the Bar Council of "Conduct bringing disrepute to the Legal Profession".

    The penalty can include Disbarment from any further practice as a lawyer.