Friday, August 16, 2019

PM's Ayatollah-ish Powers?

Malaysiakini - Insubordinate ministers must quit or be axed - PAS (extracts):

PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan 

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad should remove members of his cabinet who are often opposed to his policies, according to PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan.

He cited Article 43(2)(b) of the Federal Constitution, which stipulates that a cabinet minister is appointed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong on the advice of the prime minister.

“Therefore, cabinet ministers cannot adopt a stand which is different from the prime minister on matters related to national policies, especially after it is decided by the government through cabinet.

“Such action is a violation of ministerial responsibility and can even be considered insubordination,” he added in a media statement this afternoon.

Therefore, Takiyuddin urged cabinet ministers who are not on the same page with the prime minister to resign to prevent chaos and instability in the nation.

“PAS also feels that if the prime minister finds any of his ministers being frequently opposed to the policies which he intends to bring forth for the interest of the nation and people, then the prime minister must advise the Agong to revoke the ministers' appointment based on the above mentioned article,” he added.

Takiyuddin was among the opposition leaders who met Mahathir in Putrajaya last month to reportedly pledge their support for the latter to continue serving until the end of his term.

Of course Takiyuddin was 'char koay teow-ing' and it's not even halal (politically). He was deliberately causing 'grief' to the Pakatan cabinet by stirring shit amongst them, casting the golden apple of discord as Eris, the Greek goddess of strife and discord, did to plant the casus belli for the Trojan War.

Eris, the Greek goddess of strife and discord 

In a Westminster parliamentary model, the PM is known as the 'primus inter pares', which means 'the first among equals'. Note in particular the key word 'equals'.

In other words, the PM is not superior to the other ministers even if the Constitution lays down the procedure for building up and thus appointing personalities to the cabinet. He is given the No 1 position in the cabinet, thus making him the First or by consensus the leader but only among equals (elected representatives).

But there is some truth in what Takiyuddin said, that if any of his ministers has been frequently opposing the cabinet agreed policies which the PM intends to bring forth for the interest of the nation and people, then the PM has a right to advise the Agong to revoke the ministers' appointment.

But poor Takiyuddin left out some vital points to the condition of the PM revoking appointments of ministers, namely:

(a) in the first place the policies must be agreed by the cabinet, and not just the unilateral decision of the PM alone, wakakaka. I believe through our reading of current news, most cabinet ministers did (do?) NOT agree with the PM on the cases of Lynas, Zakir Naik, Dong Zong, Khat, Car No 3, etc.

But what could they do when Mahathir might have threatened to play 'silly boy' and take his soccer ball home if the team doesn't agree to him being centre-forward. He does have at least 13 MPs which is a critical number in a coalition without 2/3 majority. By merajuking, Mahathir could bring down the Pakatan government.

So if ministers still disagree or oppose the PM, but watch helplessly as the PM's policies are nonetheless being issued, it's the PM (not those ministers) who needs to watch out, resigns or STFU.

(b) the cabinet decision must be consensual which we doubt considering Mahathir's character and proclivity for unilateralism (discussed above), but by Takiyuddin's own words, those policies must be brought forth for the interest of the nation and people, which we all know, the cabinet has been vociferously questioning on those (absence of) purported merits, eg. Lynas.

Would the PM dare to take that issue to the final end? He may find his own appointment revoked instead.

But in the end, we know Takiyuddin has been 'char koay teow-ing' in a most un-halal way, wakakaka. Naughty naughty.

More importantly for us, let's read the subtext of Takiyuddin's message. He has at the same time unwittingly projected his mentality (and no doubt those of his PAS colleagues) a scenario of the unquestioned, unchallenged and supreme Ayatollah-ish powers of a PM. And that's what frightens me to sh*t.

If PAS ever comes to majority rule in Malaysia, bye bye Democracy.


  1. PAS version of democracy will reflect the rights of the majority. So be it.

    1. Without checks and balances, and the right for different views to be heard, the majority can simply be a form of tyranny.

      Germany and Japan's policies and actions in 1932 - 1945 no doubt were supported by the majority in those countries- and led them, and the world to disaster.
      Every year in August , there will be protests against the Atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
      While the deaths, and the other war deaths are a tragedy. the bombings were a part of the war Japan started. They reaped the harvest

  2. That is why we need to support ministers, MPs and assemblymen like those from DAP and PKR who dare to speak up against Toonsie.

    7 Pahang DAP reps issue joint statement slamming cabinet over Lynas

    Seven Pahang DAP state assemblypersons have come together to reaffirm their opposition to the continued operation of Lynas’s rare-earths processing plant in Gebeng, near Kuantan.

    "We are deeply disappointed by the cabinet’s decision to extend Lynas's operating license for six months," said the seven today, revealing divisions within the ruling Pakatan Harapan federal government on the issue.

