Wednesday, March 20, 2019

BEST political statement 2019 (1)

Dear readers, I wonder whether you remember a couple of 'thingys', namely:

(a) Zaid Ibrahim - I have always admired him for his political courage and sense of righteousness, though not his impatience with hypocrites and fools, wakakaka. Alas matey, those two nasties have to be your punishment for being a politician.

Anyway, recall he was the man who helped AAB heal the rift between the government and Tun Abas.

then-PM Mahathir had the whole lot sacked
he subsequently blamed the (dead) Agong (former Johor Sultan) 

The rift, known as the 1988 Constitutional Crisis, occurred when Mahathir as the PM then fCk-ed the Judiciary kaukau. He couldn't stand their independence. As usual, he blamed someone else, by then a dead Agong who was unable to reply back, and also left the pile of shit to fester for nearly 15 years before AAB resolved it.

Mahathir at his Best (or Worst)

fCk-ing up the Judiciary and the Senate

FMT - World jurists condemned Mahathir for sacking Tun Salleh

by Kua Kia Soong

Dr Mahathir has tried in vain to wriggle out of the responsibility for Operation Lalang. Now he is attempting to put the blame for the sacking of Lord President Tun Salleh Abas and three other Supreme Court judges on the Agung.

As I have pointed out often enough, these two outrages against Malaysian democracy in 1987 and 1988 respectively are inextricably linked.

I am surprised that the opportunist politicians and crypto-Mahathiristas in Pakatan Harapan and the lawyers who were outraged in 1988 have so quickly forgotten recent Malaysian history or have lost their tongues. Let me remind them of Lord Denning’s words:

“Silence is not an option when things are ill done.”

And it was Zaid Ibrahim who as the acting or de factor Law Minister in the AAB cabinet who persuaded PM AAB to amiably settle that Mahathir-ised fCk-up with former High Court Judges, the crème de la crème of the then-independent Bench.

I also recall another matter related to Zaid, himself highly independent and who spoke up many a times to the surprise, shock and seething annoyance of his more-cowardly party leaders, wakakaka.

Yes, I had previously described Lim Lip Eng as one of the DAP salt-of-the-earth blokes when last year in December he and Ronnie Liu gathered outside of Dang Wangi police station to show solidarity for Zaid Ibrahim.

Just for your convenience I have re-published a relevant extract of my earlier 10 December 2017 post (mentioned in above para) as follows:

FMT - DAP members come to Zaid’s defence, report lodged against Jamal’s threat (extracts):

DAP members lead by Lim Lip Eng (middle) gathered outside of Dang Wangi police station to show solidarity for Zaid Ibrahim

Ronnie Liu 2nd from right

A group of DAP members, led by Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng, lodged a police report here today against Sungei Besar Umno division chief Jamal Yunos for threatening to “smash the head” of former minister Zaid Ibrahim.

DAP central executive committee member Ronnie Liu said that he, Lim and the other members had gathered at the Dang Wangi police station here after making a report to show solidarity with Zaid, who is also a DAP member.

“I personally think he used his right to speak out as a Malaysian, and to me he has no intention to run down anybody,” he said, adding that Zaid was defending Pakatan Harapan chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Mind, wakakaka, today Zaid's defence of an 'ungrateful' Mahathir seems bloody wasted.

Anyway, I had then written: Penangites would say in their local Hokkien that they have 'gee k'ee', meaning 'loyalty of brotherhood' a la 'Tales of The Three kingdoms', sadly a sterling quality somewhat missing among some DAP Young Turks (if you know who, wakakaka), as was evident recently when a former benefactor was rudely and arrogantly dismissed as a 'nobody'.

In Dec 2018, Malaysiakini reported
Zaid: I meant Daim and his billionaire friends are running gov't, not Dr M (extracts follows):

Former law minister Zaid Ibrahim has clarified that his remarks about billionaires running the country was not aimed at Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, but rather former finance minister Daim Zainuddin.

"Tun M was visibly upset with my statement. It was unfortunate that he misunderstood my writing. I did not say he had billions.

"Even more unfortunate I had to tell what others are saying; which is: Daim and his billionaire friends are running the government," Zaid said on Twitter today.

On Wednesday, Zaid had claimed that Pakatan Harapan's manifesto promises of a welfare state were now being overruled by “billionaires and towkays”.

“Look at their (GE14) manifesto and you can tell it was written by idealists and academics who painted a picture of hope for an equal and egalitarian country.

“[...] The problem is that the real decision makers in the Harapan government are not socialists or supporters of the welfare system. They are billionaires and towkays who are close to and are in line with Mahathir’s economic thinking,” he had said.

Mahathir, in response yesterday, had asked Zaid to furnish proof of his claim.

Well, it was obvious the victorious new Pakatan government had by then decided to ignore Zaid Ibrahim (and I suspect 'deliberately) despite his mucho efforts for both Pakatan and Mahathir.

No doubt very much broken-hearted by Pakatan cold-shouldering and Mahathir's sharp retort, Zaid said he would retire and keep his mouth shut as he was offending many important people.

But look at the just-announced news by Mahathir that it will be Daim and not our glorious Finance Minister Lim GE who will be negotiating with China on the ECRL. Hasn't Zaid been absolutely spot on when he "Daim and his billionaire friends are running the government."

But as we know of Zaid, it's just impossible for a conscionable hero like him, wakakaka, to remain quiet when he sees that fools are fooling around a foolish country foolhardy enough to foolishly support Bapak Ops Lalang and of various other scandals.

Thus he has re-emerged to (this time) fCk Mahathir kaukau. As an appetiser, Zaid said:

“Dr M says that we need a third car so we can learn more about technology.

