Friday, August 16, 2019

Anarchy in Hong Kong

Airport beatings spark soul-searching over Hong Kong's radicals

By Jerome TAYLOR / Yan ZHAO / Catherine LAI

Protestors blocking the entrance after a scuffle with the police at Hong Kong's international airport late Tuesday

Photo courtesy: AFP 

Hong Kong (AFP) -- Shocking scenes of pro-democracy protesters at Hong Kong's airport beating two men accused of being infiltrators have sparked soul-searching within the movement over whether a minority of radicals are undermining their cause.

Debate has appeared on web forums used by protesters -- and one group even issued an apology -- after Tuesday night's chaotic scenes in which paranoia about undercover police reached new heights.

In separate instances during a paralyzing occupation of the city's airport two men found themselves at the mercy of a mob.

One was accused of being a mainland police officer and another of being a spy masquerading as a journalist.

Both were detained, had their limbs bound by zip-ties and were beaten until crowds of fellow demonstrators and firemen managed to usher them to waiting ambulances.

Beijing, which has refused to offer any concessions to protesters, jumped on the assaults Wednesday, accusing protesters of adopting "terrorist-like actions".

Within the protest movement there was a palpable uneasiness over how Tuesday's violence had unfolded.

"After months of prolonged resistance, we are frightened, angry and exhausted. Some of us have become easily agitated and over-reacted last night," one group, which has organised anonymous press conferences featuring protesters, said in a statement emailed to journalists.

"For this we feel pained and dispirited and would like to express our most sincere apologies," the statement added.

On the Reddit-like LIHKG forum used to coordinate protests, some voiced dismay over the violence.

"We are not like the corrupt cops," one user wrote. "We should admit it when we're wrong." [...]

Kwok pleaded with the largely young protesters not to beat the man.

"We shouldn't do anything to harm him," he told AFP, recalling the night's events.

"Even if he was actually doing something unlawfully, we should not get into the same position as the government or the police," he added.

Yet some within the protest movement remain unapologetic.

One 19-year-old, who wanted to remain anonymous, admitted to hitting one of the detained men.

"I don't think this is going too far. They are the enemy," he told AFP.

As I mentioned before, a genuine (sincere) protest would usually extend into an anarchic riot, when the young brats become too bored to go home.

Hong Kong's original protestation against the bill for extradition to China has morphed into demands for greater autonomy and EVEN independence from China, and metamorphosed into beating up cops and even journalists (doesn't matter where journalists hailed from but they have been journalists), and causing general disorders which have affected foreign tourists and overseas visitors as well.

I saw on Aussie TV a scene of a Mat Salleh man grumbling and complaining to a masked protester that (words to the effect) "Look, the protest is between you and your Hong Kong government. Why are you involving us foreigners?"

Chaos is beautiful to an anarchist. 'Tis the preference of young bored and idle brats.

Supermarket trolleys were ladened with heavy stuff and rammed into shop window - protest against Extradition Bill?

General vandalism around Hong Kong shopping areas - protest against Extradition Bill?

Intimidation of police families - protest against Extradition Bill?

Shutdown of Hong Kong Airport - protest against Extradition Bill?

But eff Hong Kongers - let them sort out their own problems or created problems.

What I worry about is that some young Malaysians seem to have the same idea. Watch it mates, very few governments in the world tolerate anarchic chaos. 


  1. Some in Malaysia are suggesting similar disobedience against Lynas.

    Others are saying they will take to the streets if Zakir Naik is deported.

  2. msian can vote the incumbent govt out, hker cant, thats the diff.

    1. HK is NOT a democracy - it's only a SAR of China, and China is a communist country

    2. thats exactly the point. the hker reaction is as expected. didnt ccp protest on the street n even revolt against govt under kmt/warlord rule. y now they/u think the backlash shd be any diff?

    3. U want to educate a brain-dead moron about reality?

      He us in the same class as those HK 废青!

      Noooo… at least those 废青 r been misled & conned. This mfer IS totally convinced about uncle Sam's demoncratic farts!

    4. the best part is chinese msian never acknowledge reality, n never wan to be a 贱民 like u do.

    5. "didnt ccp protest on the street n even revolt against govt under kmt/warlord rule. y now they/u think the backlash shd be any diff?"

      Mfer, how convenience to twist a historical event to vent yr fart!

