Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Is this Maddy's vile vicious vindictiveness?


Why tax me when I only received money from wealthy husband? - Nooryana Najwa

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The daughter of former prime minister Najib Razak has taken politicians to task for instructing the taxmen to go after her for RM10.3 million in unpaid income taxes between 2011 and 2017.
Taking to social media, Nooryana Najwa Najib (photo, above) questioned the Inland Revenue Board's (IRB) move to tax her over money given by her wealthy husband Daniyar Kessikbayev and his family.
"The government is hell-bent on going against my entire family. I do not blame the people in IRB since I know their hands are tied. There are politicians higher up who are the masterminds behind this," she said
Nooryana said she never thought money given from a husband as household expenses could be considered as taxable income.
She also claimed that IRB taxed her over her house which her husband listed her as joint-owner as well as the dowry (wang hantaran) she received from her husband.
"At the age of 30 now and having spent many years studying and briefly working overseas, I have never operated any business in Malaysia and have never bid for nor received any government contracts of any sort," she said.
Nooryana said she had submitted all documents and proof when the taxmen went after her last year, including bank documents that showed most of her so-called income from abroad were transferred from her husband’s family, as well as documents showing her in-laws purchased a home using their funds from abroad.
"My husband and his family have been independently wealthy long before we met, and even before my mother-in-law was married to one of Kazakhstan's richest tycoon for ten years," she said.
Nooryana said she was listed as joint-owner of the house, but she did not pay for it.
"In any case, even if you consider payments from husband to wife as income, these transfers are from abroad and should not be taxed.
"A smaller portion of this so-called income were dowry as well as gifts from family and friends," she said.
In a statement issued yesterday, IRB said it had filed a court action against Nooryana to seek RM10.3 million in unpaid income taxes between 2011 and 2017.
Nooryana said it appeared that the government of New Malaysia is taxing the wives who received money from husbands, money transferred from overseas as well as dowry and wedding gifts and engagement gifts.
"Just like in the case of my father and siblings who have been similarly hit on a ridiculous basis, many who know the details of the case are shocked and speechless at how blatant the government is abusing the laws.
"All of this evidence will come out in court one day, and the world will know how ridiculous these charges are. Inshallah, the truth will prevail," she added.


  1. All she has to do is prove that her husbands overseas income is legal, has been duly declared and subject to a country’s taxation system, and if that country has a taxation agreement with Malaysia then everything will be alright.

    But for such a high profile individual whose father owes LHDN 1.6 billion, and her mother and brothers too, does she really expect not to be scrutinised by the income tax guys? How naive can you be?

    Funds from British Virgin Islands or Caymen Islands or other tax avoidance havens don’t count.

    LHDN knows many wealthy people hide their money in these tax havens, don’t pay tax there, or only minimal tax, then “gift” the money either in the form of cash, jewellery, Birkin handbags, real estate etc to someone in another country like Malaysia, like a spouse or mother-in-law, as a way to move their wealth across borders without paying tax.

    So stop moaning and defend yourself in court. If you are innocent you are innocent. What’s to worry?

  2. Why does she think she is exempt from the same taxation laws that apply to everyone else ?

    Ktemoc's banner "Is this Maddy's vile vicious vindictiveness?" is a highly biased and prejudiced screech.

    1. aren't you now as vindictive as your Atuk, taxing a housewife with no taxable income

    2. RM Millions in gifts is taxable income by Malaysia's laws.

      Stop Kerbau-ing trying to compare your Najib's daughter to ordinary housewife's pocket money.

    3. KT must think LHDN officers are simpletons. A tycoon with legal or ill-gotten wealth can simply gift his housewife all his riches and poof....everything becomes tax-free.

    4. suddenly the husband's allowance for her becomes a GIFT - how vicious you have become, just like your Atuk

    5. A typical Malaysian housewife's allowance ranges from a few hundred ringgit to thousands of ringgit, depending on the family's finances. The LHDN has no interest in that.

      When the funds transfers run into RM Millions, they are legally considered Gifts, and they are taxable. That is the law of the land.

      Only your bias and prejudice labels this as vicious vindictiveness.

      There is no way to defend a "Housewife's Allowance" when the magnitude is in RM Millions, unless you have a vacuum up in the cranium or gorged on Dedak.

      For LHDN to let go the magnitude of funds transfers running into RM Millions would be opening up a large loophole for Tax Evasion and/or Money Laundering.

    6. Wakakakaka…

      "…a vacuum up in the cranium or gorged on Dedak."

      I vow for the later! A manipulator/provocateur in the mold of mom CAN'T write anything inciting lah!

  3. Jibby's family is the most "gifted" ever.

    Saudi royals gift untold riches (2.6 billion) straight into his personal bank accounts....

    Foreign leaders and their wives gifts of untold value to Jibby and Rosmah, "as is customary" so he has to buy them expensive jewelry in return (using his credit cards funded by Malaysian pensioners KWAP)

    Kazakhstan tycoon's family gifts millions in real estate and "household expenses" to Jibby's daughter...

    Money suddenly appears in Jibby's Ambank accounts from KWAP via SRC....Jho Low, Nik Faisal keeps depositing "gift" money for unknown reasons...

    In-laws pays for the austentatious engagement and wedding receptions in Malaysia and overseas...

    All the Birkins and jewelry found in Pavilion were "all gifts"...

    Jibby's son-in-law Rizal's Hollywood movie production company Red Granite is gifted hundreds of millions from Jho Low...

    What a family....

    These riches are ALL GIFTS, so everything beres, all halal, cannot question or even mention.

    But we must repeat ad nauseum Toonsie's children's riches..... sports cars, lifestyle, expensive holidays....

    1. Ya-loh, build a museum to cater for all these 'gifts' in the same mold as the Imelda marco's famed shoe museum.

      The entrance ticket proceeds should be used for the B40 reeducational fund!