Friday, December 27, 2019

Mahathir-ised Malay ultras making racist mountain out of a DJZ molehill

Just a short note on the current Jawi controversy.

Though I am PERSONALLY a fan of Jawi, having slowly (over the years) learned Jawi bit by bit by myself through a very good book (see image below) - I strongly recommend it. Yes there are some minor errors in it but that's the thrill, to spot those 'errors' as you progress through its lessons.

Back to post-topic - I am annoyed by the incessant bullying by right wing organisations such as GAMIS, PAS (through its MP), etc and especially Mahathir against Dong Jiao Zong (DJZ). We all know Mahathir possesses a long time dislike, even hatred, against DJZ. There's a Freudian explanation behind his dislike stretching back, it seems, to a rumoured trauma experienced during his Singapore university days.

Yes, why must DJZ objection to having vernacular (C) schools learn Jawi be considered as causing chaos and instability amongst Malaysians? Have DJZ laid claim on Malay "privileges and rights"? Why has there been the most incongruous (and I dare say, even racist) animosity against DJZ, started and promoted by Mahathir?

the racist accusing DJZ of 'racist thinking' 

Why should a mere curriculum discussion on vernacular curriculum be so disruptive and threatening of Malaysia's social-cultural-politico-racial harmony? It's basically a Chinese-only issue and does not affect Malays' "rights & privileges or ketuanan-ism". Why should there be calls for DJZ to be de-registered? Why must there be threats, warnings and rants of "May 13" if DJZ holds its Congress?

As Malaysiakini reader Vijay47 said of Mahathir's objection-warning in a YourSay column:

No, Mahathir, that was not any sagely caution, it was not even a warning.

It was a sly call to the Malays, an incitement to riot, that the Dong Zong gathering is the final straw in a Chinese campaign towards subjugating the Malays and displacing Islam from its pedestal.

Reading your comments, any Malay would feel a patriotic compulsion to march, that continued attacks on his people and way of life cannot be allowed to continue. And when they do march, you will watch from the wayside in helpless anguish and lament, “I told you so.”

during Mahathir's "Malay Dignity Congress", racist rants and threats were uttered copiously
and now Mahathir has the hypocritical nerve to accuse DJZ of wanting to do that?

On the other side of the coin, I think DJZ has been academically a bit pedantic and fussy over 4 pages, though I understand their 'inner concerns' about Jawi being alike the 'Camel and the Arab' fable. 

A quick rendition of the fable to explain my statement about Jawi becoming alike the story of the 'Camel and the Arab'.

Once upon a time (wakakaka), on a cold night in the mighty Sahara desert, an Arab laid down cosily for the night in his tent while he tied his camel to a shrub nearby.

Soon the camel feeling the extreme cold of the desert night, asked his master if he could put just his head in the tent for warmth.

“By all means and welcome,” said the kind man; and the camel stretched his head into the tent.

Soon after, the camel inquired if he could also bring his neck and front legs inside. Again, the master agreed.

Finally, the camel asked, “Master, may I not stand wholly within?” With pity, the master beckoned him into the warm tent.

But when the camel went into the tent, it became clear that the tent was too small for them both.

“I think,” the camel said, “that there is not room for both of us here. It will be best for you to stand outside, as you are the smaller; there will then be room enough for me.” And with that, the camel kicked the man outside into the open cold of the desert.

The fable is a warning that small, seemingly harmless acts—even made with good intentions—can sometimes have negative repercussions. It is a tale where DJZ feels the creeping camel (the Jawi 4-page lessons) steps innocuously initially into the vernacular tent, but may soon develop into an unwelcome proselytising Islamic and dominating part of the curriculum, which may see vernacular components dismissed for lack of time.

Apart from that, time will also be diverted away from the far more essential subjects of science, maths, technology, economics, etc, necessary for the academic-career progression of the students.

Thus one wonders why there has been so much hype, objections and intended suppression of DJZ Congress by Mahathir and the Malay ultra right groups?


