Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Don't be taken in by Zakir Naik's kerbau's

MM Online:

Ramkarpal: Don’t be influenced by Zakir Naik’s apology, take action without fear or favour


Ramkarpal Singh said authorities should not be influenced by the apology issued by Dr Zakir in revoking his PR status as they should act without fear or favour, and with the nation’s wellbeing as its priority

Picture by Yusof Mat Isa

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 20 — DAP Legal Bureau chairman Ramkarpal Singh today said that fugitive preacher Dr Zakir Naik’s apology over his alleged racial and religious remarks during a recent lecture in Kelantan does not detract from the fact that he has breached his permanent residence (PR) conditions.

“The apology by Dr Zakir Naik is an acknowledgement by him that his speeches, objectively taken, has stirred racial unrest in multiracial Malaysia.

“Dr Zakir may have qualified his said apology by saying that his words were taken out of context but the fact remains that such words have caused unrest,” Ramkarpal said in a statement.

He pointed out that as a foreigner, Dr Zakir should respect and understand the multicultural environments of Malaysia and should not be allowed to stay in the country if he fails to do so.

The Bukit Gelugor MP said authorities should not be influenced by the apology issued by Dr Zakir in revoking his PR status as they should act without fear or favour, and with the nation’s wellbeing as its priority.

“Calling the Chinese guests and claiming the Indians are more loyal to the Indian Prime Minister compared to the Malaysian PM is certainly out of line, no matter the context.

“Zakir may think that his speeches are innocent but that remains what he thinks. What reasonable people think is quite different and the authorities must recognise that his explanation and apology does not excuse him from the wrong that he may have committed,” said Ramkarpal.


  1. Wee Ka Siong asked what are DAP’s 42 MPs doing, why are they so quiet; nonsense, here is yet another example of the noise they are making. Ramkarpal speaks out loud and clear to Toonsie to take action against Zakar Naik, despite his afterthought “apology”.

    What did MCA MPs say when Jibby’s government gave this guy PR? Nothing.

    Who said LKS put out a gag order on DAP leaders? Does Ramkarpal sound like he has been gagged?

    So don’t be taken in by Capt Thayaparan and other writers’ bullshit.

  2. To forgive is divine ?

  3. I have said this before, and it is worth repeating since DAP is tone-deaf.

    There will be blood shed on the streets if Zakir Naik is deported.

    I say this not as a threat , but simply as a matter of fact evaluation of the situation, especially Malay Muslims sentiments.

    Coming at the same time as the Government's capitulation to Dong Zong and DAP's anti-Khat campaign, Muslims are in no mood for compromise. The anger in the Malay Muslim community is palpable.

    1. zakir naik had violated his pr status and conditions, as such his pr status should be rescinded but he has not committed any major crime yet so to be fair to him he should be allowed to come and go as any foreign visitor on strict conditions not to create trouble to a multi religious country like ours

    2. Ya-loh, amokish thugs ruining the peace of the nation just bcoz of a ummat provocateur who has not cornered himself by his own big mouth!

      The anger in the Malay zombieic community is palpable judging from the numerous YouTube showing sharp weapon invincibility by some of the terminal case zombies.

      Ooop… Islam doesn't believe in voodoo wizardry. Only zombieism DOES!

      Thus, u know the kind of f*cked crowd u have mentioned.

    3. Give this ZN enough rope, he will hang himself. The overwhelming adoration he received recently in Kelantan had gone to his head and quick as a flash, his true evil self spilled out...throwing caution to the wind, in his mistaken belief that the PM would be too weak to even dare censure him.

      This Indian who speaks hardly any Bahasa should be given more rope to ensure he is persona non grata forever in this country which belongs to ALL Malaysians. Malay-Muslims make up only about 52% of the population and among them, a good 10% do NOT think this country belongs ONLY to the Malays. So in effect, the majority of the citizens of this country think the country belongs to ALL Malaysians. Dr Asri should learn to read English thus learn more views what the majority thinks. This preacher looks like being radicalized by ZN too...just need a few meetings to get 'infected'...this is the 'charm' of ZN, not able to speak a proper sentence of Bahasa, and Dr Asri not able to speak a proper sentence of English, and yet their minds merged in the instance they meet, ha ha ha ha.

  4. My regular morning roti canai & teh tarik warung buddy has a photo of Zakir Naik on his car dashboard, and he told me he has a framed portrait the man in his office.

    Zakir Naik has attained a Cult Hero status among many Malaysian Muslims.
    The Government needs to tread carefully on the issue.