Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Buying discarded-abandoned Japanese project???

MM Online:

Malaysia’s first flying car 85pc completed, says minister

Entreprenur Development Minister Mohd Redzuan Yusof speaks during an interview in Kuala Lumpur April 30, 2019

Picture by Firdaus Latif

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 20 — Works to construct Malaysia’s first flying car is 85 per cent complete, according to Entrepreneur Development Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Md Yusof.

The prototype of the flying car according to him, is currently being built by a Malaysian company in Japan, as the economic powerhouse has the supporting ecosystem for the flying car industry.

“I am going to Japan in September for the Aviation Conference and I hope to get to see the almost complete (flying) car that we will be going to bring back towards the end of the year,” he told reporters after attending the SME Leadership Conference 2019 here, today.

The ministry he said, is in discussions with various ministries involved in the aviation sector to create available space for flying cars in Malaysia, similar to efforts undertaken in several other countries, to complement skills of the local entrepreneurs to develop a flying car.

“Flying car is a private initiative. We don’t control them (investors) on what they want to do, but we need to create the (flying car) industry in Malaysia,” he added.

On whether the country’s first flying car would be launched by year-end, Mohd Redzuan said, it would depend on Malaysia’s ecosystem for flying cars, especially in term of availability to fly at that time.

Menteri KDK tok-kok as usual.

I bet that KDK car would most probably be a discarded Jap project sold off to gullible Malaysia just as Proton was.

If the car is a private venture, why is the Menteri KDK bagitu sibuk? Kerbau lah.

And who the Eff will be flying that KDK car? I feel sorry for the Department of Civil Aviation, in particular Air Traffic and the Licensing Section including the medical regulatory unit - will they permit a 94-year old man to fly it (such an aged veteran driving cars is already illegal and bad enough), as if they could stop him if such a car materialises?


  1. Our cabinet is being pulled in every direction.

    Toonsie wants to go 4-wheels...the 3rd national car...

    Another minister Syed Saddiq wants to go 2-wheels...Go-Jerk

    And another minister Redzuan wants to go no-wheels, flying car....

    Me? I am a Star Trek fan....beam me up Scotty...

    A transporter is a teleportation machine used in the Star Trek universe. Transporters convert a person or object into an energy pattern (a process called dematerialization), then "beam" it to a target, where it is reconverted into matter (rematerialization).

    We can start by teleporting Zakar Naik back to India.

  2. y not the ministry hire ck? n jj as his assistant.

    1. Wakakaka…

      No need to ampu!

      1) can u afford?

      2) am I willing?

      Go play with yr doggies, since no cat will now getting anywhere near u.

    2. Mmm...my creative juices dried up pronto since these Umno-dna type just rub me the wrong way, ha ha ha ha. HY lebih sesuai methinks...since he's oredi melayooo, just need to 'potong' to make it official, hehe. Jangan marah ya, gurau je.

    3. 1. mahathir can afford, not his money mah.

      2. i dun know, since u see no issue lks licking mahathir ass, maybe u r not that diff.

    4. Wrooooong on both counts!

      I definitely see tons of issues with 白眼狼 joining forces with zombies/ketuanan freaks to earn his keep!

      Eat yr heart out le!

  3. unfeasible, too many people will fall from the sky, been watching too many episodes of the jetsons, can't see even technologically advanced countries allowing a crowded air space, it will most likely be for recreational markets

  4. Passenger Autonomous Aerial Vehicles are likely many, many years away from being allowed for personal or commercial passenger use. The risk factor with currently developing technology will preclude that.

    The likely market , identified by most of the current projects is in law enforcement, search and rescue, medical evacuation. Most are being developed to fly under autonomous control.

    Many places and situations occur that need an aerial vehicle to be able to come in, to save lives, But existing helicopters are far more expensive to operate. They either need a substantial open field to land
    or a skilled pilot and crew to hover and winch up an evacuee.
    A drone, on the other hand, can land in a space not much bigger than a car's footprint.

    Most of the projects around the world are being praised as innovative and ground-breaking ventures, especially among Netizens who tend to be very comfortable with Tech.
    By the way, Australia, where Ktemoc is hiding out, has a number such Passenger Drone projects, both private sector ventures and semi-government sponsored projects.

    In Malaysia, its the Netizens who are sneering at the project.

    1. there's NONE at present in Oz - don't jump too far ahead of the future.

      maybe operational in 2023 SUBJECT to Civil Aviation Authority's apporval

    2. Payload is an unmentioned problem for those who know Passenger Drone projects.

      Fuel refilling, landing pad & range r also unsolved headaches, waiting to be overcome.

      Current drone tech can only be a personal creations gimmick.

      Anything outrageous, like the kdk flying car mentioned by that lalang minister, is many many moons away, maybe 2050!