Monday, August 19, 2019

BEST political statement 2019 (12)

In Malaysiakini's Yoursay: Is it necessary for M’sia to produce a third national car? we see the following extract, typical of most comments unfavourable to Mahathir's Car No 3:

one of its electrical engines? 

Is there a consensus by the PH presidential council to adopt this stupid project and waste funds, resources and productive time which can be put to better use for the future.

Where are the voices of DAP, PKR and Amanah on this inane car thingy or was it a unilateral decision by Mahathir Bersatu as always.

'Tuk, I'll keep my usual BIG mouth shut this time and won't say anything on public funding

Where is the smart aleck deputy trade industry minister Ong Kian Ming and the equally blur minister Darrel Leiking on this issue or are they still beholden to and greasing the balls of Mahathir by supporting this wastage of a project that will not give any returns after the debacle of Proton until it was rescued by Geely compared to the more savvy automatic advancement of hubs like Thailand and Vietnam.


And amidst all the kerbau's about private funding, private enterprise and miscellaneous lembu's, the Dictator has the brazen thick skin to declare the Third national car must be hybrid or electric.

Who is he to interfere in the affairs of a private venture? Is he the PM of Malaysia or CEO of DreamEDGE? Or (most likely) both?

And he claims the (now revealed) public funding was not of his doing. FMT quoted him as saying, “It wasn’t me who approved it, but it is already done, so I have nothing to say”, yet he could declare the Third national car must be hybrid or electric.

Who in the world believes companies or GLCs would have "willingly" rushed into an already-doomed venture.

But thus far, nary a single word from our most esteemed Yang Berhormat Menteri Kewayangan (wakakaka) who is normally loud mouth on his daily media show about this-Q and that-Q.

aku bukan Sri Rama tetapi Sri Guanee 

OK Eff it, back to business - I deem another comment by MKINI-reader Kangkung in same Malaysiakini article as the BEST political statement thus far for 2019, as follows:

It always starts with a 'DreamEdge' and when they are walking on a knife's edge, the rakyat's money will be used to save them from the edge of the cliff.

Best political statement (2019) series:

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  1. Did mamak just farted about :

    The '3rd national car' must be hybrid or electric.

    Or he just demanded?

    There lies a difference of yr twist!