Thursday, August 15, 2019

Give Zakir Naik Enough Rope to Hang Himself

In 1659 a critic of poet John Dryden said, “Give our commentator but Rope and he hangs himself.”

Executions by hanging were in extensive use at that time thus the saying was in conformity with the mores of that time.

John Dryden (1631-1700)

England's first Poet Laureate in 1668

The proverb derived from that occasion “Give a man enough rope and he will hang himself” means that if we give a person enough rope, for example, to allow that person free scope or action enough, that person will eventually embarrass him/herself.

It applies most gnam gnam to Zakir Naik. As I wrote in my post Zakir Naik - mulut ta'mati:

Eff-er has been just chewed for his racist comments on Indian Malaysians. 'Ere the din has settled down, he is already mucking around with Chinese Malaysians, wakakaka.

He must felt so protected by the PM that he thinks he is completely immune to any outrage and protests from the Indian and Chinese Malaysians.

Penangites have a Hokkien term for such an asshole - ch'ooi3 bey3 si4 (mulut ta'mati).

When such a person (ch'ooi3 bey3 si4) is being interred and buried you can still hear him still complaining, perhaps, about the grave digger for not digging the grave deep enough, wakakaka.

dei doggy, what are you doing here?

waiting to pee on grave after he's buried

That Eff-er is now condemned by (leaving aside the Indian & Chinese Malaysians) even UMNO Youth vice-Chief Shahril Hamdan, Marina Mahathir, Rais Yatim, Rafidah Aziz, Syed Saddiq, and Syahredzan Johan (who received a death threat of decapitation).

I believe the most significant of the Malay critics would be Marina Mahathir, who said succinctly of Zakir's Git-the-Eff out of Malaysia to Chinese, "That's rather a lot of my family... who are you to tell us that?"

Beaut, Marina Dahleeng, you're my very adored heroine!

I hope Mahathir will now cancel the PR* of Zakir Naik, and tell him to git, that is, if Mahathir has the guts, wakakaka.

* as one of my blog visitors mentioned, t'was the BN who gave Zakir Naik the PR, but then I wonder who is the government NOW? Some people are just mindless morons, wakakaka


  1. t'was the BN who gave Zakir Naik the PR, but then I wonder who is the government NOW? Some people are just mindless morons, wakakaka

    So easy to fart!

    Due process of law IS also part of the PR approval.

    But, thanks to its own big mouth with a split tongue, this hateful mamak is indeed hanging himself out to be bulkeye-ed. Perhaps, he egoistically thinking he has a big cable to protect him in saying ANYTHING, especially against the Nons!

    This time around, he is a burned toast that not even the great mamak (is that WHY the unspoken protective bond?) CAN shield him!

  2. I also wonder why KT keeps saying focus on the NOW government, not what the previous BN (Jibby's) government did but he keeps going back 30-40-50 years and what they did.....ha ha ha...knickers in a knot..

    1. Ya, forget about what was done 5 years ago, but focus on what was done 30 years ago.

      I call that dishonest blogging.