    The seven were Lee Chin Chen (Bilut), Young Syefura Othman (Ketari), Kamache Doray Rajoo (Sabai), Chow Yu Hui (Tras), Chiong Yoke Kong (Tanah Rata), Woo Chee Wan (Mentakab) and Leong Yu Man (Triang).

    "We are of the opinion that the cabinet should listen to the views of the Anti-Lynas Movement.

  3. Anwar Using Zakir Naik to Screw Tun Dr M....Zakir Naik think Tun Will Die Soon.....WIN-WIN...Zakir Naik gets to Stay and Talibankan Malaysia!!...Sabah-Sarawak waiting for opportunity to sack malaya and be like Singapore...that is the dream Now!!...Its over for Azmin...Rafidah the Dark horse now!!

  4. It is clear that DAP alone cannot close Lynas. The promise they made before GE14 was with the (then) full backing from their Harapan partners PKR, Amanah and Bersatu who also campaigned against Lynas. Now after GE14 Bersatu has betrayed DAP. Some in PKR like Zuraidah, Azmin and I suspect some from Amanah as well have changed their minds.

    Yeo Bee Yin, Wong Tack, Fuziah (and Tan Bun Teet) have remained true to their cause, as all other DAP elected representatives. So why are we asking them to resign? To do that would be a betrayal to the people who put them there to shut Lynas down. Quit now and Lynas will be given permanent licence, all restricting conditions removed. End of Debate. No Discussion, Ayatollah wins.

    Wouldn’t it be better to have a strong anti-Lynas movement within the government and cabinet? Be the thorn at Ayatollah’s side, not the barking dog from outside on the streets.

    But if these people too change their stance they must resign.

    Zuraida says she will help Lynas find suitable site for waste disposal facility
    Bernama - August 16, 2019

    PEKAN: Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin said today that her ministry would work with the Pahang government to find a suitable site for the Lynas’ rare earths processing company’s permanent disposal facility (PDF) to store its water leach purification (WLP) residue.

    The government has renewed Lynas’ licence for another six months, but with three conditions.

    Lynas will have to move its cracking and leaching process, which is currently conducted at its plant in Gebeng here, out of the country.

    Lynas will also have to identify a specific site to construct a PDF and it will also have to end all research and development activities related to the use of the radioactive WLP residue as Condisoil for use in agriculture.

    “This (extension of Lynas’ operating licence) is a Cabinet decision that was discussed and agreed upon.

    “I am a Cabinet member, so I must follow the decision taken by the Cabinet,” Zuraida told reporters after attending a function here.

    Lynas’ plant in Gebeng, Kuantan, has been mired in controversy with some quarters wanting it out of the country while others are all for it because of its economic spin-offs.

    The company itself has repeatedly stated that it complies with all safety standards.

    In KUANTAN, Beserah assemblyman Andansura Rabu said the conditions attached showed the government’s seriousness in addressing the issue.

    As such, he called on all quarters to “stop the polemics” and give room to the company to comply with the conditions.

    Meanwhile, the organisers of an anti-Lynas campaign, Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL), have not obtained permission from Kuantan Municipal Council (MPK) to hold a gathering at Taman Gelora on Sunday.

    Kuantan police chief Mohd Noor Yusof Ali said MPK was the owner of the recreational park and the council has yet to approve the rally.

    He said during a meeting with the organisers and their lawyers several days ago, police had informed them to obtain a permit for the rally from the council, as required under the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012,

    “The organisers haven’t obtained the approval yet,” he said.

    As such, Noor reminded the organisers to comply with the requirement.

    He said the anti-Lynas organisers will need to look for a new venue if they failed to obtain approval from MPK.

    “I advise the parties involved not to break the law.”

    SMSL chairman Tan Bun Teet claimed they had submitted their application to MPK two weeks ago but had not received any response yet.

  5. It seems like we treat foreigners better than locals; Lynas got licence to continue polluting Malaysia with radioactive waste, a foreign aphrodisiac peddler Zakar Naik got licence to stay permanently in Malaysia and continue to make hate speeches like asking the Chinese here to go back to China


    ordinary Malaysians must get permit to gather in a public park.

    Kuantan anti-Lynas gathering yet to get approval
    Aug 16th, 2019

    The organisers of an anti-Lynas campaign, Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL) have not obtained permission from Kuantan Municipal Council (MPK) on holding a gathering at Taman Gelora on Sunday.

    Kuantan police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Noor Yusof Ali said he was made to understand that MPK was the owner of the recreational park and the council has yet to approve the rally.

    He said police have informed on the need to obtain a permit for the rally from the premises owner as required under the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 during a meeting with the organisers and their lawyers several days ago.

    “They know they need to get MPK’s approval as the premises owner, but until now, I was informed that the organisers haven’t obtained the approval yet,” he said when contacted in Kuantan today.

