Friday, August 30, 2019

Trouble in Lil' Pribumi-town

Rais Hussin in deep sh*t with Emperor in Pribumi


(1) Someone speaks the Truth.
 (7) Mahathir, Japan, rare earth, pariah Lynas.


  1. Authoritarian leaders do not last long.Because they do not want to listen to their advisers.They think that they are the smartest dudes around.In fact it is always the other way around.

    Just look at rapist Donald Trump.If he had listen to the grownups around him,he wouldn't be in this mess now.Look how desperate Donald Trump is now.He kept on screwing up.He is so desperate that he would sell his smelly ass to get outsiders to help him win the 2020 presidential elections.If Donald Trump lose the elections,he will get indicted,convicted and send to prison.If he wins and serves a total of more than five years,he will outlive the five years statute of limitations.

    Our leaders do not have this type of pressure.All they have to do is to do their best to help the people.Do not tell me that they cannot do any better that the corrupted Umno goons.The PM has to get the right people to serve as ministers.If Mahathir were to appoint Donald Trump to look after the henhouse,of course he will rape all the women in the brothel.

  2. You missed:
    Khat the Krap Jawi
    Racist Matriculation Krap
    Anti ICerd ICC
    Agong Sultan Mohammed V Marriage Sham
    Sultan Johor RTS Corruption Sham
    Current Agong knowledge of Father Rape Sham
    Deport Zakir Naik Terrorist Support Sham
    500 Returning Arab Malay IS Terrorist bette than Chin Peng Communist Sham
    Sedition Law U Turn SHAM
    Still Missing Diksa Prasana Force convert to Islam Khat Krap...

    And the worst is the SYSTEMIC GENOCIDE OF ORANG ASLI ....especially those NOT converted to ISLAM in Kelantan, Pahang, Perak...all over Malaysia...because of Supremacist Arab malay islam...Sham on you for ignoring the weak!!!

  3. Toonsie could not turn Malaysia around in 22 years; he sure as hell can’t do it in 2. He has nothing to offer as PM7. Time to go.

    His Bersatu members are using Toonsie as their puppet, propping him up as PM while they go about rebut2 plundering for power, positions and projects like flying cars.

    UMNO-PAS are smiling. They don’t have to do anything to destroy Harapan. Toonsie is doing it for them. That’s why they will support Toonsie to serve full term as PM.

    Soon UMNO-PAS will marry and consummate their union. Toonsie’s dream to be the numero-uno leader of the largest Malay-Muslim party will hangus.

    MCA and MIC will become third wives in BN, only good for cleaning house.

    Zakar Naik is poised to be appointed Spiritual Leader of UMNO-PAS (SLUMP). That’s why Toonsie has no choice but to remain welcoming to Zakar Naik. He is a powerful Pied Piper of the Deep State, spreading the virus. If UMNO-PAS gets him on their side then Toonsie mati-lah.

    NB: we must not mention who welcomed Zakar Naik into the country in the first place, and granted him PR, so I won’t mention Jibby’s name here.

    Only the multi-racial parties: DAP-PKR-AMANAH-Warisan remain to carry the torch for reforms. The battle for a New Malaysia only started on May 8, 2018. It didn’t end there. Don’t give up so soon like Dennis Ignatius. He thinks Malaysia became Disneyland overnight. He doesn’t realise 50% of voters who voted for BN-PAS still prefer Old Malaysia.