      CCP protested on the street n even revolted against govt under kmt/warlord rule. Bcoz of the massive ills begetting the nation.

      CCP DIDN'T ask for a separate country BUT a new administration voided of the existing corrupted practices.

      The current HK riots r different simply of manipulated/fabricated fears.

      HK is prosperous & almost everyone have a job! The legacy deplorable housingg conditions r pommie/land tycoon related. The greater bay area development will eventually eliminate this limited housing problem.

      It is INDEED very different from the farts u mentioned!

    6. I see Hong Kong's protests as a revolt of the helpless and hopeless. Its anarchy born from the helplessness and hopelessness.

      They are mostly youths who will most likely still be around in 2047, when Hong Kong becomes just another City in China.
      Then, and possibly way before then, they will lose most of their freedoms and rule of law.
      Yes, political freedom, because though Hong Kong is not , and never has been a democracy, there are very few restrictions on expressing your political opinions. I never heard of the Brits jailing anyone in Hong Kong for political opinions in the last 30 years of their rule.
      Even those who demanded the Gwai Low go home were mostly simply ignored.
      Its ironic today, because most of the "troublemakers" in Hong Kong in those British Colonial days were Pro-China.

      Don't confuse democracy, as in having elections , and restricted political freedom, like Singapore or Malaysia under BN or no democracy, as in no elections and substantial political freedom , like Hong Kong under current status, even from British times.

      And change from independent Crown Courts-based system (still in place today) to judiciary by Courts subordinate to the Communist Party, which is Supreme under China's Constitution.

    7. Mfer, who r the 贱民 ?

      Let see lah.

      Have u get it Formosa f*cks to counter check my mentioned FACTS yet about those 太阳花 movement's 废青?

      That will be a start for yr path to been a 贱民 !

    8. Wow!!

      Another western indoctrinated demoncracy fart!

      Anarchy born from the helplessness and hopelessness?

      What helplessness and hopelessness?

      Or u actually meant living in prosperity w/o freedoms and rule of law. Like those mainlanders current do?

      U must have been reading/hearing too much western news (propaganda!) downgrading the Chinese communist system of administration.

      How about anarchy induced by self-imposed ignorances, imaginated fears & twisted brainwashings by academia/churches/provocateurs?

      U have never heard of the Brits jailing anyone in Hong Kong for political opinions in the last 30 years of their rule!

      Suggesting u read deeper into the so called 'HK leftist riot of 1967' in yr spare time to find out whether that pommie crown govt DID have few restrictions on expressing your political opinions.

      More than 800 demonstrators were injured while close to 2000 were been arrested, with more than 50 deaths - simply bcoz of a minor labour dispute, later grew into large scale demonstrations against British colonial rule.

      Wrong too that most of the "troublemakers" in Hong Kong in those British Colonial days were Pro-China!

      These troublemakers were working in cahoots with the corrupted pommie officers to scammed clean the ordinary hkies. Hence, most of the retired pommie officers were millionaires when they returned to mother UK! The blatant corruptions ONLY ended when The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) of Hong Kong was established by Governor Sir Murray MacLehose on 15 February 1974.

      During the crown days, most of the hkies were not pro-China simply bcoz most of them were 'economic runners' from the mainland.

      How naïve r u?

  3. It calls to mind the legendary disposition that LaoLee dealed with the SIA pilot union's planned strike!

    In 1980, Lee Kuan Yew told SIA pilots’ union he was prepared to ground airline & start over.

    Fearing of losing ALL their jobs, the pilot unions stopped the planned intimidation, which is what it was, bringing SIA right down. Disrupting services, ruining its reputation.

    Similarly with Tun Hussein's handling of the collapsed wage talks between the management of MAS and staff who were members of the Airline Employees Union (AEU). The union opted for industrial action, which had far-reaching consequences.

    Tun Hussein Onn went before Parliament to initiate action that finally led to the end of the dispute, which included deregistration of the AEU.

    Government intervention finally restored MAS services full-scale and brought back industrial harmony that has lasted till today.

    Thus, ONLY when in a crisis situation, a true leadership ability is been proven by toughened administrator who keeps the heart of the nation at the uppermost consideration.

    Carrie lum is a failed administrator in this regard. Pussyfooting with the initial HK demos - trying to prove her failed 'humane' leadership skill. She SHOULD be replaced - not bcoz of those rioters' demand BUT simply she is not measuring up to the requisite of a leadership post of the SAR!