    As such, Mohamad Noor reminded the organisers to comply with the requirement and immediately give notice to the police as soon as permission to use Taman Gelora as the venue is obtained.

    He said the anti-Lynas organisers will need to look for a new venue if they failed to obtain approval from MPK as the gathering would be deemed invalid and action would be taken.

    “I advise the parties involved not to bring any legal violations to their actions. Obey the law and even the organising lawyer has agreed to abide by the rules at the previous meeting,” he explained.

    Meanwhile, Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL) anti-Lynas group chairperson Tan Bun Teet claimed they have submitted their application to MPK two weeks ago, but have not received any response yet. - Bernama


    Look at how Ah Mok attacked anyone who criticised his beloved PM Najib

    1. PM Najib? Now you know why I have said Monsterball is one big bullshitter and Maahathir's balls licker

  7. If we can criticise and blame Toonsie for his decision to allow ARE Rare Earth factory to operate 50 years ago when the dangers of this type of facility were not well understood why can’t we criticise and blame Jibby for his decision to allow Lynas to operate 10 years ago?

    If anything Jibby’s decision was more stupid than Toonsie’s because of what we had learned from ARE’s bad experience.

    Furthermore, Jibby granted Lynas tax-free status and a licence to operate WITHOUT having a permanent radioactive waste disposal facility.

    Yes Toonsie was/is stupid, he just approved Lynas’s 4-year exit strategy, they are now building a gigantic rare earth factory in Texas USA, ready in 4 years time, when the tax-free status runs out. But Jibby was also stupid.

    Lynas’ strategy now is to run the factory full speed for the next 4 years to build up rare earths inventory, it is a valuable commodity to stockpile and sell with the price increasing all the time.

    The cracking and leaching plant they are building in WA is actually for the Texas US plant because the US won’t accept radioactive material unlike stupid Malaysia, and this WA plant will only be ready in 3 years time (read below). But they make it sound like they are building it for their Malaysian plant. Bullshit.

    In four years Pahang will be left with a couple of million tonnes of radioactive waste, Lynas tax free status runs out, they will wave bye-bye to Malaysia and the 1,000 local employees will be left stranded.

    Lynas plans new plant in US after facing problems in Malaysia

    Monday, 20 May 2019

    MELBOURNE: Rare earths producer Lynas Corp on Tuesday unveiled detailed plans to spend A$500 million (US$346 million) to boost production and set up an initial processing facility in Western Australia by 2025.

    The plan includes investing in its processing facility in Malaysia, where Lynas is facing problems in getting license renewals for its plant due to concerns over waste storage, and building out a heavy metals facility in the United States.

    Shares in Lynas, which in March rebuffed a $1.1 billion takeover offer from Australian conglomerate Wesfarmers Ltd , surged as much as 12% to a 5-1/2 month high on the Australian stock exchange.

    “The geopolitics is highlighting the value of Lynas’ reliable supply,” said Matthew Ryland at Greencape Capital, the company’s second-biggest shareholder.

    The investment comes as concerns mount that supplies of rare earths, used in everything from consumer electronics to military equipment supply, could be impacted by Sino-U.S. trade tensions.

    China produces about three quarters of the world’s Neodymium and Praseodymium (NdPr), used in magnets for electric motors.

    Lynas said it expects demand for NdPr to accelerate from 2021 due to demand from electric vehicles.

    The company plans to increase production of NdPr production to 10,500 tonnes a year, up from an annualised rate of about 6,300 tonnes in the March quarter.

    “When it comes to providing high quality magnets... China has it all - an industry structured around six SOEs (state-owned enterprises) from mine to magnets,” Lynas vice president of sales and marketing, Pol Le Roux, told an investor call.

    “The only alternatives to this monopoly is the Lynas and Japan alliance,” he said. Japan is Lynas’ major customer.

    Lynas mines rare earth minerals in Western Australia and processes them at its plant in Malaysia. It is in talks with Malaysia to renew its operating licence, which is due to expire by September, but has said it cannot meet demands to export years of stockpiled residue by then.

    The company has said previously it has been considering initial ore processing near its Australian mine, at Mt Weld, and also in the town of Kalgoorlie, which would ease concerns about future stockpiling of waste at its Malaysian plant.

    Broker CLSA has pegged the cost of building a cracking and leaching plant at about A$100 million over three years.

    On Monday, Lynas also said it would develop a separation facility in the United States with Texas-based Blue Line Corp. - Reuters

    1. which has been why Najib has been voted out of the PM's position

      now who's the PM (still Najib?) approving Lynas' continued ops?

  8. If it is indeed true that Toonsie is manipulating the Lynas, Zakar Naik and Khat issues to split DAP, then there is even more reason for DAP not to quit Harapan. Quitting will mean Ayatollah wins. He will have total dictatorial power again.

