Wednesday, May 08, 2019

BEST political statement 2019 (2)

Wakakaka, I never imagine I would attribute a BEST political statement to Raja Mandore, the man who likes to label people he politically dislikes as 'mandore'.

In Malaysiakini's Hindraf 2.0 gives Harapan a passing grade, barely, our dear P Uthayakumar said:

The Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf 2.0) has given Pakatan Harapan a "50.1 percent" grade for its first year in power, in spite of a long list of complaints about unfulfilled promises for the Indian community.

Wakakaka again, his 'in spite of a long list of complaints about unfulfilled promises' means he has been more than generous for a sleepy-headed Capati-ing Coalition in giving them a 50.1% grade. Just barely passed.

After giving some additional compliments to the Pakatan government, namely, on 1,841 stateless Indians being granted citizenship and 377 Indian students accepted into Mara Science College (MRSM), he added (via Malaysiakini):

... according to Hindraf 2.0 de facto leader P Uthayakumar (above), Harapan had only fulfilled "1 percent" of its pledges to the "B75 Indian community".


"The common excuse given in effect being - pulling the B75 Indian poor above the waters will upset the Malay Muslim ground."
"Do we deliver for the people who voted us in or worry about the people who didn't?" asked Uthayakumar.

In that message in the above last paragraph, I deem Uthayakumar as having given the BEST political statement (2019) thus far. Yessiree, let's admire Uthy's statement as follows:

"Do we deliver for the people who voted us in or worry about the people who didn't?"

Wakakaka, succinct to a fault. Well said Uthayakumar.


BEST political statement 2019 (1).


  1. The "Racist" Mahathir-led Pribumi/ Pakatan Harapan solved more stateless Indian issues in one year than Beloved Ah Jib Gor Administration managed in the previous 5 years.

  2. Why focus on a small negative issue? My vote for the best positive political statement is the title below; if Toonsie step down earlier even better...

    Anwar free to do what he wants when he’s PM, says Mahathir

    Sean Augustin - May 8, 2019

    PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said Anwar Ibrahim is not required to heed his instructions when he takes over as the prime minister.

    Neither does the PKR president need to follow what Mahathir has done.

    “He is free to do what he thinks is best as the prime minister. So, I have no say about what happens after that.

    “My job is to prepare the country as much as possible so that it can be taken over by my successor,” Mahathir told the media ahead of Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) first anniversary in power.

    He was asked if he had a succession plan before handing over the reins to Anwar.

    The Langkawi MP said his promise to step down and give way to Anwar was “something that is quite definite”.

    1. you're incorrect. Mahathir avoided naming Anwar as his successor, so he could be Azmin Ali, Mukhriz or anyone else

    2. see

      Speaking during a group media interview ahead of his administration’s first anniversary tomorrow, Dr Mahathir also clarified that his successor is not obligated to follow his footsteps — although he did not outright name Anwar as said successor.

      “When somebody takes over from me, he’s not required to follow my instructions or follow what I’ve done. He’s free to do what he thinks is best as prime minister.

      “So I’ve no say what happens after. My job is to prepare the country as much as possible so that it can be taken over by my successor,” he added.

    3. Watch the video of the interview lah, you out of touch Australian so chock full of hatred...

      "I have committed that I will step down and let Datuk Seri Anwar take over..."

      You cannot get clearer than that...

    4. Kaytee trust The Malay Mail (MM) media which has long been suspected to twists and spin for BN regime under his co-blogger Rocky's Bru. DSAI name was intentionally left out in the MM media report when in all the live videos recording TDM did mention DSAI name. Kini TV has the live recording in case anyone has doubts.

      By ommitting DSAI name in the MM news, it thus open up for other bloggers to create spin stories to cause disunity in PH as to the succession plan and conspiracy stories of other PH leaders.


    5. Rocky Bru is associated with the Malay Mail, but Malay Mail ONLINE is a separate unit altogether and has nothing to do with Rocky

    6. Ah Mok Stop Bullshitting...

      From Wikipedia "Malay Mail"

      "Media Prima Berhad relaunched the Malay Mail on 5 May 2008 as a free afternoon paper but still failed to overturn its losses. It was then sold to Datuk Ibrahim Mohd Nor of Blue Inc who tried a free model under the stewardship of Datuk ‘Rocky’ Ahiruddin Attan with an emphasis towards Klang Valley news in 2008 but that too failed. The newspaper was then sold to a group of businessmen led by Dato’ Siew Ka Wei of the Ancom Group of Companies in 2012. It also marked Siew’s entry into the media world by setting up the Redberry Media Group with advertising assets at airports, buses, cinemas and billboards. Malay Mail shares some common shareholders with Redberry and Ancom. Besides Siew, the other directors of Malay Mail are Tan Sri Mohd Al Amin Abdul Majid and Datuk Rocky. In 2013, the Malay Mail Online website ( was launched and proved to be a hit for those seeking independent news.
      In 2018, the website was revamped and relaunched as"

      In other words, Malay Mail on line is a direct descendant of the UMNOfied Malay Mail. The UMNO DNA remains, the original editorial people are still there.

      This time, on the Anwar Ibrahim as successor report, Malay Mail Online has been caughtbwithnits zipper down.

      The video of the Mahathir interview is on You Tube. And Anwar's name as successor was clearly stated.

    7. The Malay Mail article that Ah Mok repeats ad nauseum has been discredited by actual videos of the interview, widely available on the Internet.

    8. Monsterball no frantic and desperate, worried about his KPI for dedak

    9. Just doing pro-bono public service to expose Ah Mok as a peddler of Fake News.

    10. pro-bono?? wakakaka. luckily this is in text or everyone will see you spluttering bits and pieces of your dedak from your mouth

  3. i think we hv to uphold the principle no tyranny of the majority. some worry is therefore valid as part of democracy.