Friday, August 23, 2019

Mahathir, how long are we going to wait for you to deport Zakir Naik?


Why still no action against Zakir Naik, Ramasamy asks Dr M

Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy.
PETALING JAYA: DAP’s P Ramasamy has questioned the prime minister’s lack of action against Dr Zakir Naik, a day after the controversial Indian preacher lodged a second police report against him accusing him of defamation.
Ramasamy, who is Penang deputy chief minister II, said Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s lack of immediate action against Naik, who recently courted controversy over his statements on Malaysian Indians and Chinese, might give the impression that the preacher has some degree of immunity in the country.
“Naik, with his combative style of preaching, has hurt the feelings of non-Muslims, particularly the Hindus and Chinese,” he said.
“Malaysians have all kinds of differences that sometimes appear to be in conflict with each other, but in the post-independence period, even extremists have not really questioned the loyalty of Indians let alone accused them of being pro-India.
“Similarly, no extremists have questioned the loyalty of the Chinese, or gone to the extent of asking them to leave the country as they are considered ‘old guests’.”
Ramasamy was referring to remarks made by Naik in a recent series of public lectures in Kelantan.
Naik said Hindus in Malaysia have “100 times more rights” than the Muslim minority in India but that they support the prime minister of India more than the prime minister of Malaysia.
He was also quoted as saying that Chinese in Malaysia are considered “guests”, and should be asked to leave before he is.
His remarks sparked criticism from various quarters, including by Ramasamy, Klang MP Charles Santiago, DAP assemblyman Satees Muniandy, Human Resources Minister M Kula Segaran and former ambassador Dennis Ignatius.
Naik subsequently lodged a police report against the five, who have stood by their criticism of the preacher. Yesterday, he lodged a second report against Ramasamy, accusing him of uttering defamatory words in an interview with Indian news channel India Today.
Putrajaya has so far resisted India’s request for the extradition of Naik, who faces charges of money laundering in his home country.
However, Mahathir said last week that the government would revoke Naik’s permanent resident status if his actions were found to be detrimental to the country’s well-being.
Yesterday, he said he had not changed his position on the matter.
In a statement, Ramasamy said Mahathir’s lack of immediate action against Naik was disappointing, adding that the prime minister had promised a new Malaysia for all, irrespective of race or religion.

However, he said Mahathir’s statement that Putrajaya would not deport Naik for now meant that the prime minister has not completely ruled out action against the preacher.
“Mahathir might think that arresting and deporting Naik might not endear himself to some sections of Muslims, in particular those supporters of Umno and PAS.
“But he should remember that he is the prime minister for all Malaysians not just for the Malays or non-Malays.
“I agree with Mahathir that police investigations must be done before action can be taken against Naik. But how long are we going to wait?”


  1. So what “gag order” Capt Thayaparan?

    P Ramasamy is giving more friendly fire from within Harapan. Give Toonsie more headaches.

    DAP is now the opposition from within the government, the thorn in Toonsie’s side.

    Before GE14 DAP were like barking dogs outside on the streets. Government then no need to layan them. After GE14 Toonsie must face six DAP ministers every week at cabinet meetings. Isn’t this more effective? Why should DAP quit the government?

    1. Exactly ! why should DAP quit ??? To quit means to be liable/most likely to be jailed for a good long spell with trumped up charges to shut them up completely. So DAP must play smart and be thick-skinned la.

  2. In all fairness Ramasamy, Kula, and their ilks should be on the podium together with Zakir Naik.
    Let those Indians sort things out by themselves after a few rounds of Toddy. The Muslim among them should abstain.

    1. "The Muslim among them should abstain" ? Isn't that Zakar fella a Muslim ? Contradiction much ?

      Anyway, how to let the Indians to 'sort things out by themselves' when the Indian Zakar Naik is really not Indian la. He is now a full fledged Melayoo soon to be Bumiputra although he couldn't for the life of him speak a word of our National Language the subject of which have millions our Malay Muslims up in arms that some the kaffirs here are somehow not 100% conversant in the Bahasa and yet dare claim to be Malaysians...ha ha ha ha..the hypocrisy is beyond shame.

      Anyway, if Ramasamy, Kula etc were to slog it out on the podium with Mr Zakar, it will NOT be in "all fairness" as their poor hands will be debate on Islam, it is a one-way traffic and we all know the jail cells are waiting for our Malaysian Indians when they try to punch back. Fairness my foot, hehehe

  3. Mamak takes care of should cut him some slack.

    Be honest.... Look at yourself in the mirror. Chinamen also take care of Chinamen.

    Talking to Malaysian Chinese about the 3 current hot button international issues 1. Hong Kong protests 2. US - China trade war 3. China claims of sovereignty over the South China Sea ; I am amazed that some 95% of the Malaysian Chinese I talk to support China's official position.

    If I try to look at all 3 issues objectively - Hong Kong , Trade war and South China Sea, there are two sides to the story, and both sides have their rights and wrongs.
    So, 95% Pro- China position shows most Malaysian Chinese are not capable to think through or view China's actions objectively or impartially.
    Purely through a Racial lens

    1. aren't the Hong-Kong people chinese? they just happen to be anglophiles, sometimes you have to view from the outside to appreciate their situation just like how sabah and sarawak view the peninsula, are they not destroying their own country, all the malays I asked think so, luckily there are malays who can think objectively

      half the world, the EU including Americans themselves think trump not america is crazy to start this smokescreen of a trade war, half the malays who deals with China thinks its a quest for trade/tech hegemony, good to know some malays are getting there

    2. Why u need to clear these issues with a zombies whose petrified brain can no longer function?

      Perhaps, he has a 白眼狼 to (ill)advise him WHAT & HOW to fart with things Chinese!

    3. Ahh...95% zombies eh ? So HY is the 5% yang tak zombie...sudah potong ke belum ? Jangan marah ya, gurau je, hehehehe

    4. "Mamak takes care of Mamak"

      "Chinamen also take care of Chinamen."

      Wakakakaka...macam Melayoo doesn't take care of Melayoo ! Aduh ! so objective punya la kepala hotak kau, hehehehe

  4. How long keeps Zakir Naik in malaysia malaysian economy falls now palm oil export to india washed secondly he create big communal disturbances in malaysia third he got PR status he definitely do something in malaysia
    wait and watch

  5. What is the problem to send back zakir naik to india he is from indian man if a country request, anyone should send him back to his original country because he may be a good man or bad man. But in zakir case he is totally cunning man world knows not india not malaysia