    Instead it will be better for DAP to be the thorn at the Ayatollah’s side, from within the cabinet and government. The people put them there. Don’t go back to square 1.

    All those examples about politicians who quit on the basis of principles, well, the Falkland Islands were still invaded by the Brits, the NHS plans still went ahead etc. Their quitting made no difference to the outcomes, but the people’s voices fromwithin the government were lost.

    So DAP should not quit the government as long as they stick to their pre-GE14 positions.

  9. QUOTE
    Harapan MPs with integrity should resign if Lynas stays
    Kua Kia Soong
    Aug 8th, 2019

    ...,The act of resigning reinforces integrity, responsibility and accountability. By resigning, individuals in office are merely living up to their promises made to their electorate. The voters, in turn, expect their elected representative to make good those promises and to be able to be effective. If the elected representatives fail to achieve the most important objective which is to stop Lynas, there can be no stronger moral reason than for them to resign their seats.....

    .....In 2003, then leader of the House of Commons in the UK, Robin Cook, resigned over the Iraq invasion. It earned him a standing ovation in the House of Commons. Harold Wilson resigned as a junior minister protesting at the introduction of NHS medical charges. Following the Argentinian invasion of the Falklands in 1982, Richard Luce, then minister for state for foreign affairs resigned from his post. And as the press turned against the government and public unrest grew, Lord Carrington resigned along with two of his junior ministers on the principle of ministerial mismanagement.

    The outcomes from the examples quoted by Dr Kua Kia Soong:

    a. MP Robin Cook got his 10-second moment of fame, a standing ovation at the House of Commons, but after he left PM David “War Monger” Cameron got an easier path to invading and obliterating Iraq

    b. Harold Wilson resigned over proposed changes to the NHS but after he left the changes were put through anyway

    c. Richard Luce and Lord Carrington resigned over the decision to invade The Falkland Islands, thus their electorate lost their voice in the House of Commons. Their resignations only smoothened the way for PM Iron Lady Margaret “Ayatollah” Thatcher ha ha ha to invade The Falkland Islands.

    So guys, quitting won’t help. Quitting is a one-time tantrum-ic act. You get your moment of fame but your voice to effect change is lost and it smoothens the path for the opposing view.

    As long as you remain true to your position pre-GE14, you have the duty to your electorate to fight for their cause from within the government.

    1. no one said quit help, it only means u preserve yr integrity. but i doubt those that criticize can also walk the talk, we r now pretty sure most from dap cant, kua never demonstrate he can.

    2. Preserve integrity & also walk the talk!

      Wow!! How noble le. Superficially!

      A political representative is been elected to do jobs - rectify the past ills & prevent future possible malfeasances. A tall order, but that's basically what the job entails.

      Hidden in that description IS a logic that single-minded mfer, like u, DONT want to understand.

      Quit, if u can't handle this election promise. One isn't honest if one can't settle a hot potato the way u demand!

      That isn't showing integrity but chicken out!

      U r been elected to solve countless sopo issues. Definitely not on just one single issue! U fail the people who elect u to give their voice in a administrative chamber when u quit on single issue to prove that u walk the talk!

      That's not showing political maturity & act as a responsible elected member.

      Yet most of the gimmicky political shows happened in the west demoncracy r single issue related.

      This is even more of a walking between the fine line of sopo art when it party is just a member of a coalition govt.

      Kua ks is a proven failure as a politician. Maybe politikus too. But at least he yadda yadda with efforts & some interesting insights.


      A moronic know nothing, trying hard to show yr idiosyncratic one-liners to let the world know yr stupidity.

    3. i am here for a purpose to expose idiot, braggart n liar, n to also explore y 贱民 support dictatorship, is it indoctrinate or innate, u r my main research object.

    4. Ya-loh!

      Read back what I have written as a possible epitaph for a mfer 贱民 still yadda yadda-ing about his 'higher' purpose of distributing his fart!

    5. no reread pls, i dun wan vomit a second time.

    6. What have u to vomit?

      Acidic stomach juice of a f*cked head who don't recall his own fart!

  10. pas's simple interpretation of democracy is the majority shall lord over the minority and since malaysia is a Muslim majority country you can't argue with that, very Islamic, but in a civilised and modern democracy, example kafir Germany, the gomen respect everyone's rights including the minority and lets hope every modern and civilised democracy stays that way and as someone said they can't even produce their own underwear, they will probably turn every bmw into a camel, gods gift of a solar powered vehicle

  11. I am Malaysian Chinese. I am voting PAS next election GE15 to SPITE ALL THOSE Arrogant Bersih-type 95% Chinese who voted DAP in GE14. Let them SUFFER for their ill-treatment and lies against Najib.