Saturday, August 24, 2019

Kerala Kerbau on deportation of Zakir Naik

Extracts from Malaysia Chronicle:


Controversial preacher Dr Zakir Naik will continue to remain in Malaysia for now, according to Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Asked during a press conference in Putrajaya this afternoon if he had changed his mind about deporting the Indian-born preacher, the prime minister replied, “At this moment, there is no change.”

Previously, Mahathir said Zakir had crossed the line when he touched on racial politics.

“Religious teachers can preach, but he was not doing that. He was talking about sending Chinese back to China and Indians back to India. That’s politics,” he had added.

Not unexpected, Mahathir has long been notorious for his Machiavellian mafulat-ish manoeuvring, saying one thing when under pressure and then resiling on that when he believes the pressure is off.

Don't ever trust Mahathir - just recall what he said about manifesto promises, to wit, "Please remember manifesto is not a bible. It's a guide."

And he has been the worst in meeting the pre-election pledges, for example, taking in frogs from UMNO which he had sworn he won't. And then trying to be the Education Minister which was a pre-election no-no - it had to take some vigorous objections form PKR and DAP before he rescinded from his pompous belief he was the best choice for the education portfolio - mind, he picked a lemon from his own Party as his substitute which has subjected Malaysians to baffling perception and angst on his so-called "new" Malaysia - Podah.


  1. This is the power of the Deep State. It is insidious. It infiltrates the weak minds and guilty hearts. From the very top to the very bottom, from PM to the lowly government officer who dare not approve the application for a church or temple because he fears divine punishment. The victim does not even know he has been infected with the Deep State virus. Zombie? Ha ha ha...maybe.

    Toonsie now sakit kepala. If he kicks Zakar Naik out then UMNO-PAS will make this an issue on Sept 15 when their marriage is announced and consummated, a rallying cry to gain Muslim support. Zakar Naik will be their convenient lightning rod.

    So why blame only Toonise? Many have this infection. On both sides of the divide. Oh I forgot, Toonsie is the PM now. Just like he was PM during Memali incident in 1985. We musn't forget that incident from 35 years ago. But we must forget that it was Jibby who welcomed and granted Zakar Naik PR status in 2016, three years ago.

    Fortunately DAP can continue to be the thorn in Toonsie's side, the opposition within the cabinet and parliament, check and balance. Don't quit.

    If DAP quits Harapan, Zakar Naik will be granted instant citizenship with bumiputra status, given that island in Terengganu, made Spiritual Leader for the Ummah (SLUM) and made candidate for elections in GE15. Either Bersatu will do this or UMNO-PAS will.

    1. so much this idea of Zakar Naik being the PM of Malaysia ! Who will be his interpreter since he can't speak a word of our national language ? Mukhriz or Hadi Bawang ? hehe