Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Latheefa Beebi Koya, what is this?


I was just helping out a friend - Mukhriz on S'wak logging rights

Haspaizi Zain  |  Published: 
Kedah Menteri Besar Mukhriz Mahathir (photo) claimed that he didn’t benefit much by intervening to help a third party obtain land in Sarawak.
He described it as an “old story” where he was trying to help a friend.
“That’s an old story, in 1994. Even I have forgotten about it. I was helping a friend; he applied (for land), so he asked (me) to get involved.
“So, I just helped him out, but I didn’t get many benefits from the award of the land. I’m not sure if it was 1,000 acres or 1,000 hectares,” he told reporters when met in Kuala Lumpur this evening.
Previously on Aug 15, the website Sarawak Report named Mukhriz, who is also the son of Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, as a beneficiary to 1,000 hectares of logging rights in Sarawak in 1994.
Documents published by Sarawak Report suggested that Mukhriz was once the chairperson of Tanjung Tiara and wrote to the Sarawak government for permission to clear Lot 63 of the Sawai District in September 1994.
Mahathir was the fourth prime minister of Malaysia at the time, while Taib Mahmud was the Sarawak chief minister.
Mukhriz said that since the matter had taken place a long time ago, he had even forgotten the name of the company Tanjung Tiara.
Nevertheless, he said the land awarded to the company was small for Sarawak.
“For Sarawak, this is probably normal, it’s not such a big piece of land.
“It’s so long ago that I don’t even remember the name of the company when it was mentioned, because I haven’t been involved in the company for so long,” he said.


  1. KT insists Latheefa the foxhound sniffs around and investigates Mukhriz.

    But why mention ONLY Mukhriz? Is it because he is the son of Toonsie and there is a score to settle?

    KT does not insist Latheefa investigates the original suspicion of corruption against JC Fong, the current Sarawak Legal Advisor.

    Why? Because there is no score to settle there? How convenient. Investigate only the people I don’t like. Sound familiar?

    Note: Francis Paul Siah is also silent about investigating JC Fong. Is it because his rally cry: “Sarawak for Sarawakians” includes corruption?

    If Mukhriz is to be investigated, so must JC Fong. No favouritism.

    1. wouldn't investigating Mukhriz embraces investigating JC Fong? and who is the bigger fish? are you against investigating Mukhriz?

  2. Yes, yes, MACC must investigate 1994 case, but forget about 2014 cases- 2014 is old history.

    1. aren't those being investigated and in fact already in court? shall we ignore all cases between 1981 to 2003? Aiyoyo, you have swallowed too much dedak

  3. bitch do what a bitch supposed to do.