Friday, August 23, 2019

Paul Yong framed???

Star Online:

Ngeh: Man paid RM100k to take maid to lodge rape report against Paul Yong


Ngeh Koo Ham

on declaration of assets to MACC, he is currently the 'richest' politician, but we know "otherwise", don't we, wakakaka

IPOH: The man who brought the Indonesian maid to lodge a police report over her alleged rape by a Perak executive council member received RM100,000, claims Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham.

The Perak State Speaker said the new information was obtained after a meeting with the man at a hotel here on Thursday (Aug 22) at about 6pm.

“I’ve met the man face to face, in the presence of other YBs.“He said he received RM100,000 and was also threatened by a man with a gun not to tell anyone about it,” Ngeh told reporters after lodging a police report at the district police station here on the same night.

“Based on this new information and report, I hope the police will investigate the matter further, ” he said.

State exco member Paul Yong, who was alleged to have raped the 23-year-old maid, is set to be charged at the Sessions Court on Friday (Aug 23).

Ngeh said with the new information, he believed a plot was hatched against Yong.

“We will only bring the man and disclose further information during police investigation.

“We also want to protect him and hope the truth will be upheld, ” he said.

“It is only when the case is fully investigated that we know the agenda behind the accusation, ” he added.


KT notes:

Paul Yong's lawyer, Ramkarpal Singh, said that based on this new information, the AG should withdraw the charges against Yong.

Ramkarpal Singh 

Legally that could be so but I doubt politically the AG will, as the action will invite accusations of 'siapa raja', wakakaka.

damn it Ramkarpal, can't you ask me something simpler, like steps for the rumba? 

Meanwhile, the mafulat-ish MB of Perak advises Paul Yong to take leave, but Paul ignores him, saying he hasn't been found guilty and would continue working, another wakakaka.

eff those farmers, my footballers need the land
... to play football ...?

eff those aborigines, there's no such thing as aborigine ancestral land

besides, a RM2 company needs to work the timber


  1. The hotel probably has CCTVs that can confirm that the meeting actually took place and perhaps we can capture an image of the man Ngeh talks about. Other YBs were also witnesses.

    Rape cases are often proved by the presence of the man’s DNA on the woman’s private parts. In this case the maid was medically examined soon after the alleged rape took place. But working as a housemaid for a married couple means she has easy access to the accused’s DNA. It is possible that it is a frame up and should be looked into.

  2. Don't underestimate "gatal-ness" even among DAP men.