Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Are Malaysian Muslims so fragile?

MM Online:

SP Bala concert organisers to challenge Jakim over timing change


Raaghav Production changed the timing of SP Balasubrahmanyam’s concert or ‘SPB’s Live In Concert Illaya Nila’ at the Plenary Hall, KLCC, to 3pm instead of 7pm

Picture via Facebook/Raaghav Production

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 27 — Organisers of the SPB’s Live In Concert Illaya Nila on August 31 featuring Indian superstar singer SP Balasubrahmanyam plan to fight an order to change the time ostensibly because it clashes with Awal Muharram celebrations.

Astro’s Indian broadcast channel, astroulagam reported the concert organiser Raaghav Productions as disputing the decision by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim), which claimed that holding the show after 7.30pm might cause uneasiness among the Muslims and eventually lead to racial tensions.

An Indian concert, if shown after 7.30 pm, "might cause uneasiness among the Muslims and eventually lead to racial tensions"???

What kok-tok is that?

What Muslim 'uneasiness' are we talking about? Are Muslims so fragile as to be made 'uneasy' by just a Tamil concert?

How would that lead to 'racial tensions'? What has Islam got to do with race? In Malaysian there are also Muslims who are Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and Malayalam (and NOT just Malays) who would have enjoyed the show.

I reckon JAKIM is again (mis)using religion and showing its brutal 'muscles' to bully and oppress others into subservience.

[Being the coward it also has been, it now says matters concerning foreign performers came under the Central Agencies Committee for Applications for Filming and Performances by Foreign Artistes (Puspal). Jakim said it was simply an advisor to Puspal appointed by the Communications and Multimedia Ministry]

Is this the "New" Malaysia? Dei Gobind Deo, you tidur Kah?

come to Malaysia and protest against racist JAKIM who bullies non-Muslims


  1. Yes Gobind, on May 9, 2018 Malaysia was transformed overnight to become Disneyland.

    Gobind must put on a dress; his name is now Tinkerbell. He now has a magical wand which he can wave and “poof”....Jakim will instantly disappear or immediately becomes docile and compliant to his ministry.

    May 9, 2018 was the start, not the finish of a long and difficult journey, with no guarantee of success, and there are many detractors and skeptics who only sneer at the new government because of the hatred towards a few leaders.

  2. looks like pas operatives and sympathisers now controls jakim, if this is the kind of values their religion teaches them it is wrong in every aspect, selfish, disrespectful, lacks common decency, inconsiderate you name it, certainly portray Islam in a very bad light, this is without a doubt done deliberately otherwise please explain why other forms of 'immoral activities' not affected like dogs roaming the streets after 7.30pm (just being silly like them)

  3. I really fail to understand this one....obviously, the Indian concert is OK, only the timing at 7 pm is offensive, but 3 pm is OK......this is where I scratch my head....What's so special at 7 pm???!!!!

  4. Same kind of f*cked mentality wrt another concert by the Taiwanese singer held in melawati stadium in ShahAlam been moved to 12noon from 730pm on 31Aug!

    Apparently bcoz there is a Maal Hijrah chanting ceremony held at another location 5km away.

    白眼狼 what r u going to fart to yr dangdut happy hour pals about giving yr Formosa kindred a hand/gaseous leak?

    1. The mystery deepens....Indian concert is in a hall...Maal Hijrah is 5 km away.......What's the problem.....????

    2. at least they yet to ban utube, fb, twitter, whatsapp, google etc etc.

    3. They would like very much to build a firewall for utube, fb, twitter, whatsapp, google etc etc. for the good of their zombieic beliefs!

      The (un)fortunate thing is they have only hp6 with bigmouth - angin shj!

      Ooop… why don't u talk to yr Formosa morons who help administrating f*cked policies for utube, fb, twitter, whatsapp, google etc etc to do what they have done to pro-China presentations to the likes of zombieic broadcasts?

      Yr zombieic pals will definitely buy u many rounds of jack Danial during the dangdut happy hour!