Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Who is the Pariah?

Extracts from the Star Online:

The Home Minister was commenting on the move by several Kapar PKR members, who had lodged a police report against Dr Mahathir for using the word “pariah” when commenting on Lynas Corp.

They complained that the use of the word had hurt the feelings of the Indian community, and demanded that the Prime Minister make a public apology.

Dr Mahathir had said that the rare earth producer cannot be treated as an outcast as it is a necessary investment for the country.

“But the people who are against Lynas still want to get rid of Lynas. It is a big investment, RM1.7bil. It creates 700 jobs, high quality paying jobs. It is necessary for our investment.

“And if you treat Lynas like a pariah, and ask them to leave this country, we will not get other people to come into this country and invest, ” the Prime Minister was quoted as saying.

Commenting further, Muhyiddin said the complainants could have possibly misinterpreted what the Prime Minister had said.

"If you want to know what he actually said, why don’t you ask the Prime Minister, ” he said.

Firstly, why or rather when has Lynas become a NECESSARY investment? Yes, why is it NECESSARY?

Kamcheng to Japan? Samurai bonds?

Secondly, the Indian community has been hurt by Mahathir's use of the 'pariah' word, and why not? After all, Malays may feel unease at an Indian concert held indoors kilometres away from the nearest mosque. And here we have the PM using the 'pariah' word liberally.

Thirdly, why is the Lynas investment of only RM1.7 billion important when we can even afford breakfast for schoolkids at a cost RM1.2 Billion?

Yes, and Mahathir has just dashed out to say the government has the funds, even after considering a second round of Samurai bonds in the face of increasing national debts?

Fourthly, even if we get rid of Lynas - with many in the world applauding such a decision - who says other foreigner investments won't be forthcoming?

Fifthly, for a PM with Indian (Kerala) blood & heritage, how could he use that 'pariah' word so casually?

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