“Does he know we have Friday sermons attributing the current hot weather to our support for LBGT? Can PM first properly educate our people and learn advanced car tech later?”

Wakakaka, kudos to you Zaid, we miss you dearly. Please stay on to be the conscience of this BS-ing "New" (but old) Malaysian government.

I assess Zaid's statement above (highlighted in yellow) as the BEST political statement (No 1) for 2019.


  1. Badawi did NOT reform the Federal Court.
    In fact , he took the cream for mafulat-ization of the Federal Court by appointing UMNO Treasurer Zaki Azmi, of Thailand wedding fame, as Chief Justice of the Federal Court.

    Something the even hated Mahathir did not manage to do.

    I give Badawi credit where credit is due.
    In the early days of his administration he did do some Wayang, via Zaid Ibrahim to pay some compensation to Salleh Abbas for his sacking.
    After that, things started going South.

    No Judicial appointment via an independent panel.

    1. did I say/write AAB reform the Federal Court?

  2. the ability to negotiate n to brag is 2 totally diff talent, daim is a better candidate.

    1. In any serious situation, you put the best available person to get the job done.

      For focusing on taming Malaysia' Financial deficits and costs, Lim Guan Eng is an excellent person, as the Finance Minister.

      For free-ranging, wide-ranging negotiations to resolve the ECRL logjam, Daim Zainuddin the businessman is the right person.

      For comparison, note the massive negotiations between the US and China over Trade deficits are being carried out by its Trade Representative, who has a background in business and trade, not its Treasury Secretary, equivalent to Malaysia's Finance Minister.

    2. you've just sucked too much dedak from Mahathir until ypou have now become his macai

    3. How about this racial possibility?

      Putting Daim in charge of the ECRL negotiation also put an END to very-likely shit-stirs coming out from zombies, ketuanan freaks, blur-sotongs & paid provocateurs.

      Theses bastards would claim lge sell out m'sia interest to please the Chinese if he is been selected as the chief negotiator.

      Same like putting a melayu in charge of economic outfits that r catering for the melayu interests.

      Just image HOW anything good can come out of lge's proposals about pnb, kazanah, Mara etc etc, even if the REAL intentions r genuine!

      Mamak is definitely multiple-steps aheaded of these sour-losers.

    4. You haven't actually been able to negate my points.

      You are just hopelessly lost in your toxic combination of hatred and lucre, incapable of objective analysis.

    5. When the previous FM boasts about his performance it is called “factual achievements”, but when the current FM counters criticisms of his performance by stating factual achievements it is called “boasting”.

    6. hmmm u oso notice not much diff btw the previous n current fm? just a minor change in the sequence of sentences n words right wakaka.

      i think ministry of youth n sport suite lge more, our young guys need great motivation, only a braggart can do it.

  3. Haven’t you heard of the good guy bad guy negotiation tactic? Guanee plays the bad guy, the powerful FM whom the Chinese government are afraid of, banging table and threatening to cancel the whole damn ECRL, then comes the harmless looking grey top old man wearing sandals playing the good guy offering a compromise.

    The real loser is Azmin, after successfully negotiating with SGP and delaying HSR for 2 years he thought he will be put in charge of the ECRL negotiations but Toonsie said no, focus on fixing all the sick and bleeding govt agencies and GLCs like Felda etc. Sob sob.

  4. TDM thinks Daim is a better negotiator because:

    1. Daim has no Chinese roots thus less fear of betrayal or being more accommodative.

    2. Any outcome of Daim nego will be better accepted and not lead to more politicking.

    3. TDM trust Daim more than LGE.

    4. An accountant(LGE) can never beat a businessman/entrepreneur in business nego.

    5. Daim requested to be involved for personal agenda.

    So, choose and pick what angle of attack you desire, Kaytee.


    1. when Mahathir and Daim get together there's smelly matters afoot

    2. Wakakakaka…

      U learnt it from yr sifu-student relationship with mom!

  5. Zaid QUOTE
    “Dr M says that we need a third car so we can learn more about technology.

    Redzuan (Entrepreneur Development Minister) QUOTE

    KUALA LUMPUR, March 20

    Redzuan today also responded to the ridicule levelled at his flying car project....

    .....Redzuan had recently said the prototype of the flying car was expected to be ready as early as June, with the cost of its production not exceeding RM1 million, which would be financed by the private sector.

    1 million ringgit prototype - it’s a car dangling from a hot air balloon.

    I am looking forward to Redzuan taking Toonsie up for the first ride. (Anthony Loke the Transport Minister will be taking annual leave on that day).

    Mukhriz Mahathir was also recently enquiring if the coming Kulim airport can be a hub for this new flying car.

    1. ph car can fly up to andes, come with oxygen tank, to ensure enough oxygen supply so that ck brain can function as normal, at least can continue to elaborate socialistic capitalism wakaka.

    2. I DON'T f*ck around with yr 'socialistic capitalism - a piece of imaginary rubbish coming from a deranged mind!

      Here, the air is think & clean. Very quiet too. Good to reflect about life!

      But how could a pacifier sucker like u, understand about life but yr twisted kiddies stuff of inconsequences.

      Eat yr heart out lah!

    3. yes u shd have more self reflection from time to time, it help to make u less grumpy. if u forgot to bring a mirror, n no water around andes, use huawei p20 wakaka.

    4. Remember what I have said about using execrable phrases to address mfers like u?

      Oooop… pacifier sucker, never mind lah, knowing yr chronic syndrome of ADHD!

      BTW, I'm surfing the www using HUAWEI Mate X - only very few people CURRENTLY have access to it!

      Again, eat yr heart out - wagging dog.

      Now,go play dead at the corner.