  1. Sikit sikit molehill jadi Bukit (Year 4 then 5 then 6....ha ha ha jangan out Yadim at work, under the advice of Zakar Naik.....

    Yadim has been hard at work surreptitiously doing dakwah in our schools since 2013.

    BTW who was Deputy Education Minister in 2013?
    Answer: His name rhymes with Wee KHAT Siong ha ha ha....

    Ministry rep: New BM syllabus for Year 5, 6 on Jawi
    Ng Xiang Yi & Annabelle Lee
    27 Dec 2019

    The Education Ministry will roll out a new Year Five Bahasa Malaysia syllabus for vernacular schools in 2021 and Year Six in 2022.

    Like the revised Year Four syllabus slated to be implemented next year onwards, both textbooks will contain three pages of optional Jawi lessons that will not be tested in examinations even if taught...

    ...While the exact content is yet to be published, Education Ministry deputy director-general for Policy and Curriculum Habibah Abdul Rahim has given an idea of what students and parents can expect...

    Zakir Naik pays visit to Yadim
    Sep 4th, 2019

    Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (Yadim) today received a visit from international preacher Dr Zakir Naik at its headquarters in Precinct 3, Putrajaya.

    In a statement, Yadim said that during the one-hour visit, president Nik Omar Nik Abdul Aziz and Zakir exchanged views on current issues and those related to dakwah (missionary) activities.

    "Yadim and Zakir agreed that the best way to carry out dakwah was through the ‘rahmah’ approach by finding common ground and avoiding hostility and disunity," said Yadim.

    Yadim and Zakir also agreed that in carrying out dakwah, the rights of non-Muslims must be met while the rights of Muslims must be defended, it said.

  2. QUOTE
    Yadim: ‘Missionary’ in schools not what you think it is, been going on since 2013
    Malay Mail

    Radzi Razak
    December 2019

    KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 24 — Putrajaya-linked Muslim evangelical foundation Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (Yadim) has today slammed so-called “racist” interpretation of its Rakan Siswa Yadim (RSY) and Rakan Remaja Yadim (RRY) programmes with students.

    Its chief executive Tuan Kamarul Arief Tuan Soh insisted that the programmes work towards a higher goal rather than merely a theological one, as they “call for doing good and forbid from doing bad” — a concept in Islam.

    “Preaching as understood by Yadim is not constricted in the narrow definition of ‘missionary’ that is forced by racist groups and individuals,” he said in a statement.

    “Instead, the kind of preaching that Yadim brings through its work, including through the RSY and RRY initiatives, covers a much wider meaning — by calling others towards good and preventing bad behaviour.”

    Tuan Kamarul Arief also explained that the programmes are not new, as both RSY and RRY are just rebranding of the Sahabat Yadim initiative that has been going on since 2013 in 69 secondary schools and 76 higher education institutions with over 18,000 members across the country.

    He also said that RSY had even recently approved a motion for non-Muslim to becomes part of its leadership.

    “This is a clear message that the agenda brought by the initiative is very inclusive, transparent, blessed with no hidden agenda, as Islam itself has guaranteed there is no compulsion in the case of following religion,” he said.

    Yesterday, MCA president Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong had questioned the move when he revealed a letter issued by the ministry to state education directors, approving Yadim to conduct Islamic evangelism activities in schools, teaching institutes, polytechnics, community colleges and public universities.

    Wee’s statement was issued on his Chinese-language Facebook page, but not the one in English.

    The Ministry of Education has denied today any attempt at Islamisation, after a leaked letter on its cooperation with Putrajaya-linked missionary foundation Yadim for a club, among others in schools.

    The ministry said today that the voluntary programmes will not involve non-Muslim students, and they can be refused by any schools or higher education institutions.

    Menerajui urusan dakwah berdasarkan al-Quran dan as-Sunnah

    Melaksana dan menyelaras aktiviti dakwah merentasi ideologi dan metodologi.

