Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Mahathir's threat against Dong Zong

Star Online:

Dong Zong going against the law by instigating M'sians, says Dr M

By Zakiah Koya

PETALING JAYA: If Chinese educationist group Dong Zong keeps instigating the people by playing up issues pertaining to Chinese education, then it is going against the law, says Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The Prime Minister said legal action could be taken against Dong Zong if it keeps inciting people against each other.

"It is going against the law. We have freedom of speech, but we are always sensitive about not instigating people to fight with each other.

"Dong Zong is only talking about one community, forgetting that this is a multi-racial country.

"It is for the police to decide (to ban Dong Zong), " said Dr Mahathir.

He was asked to comment on the petition by a youth movement, Gerakan Pengundi Sedar, to ban Dong Zong for opposing the teaching of Jawi in vernacular schools.

Dr Mahathir repeated his statement that Dong Zong is a racist organisation and that it only fought for the Chinese and not for all races.

"It has never fought for Malaysians but only for one race. This is a multi-racial country.

"You must also take care of the feelings of other people. When we do something, we must think what other races will say, and if they are not happy, we must accommodate.

"Dong Zong has never said a word about Malaysia but always about Chinese education.

"Even when I proposed the Sekolah Wawasan (Vision Schools) to bring people together, they objected to that because it made Malay children mix with Chinese children.

"It's a very racist way for the children (not to mix). What is wrong with Chinese and Malays mingling together?

"When I was in school, there were all races – it was okay. According to Dong Zong, the children of all races must not get near each other. To have an assembly where all tree schools are together, is an anathema to Dong Zong.

"It is a racist organisation devoted to entirely to racial propagation, " said Dr Mahathir.

Dr Mahathir was speaking to the media after gracing the 21st anniversary celebrations of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport organised by Malaysia Airports Berhad here on Tuesday (Aug 13).

On the issue of preacher Dr Zakir Naik, who said that the Hindus of Malaysia are more loyal to the Indian Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir said that one should ask Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi if this was so.

He also said Malaysia could not deport Zakir to his home country where he was wanted, as he ran the risk of being killed.

His double standards have never failed to astound me. On one hand he condemned Dong Zong (which he has hated for over 4 decades) as racist because of alleged incitement of racial issue, while he protects Zakir Naik, an inciter recently for questioning the loyalty of Indian Malaysians in front of Malay crowds.

What a Kerbau hypocrite - surely we have had enough of this Eff-er.

this is slowly killing Mahathir, wakakaka 

He talked about "It's a very racist way for the children (not to mix). What is wrong with Chinese and Malays mingling together?" when there are 100,000 Malay students studying in vernacular (C) schools all over the nation, but not mentioning that OTOH non-Malays are NOT permitted to enter some universities. No, he didn't even blink.

He brazenly uttered 
"You must also take care of the feelings of other people. When we do something, we must think what other races will say, and if they are not happy, we must accommodate" a la Ketuanan Melayu without even acknowledging Dong Zong has a justified right to question Islamic calligraphy (not Jawi as so many like Lim KS has incorrectly asserted) being forced onto Year 4 kids in their Bahasa Malay classes and not Arts classes.

Is Mahathir saying that ONLY the non-Malays must think of the feelings of Muslims and thus kowtow to them to accommodate their emotions? Has Maszlee done the same for non-Muslims?

Dong Zong does not merely object to every policies the Education Ministry issues, even if the current Minister racistly believes that Chinese kids come from rich families who can afford to send them to private universities and not the taxpayers' funded Malaysian universities.

It's the religious angle that Dong Zong worries about. Dong Zong just want to protect the standards of Chinese education, not just Chinese. In Malaysiakini we read (extracts):

Dong Zong and Jiao Zong defended this view, citing the remarks of Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (Yadim) president Nik Omar Nik Abdul Aziz that learning Jawi can make it easier for youths to learn and understand the Quran.

They also cited a scholarly article on the contributions of Arabic calligraphy to the Islamic arts.

Jawi is a written script for Bahasa Malaysia that was adapted from the Arabic script.

Dong Zong and Jiao Zong said it understood the Muslim community's love for Jawi and khat and supported Yadim's aim to strengthen the mastery of Jawi by Muslim children.

As such they said, Jawi should continue to be taught as part of the Islamic studies syllabus.

"(However) the teaching of khat in the Bahasa Malaysia syllabus not only worries non-Malay parents in Chinese and Tamil schools but also non-Muslim parents in national schools.

"If khat is made compulsory for the purpose of dakwah (proselytisation of Islam), then this is not in accordance with Quranic teachings which say there is no compulsion in religion," they said.

Even Daim Zainuddin and Rafidah Aziz have both been among many Malays who criticised Maszlee for his nonsensical insertion of khat into the already much-frayed education system (which Mahathir as a former Education Minister had been responsible for, apart from then-showing his immense dislike for Chinese educationists in 1975). Everyone also knows of Maszlee's close association with Islamic organisations.

Furthermore, vernacular schools can hardly afford to waste time on a topic that is best suited for artistic expression and appreciation by more mature students, but not in a Bahasa class for Year 4. How will khat improve the Bahasa standards of non-Malay schoolkids in Year 4? 

Mahathir, you always have a grudge against the Chinese educationists and their education of schoolchildren including (currently) 100,000 Malay children. You are just plain jealous of their standards.


(1) Vietnam computer powerhouse, Malaysia housemaids powerhouse.


  1. The children of pendatangs should not be bigheaded just because they pay their income taxes. If the concept of tanah tumpah darah is still alien to them,the time will come when the bumiputras of Tanah Melayu will ensure their ultimate repatriation to India and China.

  2. Perhaps a civil war can settle all this? If the malays cant have their own land, then no other races can.. Burn! Let the last race stand owns the land.. Or will they? be a lap dog for their new masters, the west when they interfere? Hmmm.. Hahaha.. So whats the verdict? To burn or not to burn? That is the question..

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