Tuesday, August 20, 2019

PM No 8th speaks


Move on from racial sentiments and siege mentality, Anwar tells Redzuan

Annabelle Lee  |  Published: 
There is no reason for the Malays to worry about their privileges as they are guaranteed by the Federal Constitution, said Anwar Ibrahim.
The PKR president thus called for an end to racial sentiments and the “siege mentality” adopted by certain quarters.
This was in response to Entrepreneur Development Minister Mohd Redzuan Yusof’s recent call for Malays to rise up to defend their culture against “racial demands”.
“This siege mentality and harbouring of these racial sentiments is certainly unwise.
“It is an attempt to placate the extremist sentiments or to rationalise some of our limitations.
“There is nothing stopping us from embarking on more effective efforts to enhance education and the level of proficiency of Bahasa Malaysia, to disseminate Islam as the religion on the federation, and also to protect the provisions of Article 153.
“And this has never been sabotaged or opposed by the non-Malays; the Chinese or Indians,” Anwar said during a press conference in Cheras this evening.
“So I think let's work together. Let's move on and let’s save this country [...] The less we harbour racial suspicions, it's better,” he added.
Malaysia belongs to all
As for Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin recent statement that Malaysia belonged to the Malays, Anwar said he disagreed.
“I don’t wish to elaborate on the mufti’s personal opinion but Malaysia belongs to Malaysians.
“[...] All citizens have the same rights and the same freedoms,” he said.
Once again, Anwar stressed the special position of the Malays, the Malay language, the position of Islam as the religion of the country, and the Malay rulers were all guaranteed by the constitution.
“This is enough and sufficient.
“We should now work on restoring the harmony and love among the people in our country,” he added.


  1. Anwar and Guanee both give the same advice about the khat issue....”let’s move on...” they both think alike.

    I think they make a great team - PM/DPM, to reflect the number of seats their parties hold in Parliament.

    Let’s move on, Anwar says of khat lessons

    Published on 20 August 2019

    KUALA LUMPUR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has called on the public to move on from the controversial khat issue, following feedback from Putrajaya.

    According to the PKR president, issues of national concern take precedence over minor ones like the teaching of the Malay-Arabic calligraphy in vernacular schools.

    “Let’s work together, move on and save the country. Realise that this is our common duty,” said Anwar during a press conference today.....

    Guan Eng: Khat is optional, not compulsory so let’s move on

    August 8, 2019

    KUCHING: DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng has urged Malaysians to move on now that the government has decided that the teaching of khat or Jawi calligraphy in vernacular primary schools is optional, a news report said.

  2. PM 8 is likely Azmin ? wakakakaka

  3. Bleeding-heartish fart for the political correctness crowd!

    When the crunches reach the red line, it WOULD still be alifbata guidelines coming first!

  4. Actually Anthony Loke would make a great DPM, better choice than Guanee I think.

    It is obvious Toonsie's grand succession plan for PM8 has been severely damaged in recent months.

    First Azmin's sex video. Azmin has yet to swear and deny he is gay and that he is not the man in the video.

    Second Toonsie mis-judged the khat issue, thinking he could cripple DAP but instead he had to make two embarrassing concessions in the face of scathing criticism from the DAP grassroots that voted for him, thus proving the strength of their 6 ministers and 42 MPs within the cabinet and coalition.

    Third, instead of using Zakar Naik to gain Malay-Muslim support this fake preacher has instead been an embarrassment to Toonsie, and again due to strong public pushback from DAP elected representatives (4 of them being sued) Toonsie was forced to reign in Zakar Naik.

    Fourth, the Lynas issue won't go away and now Anwar supports a review of the license extension and the conditions. It is clear that Toonsie fell for the trap set by Lynas. The conditions for the license extension are all favourable to Lynas and is in line with their own exit strategy.

    Fifth, the weakness and lack of depth of the Bersatu ministers are laid bare....Sick-Man and Baggage-Laden Muhyiddin, Maszlee "Black Shoes" Malik, Redzuan "flying car", Syed Saddiq "Go-Jerk", Rina "Who?" Harun and finally Toonsie "3rd National Car" himself...

    Bersatu has never been in a weaker position than now, so do expect a strong "race and religion" push from their supporters, as is the usual practice in Malaysia when all else fails....