Tuesday, August 27, 2019

'Death' of the last righteous in Pribumi

Bit of a Brat, young Syed Saddiq has been under strife these last few days for gostarn-ing on his initial and correct call for preacher Zakir Naik to be deported for insulting Malaysian citizens. Syed had said those Malaysian citizens insulted by Zakir Naik were his family. Presumably with his gostarn-ing they aren't anymore.

Ambiga Sreenevasan, (predictably) Dr Ramasamy and Zaid Ibrahim chided the young silly boy for his somersaulting back flip on Zakir and also his presumptuous tok-kok on khat - read Malaysiakini's Young man trapped in the past, Zaid schools Syed Saddiq.

Syed has certainly stumbled badly from his earlier 'heroic' elevation, but I have to be fair and say most time the young Brat had been quite sincere.

When he started his ministerial career, he made the gross error of saying (in October last year) that there's no more Ketuanan Melayu under the new Pakatan Harapan government, but OMG, he was hurriedly and indirectly told off by Moody.

Brat was reported as saying the Malay supremacy era had ended and Malaysia would shift towards fairness and equitable distribution of wealth across all segments of the population.

Before one could say 'Amin' to Brat's refreshing statement, Moody the "I am Melayu First" rushed in virtually stumbling in his obscene haste, wakakaka, to say he (the young Brat) had been misinterpreted.

Wakakaka - yes, 'misinterpreted', the most renown (or notorious) word in Malaysia for backtracking (U-turnings).

Moody was sh*t scared Brat's declaration would portray Pribumi as no longer rooting for Malay Supremacy and championing the "rights" of Melayu, thus demolishing the raison d'être of Mahathir's racist party and Mahathir's personal hallowed 'Pahlawan Melayu' image.

But you know what, Moody has been absolutely correct because Parti Pribumi continues to be what it stands for, racism which is natural in a racist party.

In the recent 'Tuk Kambing's demonstration of bigotry in Kelantan, Syed Saddiq had again been right and righteous in calling for the deportation of that eff-ing foreign goat who should rightly be in his own homeland to face the authorities for his several 'naughtiness'.

my name is Eff-ing Turun 

But alas, as to be expected of a racist party, more than a few in Parti Pribumi undoubtedly had had a "few words" with our idealistic hero, to wit, to NOT rock the Islamic-Malay boat.

'Tis a shame he continues to be corrupted by more experienced and bigoted politicians.

And on the DAP side of the ethnic fence, the poor Brat has been excoriated by Dr Ramasamy (DCM II Penang and a leading Hindu leader) who said Syed Saddiq’s statement caused many to question how a “responsible minister" could "change his stand as he liked."

Nay Dr Rama, the young laddie didn't change his stand "as he liked" lah, wakakaka - he was 'misinterpreted', wakakaka.

sex with kaffirs?

so it seems there can be times when it's OK for Muslim men to 'makan' haram stuff and be 'dirty'

And to further concretize the issue of 'senior' interference in young Brat's call for the foreign caprine to balik kampungnya, we have Mahathir saying the alleged Indian money launderer and terrorist agitator can continue staying in Malaysia (another of Mahathir's zillion capati's), and Anwar kuai kuai backing the Old Dictator's U-Turn but with a caveat, pending police investigation.

Police investigation by Mahathir's police? Wakakaka.

Then, Cambridge of USA's graduate Marzuki Yahya (Deputy Foreign Minister from Mahathir's own Parti Pribumi) said the cabinet has made a decision not to deport Indian-born preacher Dr Zakir Naik.

sugar? milk? 

Doesn't that straightaway imply the possibility of Lim Guan Eng, Anthony Loke, Teresa Kok, Xavier Jayakumar, Gobind Deo and Yeo Bee Yin (or at least a number of them) supporting Atuk in his 'OK for Zakir Naik to still stay in Malaysia'?

However, highly-placed sources informed Malaysiakini contrary-wise, that the Cabinet has made no such eff-ing decision on Zakir yet.

'Highly-placed sources' could mean the source could be a cabinet minister but who wishes to remain publicly kuai kuai to Mahathir, and not embarrassing the silent-dumb-as-mice Lim Father, Son and the Holy Host, wakakaka.


  1. Francis Paul Siah complains that our lawmakers are too slow to tell Toonsie the truth.


    Actually this could not be further from the truth.

    A mere DAP member, Zaid Ibrahim, not even an MP or assemblyman, not even nominated by DAP to stand for elections in GE14, can tell off Syed Saddiq, Toonies’s own “grandson” for making a “U-Turn” on Zakar Naik’s deportation. And Zaid won’t be punished for speaking up either.

    In the New Malaysia, Toonsie must face opposition from TWO fronts.

    First from UMNO-PAS, about to be married soon, and secondly from within his own Harapan coalition, DAP mostly. He can’t have his own way like before when he had 2/3rds parliamentary majority and zero opposition from his BN coalition MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PBB etc.

  2. Mahathir, Anwar , Azmin, Wan Azizah, Syed Sidiq, Hadi, Hamidi, Mat Hassan, Agong-Sultan, Najib can all Go to Hell otherwise malaysia Will go to Hell...in 2020...economic Collapse + Ringgit Collapse.....which comes first really depends on China and Trump....Malaysia in the Current 12 States is a Disaster waiting to Happen......We need to KHAT the KRAP ...Break up...Agenda 2020!!


  3. y last righteous? he is just another stupid like lge.

  4. The clever shouldn't portray their cleverness as wisdom; they simply aren't. Wisdom is learning to think wisely and say it humbly. So that in the event, of a grave error of judgement, eating the humble pie doesn't cause choking. And please don't blame the cooking.

  5. there is only a 7% Population of Indian In Malaysia ... think ....