Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Zakir Naik - mulut ta'mati

Star Online:

Zakir Naik plays 'pendatang' card, says Chinese should go back before he does

PETALING JAYA: Despite facing calls for deportation by multiple parties, a defiant Zakir Naik called on the Malaysian Chinese to “go back” first as they were the “old guests” of the country.

“Later on, more people came and Malaysia became fully Muslim. Then you have the Chinese coming, the Indian coming, the British coming. They are our new guests.

"People call me a guest. So I said, before me, the Chinese were the guests. They aren’t born here. If you want the new guest to go first, (then) ask the old guests to go back.

“The Chinese weren’t born here, most of them. Maybe the new generation, yes.

Eff-er has been just chewed for his racist comments on Indian Malaysians. 'Ere the din has settled down, he is already mucking around with Chinese Malaysians, wakakaka.

He must felt so protected by the PM  that he thinks he is completely immune to any outrage and protests from the Indian and Chinese Malaysians.

fellow mamak must help each other 

Penangites have a Hokkien term for such an asshole - ch'ooi3 bey3 si4 (mulut ta'mati).

When such a person (ch'ooi3 bey3 si4) is being interred and buried you can still hear him still complaining, perhaps, about the grave digger, for not digging the grave deep enough, wakakaka.

dei doggy, what are you doing here?

waiting to pee on him after he's buried

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  1. I like this PKR MP, time to go Toonsie, tick tock tick tock. This is probably your last chance to step down and still have some respect and goodwill from the rakyat. Stay longer and it will be ugly...

    Time to go, PH MP tells Dr M

    FMT Reporters - August 14, 2019

    PETALING JAYA: Pakatan Harapan’s Pasir Gudang MP Hassan Karim has urged Dr Mahathir Mohamad to step down, in what could signal deepening problems with the ruling coalition in the wake of differences among Cabinet members over controversies surrounding race and religion.

    The PKR leader said he was among MPs from PH who had signed a petition urging the Agong to swear in Mahathir as prime minister following the coalition’s general election victory last year, but that it was now time for the veteran politician to resign.

    “It is clear that he cannot address many issues facing the country today,” Hassan said in a statement.

    “To save the PH government, I believe there is no other way to prevent PH from disintegrating ahead of the Sarawak state elections such as what happened to Gagasan Rakyat, Barisan Alternatif and Pakatan Rakyat,” he added, referring to past opposition coalitions.