    Fungsi Teras
    1. Menyelaras kegiatan dakwah Islam
    2. Menyelaras kegiatan dakwah Islam melalui pendekatan sosial
    3. Melahirkan pendakwah Islam berpengetahuan dan berkemahiran

  3. just look at the anglo school that become a so called national school, n how the anglo that used to promote one school is the way forward, but now their only option left is a chinese vernacular school that they despised in the past. u can always choose to learn jawi in yr anglo school like what lks did.

    as for djz, they only talk democratic n choice when it suit them, no diff with mahathir.

    1. They have learnt hard from that Formosa !

    2. sure?

      U DON'T understand CCP's communism with Chinese characters. But u definitely understand the double standard capitalism as encapsulated by the Taiwanese 废青 & those Yankee doodles.

      So analyse AGAIN, which is which!

    3. u have to elaborate how taiwanese or hker is double std. be specific in yr accusation.

    4. Wakakakakaka…

      Dare not to show yr lousy understanding of DOUBLE STANDARD vis-a-vis HK/Taiwan policies.

      So, throwing back yr hot potatoes for someone else to 'educate' u!

      1) Taiwan has been claiming territorial right for China ever since Chiang was kicked out from the mainland. Up till then there was ALWAYS one China.

      When 岩里政男 became president & thought shallowly that uncle Sam would defense his ass when he declared independence for Taiwan in 96, he started to change the history of Taiwan from China centric to Formosa centric.

      When uncle Sam told him point plank that no US forces would come to his defence if that independent call initiated a mainland attack, he backed down openly BUT still harbouring his Formosa dream. He was was expelled from the KMT for his role in founding the pro-independence Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU).

      Ever since then, the fire of independent Taiwan is been fanned every each way by those CCP haters - ignoring the very founding of Taiwan IS based on one China principle until that f*ckhead pseudo-jap 岩里政男 trying to twist the history.

      Ain't this a double standard of the nth kind?

      When u wanted to get elected initially, u played the one China card. When u knew that through unification u would be penalized for pro-jap treason, u played independent card, knowing very well that the general Taiwanese public WOULD suffer for that ego merry-go-round.

      How is there no double standard?

      2) the wording of the basic laws governing HK R very clear & precise. China has kept her words to the dot to the extend of none interfering even during the peak of the riotings.

      Yet the HK 废青 have twisted their claims from eliminating a JUST law (extradition of inmate for criminal offences) to demanding independence. Openly sides with foreign powers too.

      Mfer, ain't this the MIST glaringly display of double standard?

      So, what accusations? Isn't it specific enough?

      NOW yr turn to show yr beef lah.

      Make very sure it's not the usual demoncratic right farts, kidnapping of booksellers etc etc grandmother stories!

    5. 1. we call that machiavellian, double std is when u r fine with mahathir machiavellian but not lee denghui.

      2.the wording of basic law is vague especially on universal suffrage. therefore ccp interpret the basic law similar to how umno interpret our a152 n a153. u r not okay with umno interpretation but fine with ccp interpretation, thats double std. when beijing interpret basic law not listening to the voice of majority hker, its an interference.

    6. Mfer, what kind of farts r y spreading?

      1) double standard exists inherently as PART of the Machiavellian plays. It's NOT mutually exclusive!

      Did yr Formosa political science tutor not mentioning that to u? Or u have blurred through yr education yrs there - wasting yr time & yr parents' money & expectation!

      Very pandai to twist! Just like 岩里政男 claims its japaneseness.

      2) In what ways r the wording of the basic law VAGUE, especially on universal suffrage?

      A refreshing course on basic law for dummies:

      So, in what way R CCP interprets the basic law similar to how umno interprets our 152(a) & 153(a)?

      Where's the double standard arises in these comparisons of CCP & umno? Remember, both entities r of vast differences in calibre/intelligence.

      What majority hkers r u farting about? R u claiming those HK rioters r the majority? Where's yr f*cked beef? As claimed by those western medias on the number of the count of those rioters?

      Don't just give vague one-liner fart (that's what vague means, mfer).

