Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Non-violent Hong Kong protesters?

Extracts from Sun Daily:

‘They’re being used’: Hong Kong protests divide neighbourhood

12 AUG 2019 / 14:12 H

Pro-democracy lawmakers watch a demonstration of a water cannon equipped vehicle at the compound of the Police Tactical Unit in Hong Kong, China Aug 12, 2019


HONG KONG: Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters boast of a broad support base but their movement has divided some neighbourhoods, including Wong Tai Sin, where many police officers live.

Poppy Chan, the wife of a police officer, was preparing dinner for her family when she heard the crash of a brick shattering the window of her third-floor apartment.

Tear gas flooded the home she shares with her two young daughters, her husband, and a domestic worker, in a complex where many police live with their families.

“At that moment, I was more scared than angry,“ she told AFP.

“Maybe they don’t know that what they’re doing is very wrong.”

“I just think it’s really sad, because it seems like they’re being used by others,“ she added.

Chan’s family had cowered inside the apartment during three days of running protests in the neighbourhood. When the brick came sailing into their home, she decided it was time to leave.

She packed some of their belongings and fled to a friend’s place.

The Wong Tai Sin neighbourhood has seen some of the worst clashes in protests that began in opposition to a bill allowing extraditions to mainland China.

The protests have morphed into a broader movement seeking greater democratic freedoms in the international financial hub.

It has won support from a cross section of society, with lawyers, civil servants, older people and parents with small children turning out to rallies.

‘Enforce the law’

But in Wong Tai Sin, some are more ambivalent about protesters who accuse the police of brutality and have hurled bricks at officers and their homes.

“Throughout this entire thing, I have rarely felt anger, because I always think that sometimes people don’t know what they’re doing,“ Chan said.

Other residents of the working class neighbourhood are less forgiving of the demonstrators who targeted the local police station on Aug 3, spraying graffiti and dismantling security cameras.

Joe, a 35-year-old middle school mathematics teacher who declined to give his family name, called the demonstrators “lawless” and “destructive”.

He wants to see the government crack down harder.

“You must be willing to enforce the law and use the power and the force at your disposal without fear to suppress the destructive actions of these rioters,“ he said.

“They will take advantage of the weak response from the government and the police, and the victims will be the whole of Hong Kong, including innocent civilians like me.”


  1. Time to end the one country two system policy & displaying proof to the world WHO r the 贱民 when those rioters' applications for political asylum r been rejected by pommie godfather & uncle Sam. Maybe auntie Merkel won't touch them with a 10ft pole!

  2. is the chinese that oppose khat being used?

    in the course of china history, revolt against a oppress govt is common.

    1. but no guts to oppose British rule

    2. y ccp never take back hk in 1951 to show they have guts? when leftist riot happened in 1967, ccp still no ball to fight the british, only now after british left, they start to behave exactly like a bully, even imitate what british did, to obstruct the hker to choose their own leader, even to the extent want to do another 64?

      n u think it is okay to keep silent on this kind of oppresive regime?

    3. CCP afraid of British? HY, I didn't realise you are that stupid, wakakaka

      CCP didn't take over completely (even though she could have) because she wanted/still wants Taiwan to be aware of its ("pretend" nature if you like) reasonable approach towards reunification - of course Taiwan is not that stupid to believe in CCP but that doesn't mean CCP has not tried

      I still can't get over your "CCP afraid of British", wakakaka

    4. This mfer ONLY picks & twists history to fart!

      1) based on what for ccp to take back hk in 1951? Yr great grandfather's farts!

      A new nation just recovered from a Jap invasion & civil war. There was just no possibility of ANY chance to take back HK.

      2) ditto with the leftist riot happened in 1967, ccp had zilch avilityvto fight the british, who is still a formidable power with the backing of uncle Sam.

      3) oppresive regime?

      Mfer, AGAIN, if CCP is an oppressive regime there WOULD NOT be a HK in the current chaotic stage!

      What type of fart r u inhaling?

    5. 1. 1949 xinjiang, 1950 tibet, 1950 korea, so on what basis u say not possible?

      2. therefore i am right to claim no guts, in the same context on how kt bs abt hker.

      3. i label ccp oppressive similar to how i label umno as oppresive. the way ccp interpret basic law is no diff with how umno interpret our constitution. u cant get it bec u have many std, in other word, no std.

    6. there was an ongoing Cultural Revolution on the Mainland which eff-ed up the Mainland government's control and the PLA power

  3. then who r u (a coward that tok kok far away in a whiteman stolen land who no ball facing bn n now mahatheir) to claim hker no guts to oppose the british if ccp itself not doing anything towards the british when the leftist riot against the hk govt? and when ccp agreed hk is to be returned on 1997?

    lks n dap oso have tonne of reason not to have guts ahainst mahatheir for peaceful governance n unity like ccp did, y u complain? is it because u r a racist that oppose anything malay?

  4. Hasn't it been true that when the British were ruling HK, with the Queen (the Great White Mother) appointing the Governor, the locals were very kuai kuai?

    On your wakakaka "leftist riot against the hk govt", that was in 1967 when:

    (a) the Mainland govt was still pretty weak internationally,
    (b) there was an ongoing Cultural Revolution on the Mainland which eff-ed up the Mainland government's control and the PLA power,a nd
    (c) the Brits were still pretty strong internationally, with a powerful nuclear V-Force

    But when the government is handed over to the island's rightful owner, and becomes a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, shouldn't the rightful owner appoint the Chief Executive (Carrie Lam) who should obey the occasional dictates of the Chinese government, just as the previous HK governor obeyed the dictates of Whitehall?

    wakakaka, HY HY oh HY

    1. yr dad is a pendatang n u oso a pendatang? u r no diff with one u accuse, the melayu ultra. one more, yr dad learn jawi y not u, yr son n yr cucu learn jawi?

      ccp fight war in xinjiang tibet korea india soviet, y not hk? china first nuclear test in 1964, mao label usa a paper tiger. u hv to make up yr mind whether china is strong or weak, afraid or not afraid.

    2. This mfer ONLY can count on the same kind of FARTS that have been repeated so many times by the f*cked blue/green Taiwan independent morons.

      He just changes Taiwan with HK, Jap with pommie. Bingo! He ferments his 'logic' for an independent HK!

      Then, what can one expects when a 忘祖奴 been further brainwashed by those Formosa academia invertebrates!

    3. Wakakakaka…

      A sideline to f*ck that 忘祖奴.

      Just a couple of days ago, the Taiwan 联合报 reported :

      1) 53% of the educated Taiwanese youths want to work in mainland China

      2) 48‰ of the Taiwanese family intend to send their children to mainland China to work/educate

      Mfer, goes & seek out yr same-minded Formosa f*cks to verify these info.

      While u r at it, do a confirmation check too that a former front liner leader of 太阳花运动 is now working in Shenzhen - part of the mainland China he vowed WOULD never set foot on!

      A rebirth 贱民!

      Many yrs from now, there WILL be more of these rebirth 贱民. But from HK!

  5. HK Youths should reflect carefullu:
    1. Where is their filtered drinkable water from?
    2. Where is their food coming from?
    3. What is the purpose of the 'One country Two Systems' foistered by China upon Hong Kong?

    Can you have freedom and democracy on an empty stomach and dehydrated mind? Are they willing to pay for imported water and food from USA? The USA eggs HK youths on but who will suffer eventually once USA achieves its political aim of destabilizing HK? It is like Maidan Ukraine.

    Now they all voted a Comedian into power who is showing pro-Russian affinities.......after the USA destroyed the country for 15 years....!!