      BTW, if such number did exist, the basic law CLEARLY allows the central govt in Beijing to take stern & drastic actions to suppress the riotings!

      Beijing didn't bcoz they can count better than shit-stirrers trying hard to overblow the numeric!

      For the betterment of the silent majority hkers, & holding true to the wordings of the basic law, Beijing has let the HK SAR govt did/does her job!

      Interference? In yr f*cked head under yr cozy tempurung & by yr interpretation, perhaps?

  4. It's all about politics. He badly needed the Malay support to ensure his position. He need to bring out all his dirty tricks to stay relevant otherwise he will lose his political power and Mukhriz can never become PM.
    Political SURVIVAL. Rakyat mudah di tipu.

  5. That camel represents the former immigrants whose children and great grandchildren now been accepted as Malaysians but unlike other Malaysians these ungrateful descendants make a big fuss about having tolearn 4 pages of Jawi script

    1. Mfer, ain't the melayu pendatang juga to Golden Chersonese?

      Which camel is been represented by them?

      The one that does the asking BUT does no work, right?

  6. The malays has been in this part of the world since time immemorials, a maritime race that roams the high seas from southern China to arabian peninsula with trading posts doted along the shores in between, whereas China was an agrarian nation. For your goodself knowledge comparatively China maritime history was quite recent. The first China oceanworthy ship was built by malay artisan of Cham ethnics.

    For ages, the Champa Sea, the Spratly and Paracel Islands included was where the Buginese, Sidempuan (Cham) and Kelantan-Pattani-Trengganu roams while catching Trepang (sea cucumber) while the chinese till their farms or herding their swine.

    I would say that China has no shame to claim all island opposite the Champa Sea based on history. You just need to rummage thru the chinese ancient chronics to confirm

    1. Mfer, from where u gotten yr f*cked history of the maritime malays has been in this part of the world since time immemorials?

      Must be the btn ketuanan agenda!

      Champa Sea!

      Mfer, go googling for a reputable historical source about South China Sea lah! BTW, wasn't Champa of Hindu origin! When did it become yr melayu stock?

      Shame? U memang tak faham maksud nya!

    2. Bogbong as in :

      Bog = noun
      an area of wet muddy ground that is too soft to support a heavy body...."a peat bog"

      the toilet. ( informal, british )

      Bong = A device used for smoking various substances, but most commonly marijuana.

      Hehe...when the brain is infused with mud, and marijuana is infused in the gets a bogbong who regurgitates BTN-nized history.

  7. Replies
    1. Ngok.....look at this geological Map prepared by US Department of Interior.

      They will not simply named it Malay Basin for any stupid reason

    2. Bloody ungrateful race as u reflect in yr cracked mirror, right?

      Mfer, if u want to use map as yr point of argument then search further in time lah!

      Up to when pommie played bridge with our elites, ALL the known ancient maps have ONLY Malacca indicated in the area u so shamefully claimed as Malay basin.

      Moreover Malacca then was just a tiny dot of riverine serfdom. Where was that basin?

      Maybe u should vigorously promote that idea of melayu-ised Sundaland culture as proposed by that famed kangkung 'professor' of insignificant history! Since u have been so thoroughly trained to fart like a hp6 historical bluff!

  8. Owh......KT should instead replace the arab with a man with a songkok or skull cap, the tent with a shack and the camel with a swine with a pair of slanted eyes

    1. Mfer, r u intoxicated with shabu2¿

      A melayu cohabit in with a swine with a pair of slanted eyes?

      Either that melayu isn't tulin as defined under the FedConst or the location isn't bolihland.

      Either case where's yr f*cked logic leading to?

      Mud brain indeed!

  9. Nevermind who is the host. A swine will always be a swine and will never be grateful...whether in Taiwan, Philliphines, Indonesia or Malaysia

    1. No, Not Cekodok Keriput (CK) like you

    2. Wakakakakaka…

      Have u checked what's Cekodok Keriput the last time u eat it?

      Talk about bahasa longkang!

      Bravo… keep to it mud brain.