Monday, August 19, 2019

Lynas is OK, Mahathir and "his" experts say so

MM Online:

No word from Lynas on location of permanent disposal facility, says Pahang MB

Wan Rosdy said the Pahang state government has not discussed with Lynas pertaining to the location of its permanent disposal facility

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KUANTAN, Aug 19 — The rare earth processing company Lynas Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Lynas) has yet to submit a formal application on the specific location of the Permanent Disposal Facility for its Water Leached Purification (WLP) residue in the state.

Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail said so far, the state government never discussed with Lynas pertaining to PDF, as one of the conditions following the Cabinet decision to renew Lynas' licence for another six months effective Sept 3.

“If there is a discussion or application, the priority of the state government will be the people’s safety. That part we are very clear.

“ the same time, this also involves the investment aspect as Lynas has invested up to billions in the country. We will look into all aspects of this issue. We want to hear experts opinions. If experts say Lynas is safe, then we will focus.

“If not the experts, who else do we want to listen to? We are not experts in this area. It is certain that the state government will not do anything that is harmful to the people,” he said at the Pahang State Assembly sitting here today.

Mahathir has stated that he would believe the 'experts' rather than voices of protest in the public. His 'experts' are the blokes working in Lynas, wakakaka.

The Old Man has no concept of, or has as usual totally ignore the principle of 'conflict of interest'. that's his normal dictatorial Kerbau.

he owns 40 horses and lately, millions of kerbau's

his horses eat carrots


  1. Please Toonsie, listen to car experts, they all say 3rd national car sure die. Proton and Perodua cukup lah.


    Are you saying the IAEA is lying to or has a hidden conflict of interest ?
    You better be able to prove that.

    I am not a Mahathir supporter, but I find the anti-Lynas protests very tiring and annoying.
    Truly a fact-free movement

    1. Moron!

      Iaea is lying bcoz it had been given corrupted/adulterated/incompetently measured data to come to its conclusion.

      Recalled that iaea said the same thing about the safety of ARE operation. Yet, later days measurements by other experts (read them up lah, petrifies brain) proved conclusively that ARE operation generated concentrated doses of toxic radioactive wastes far exceed international approved safety level!

      What gives?

      Did iaea blasted anything about the earlier safety advices given to ARE?

      Zilch.! None! Silence!

    2. The IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) - UN agency based in Vienna -was never invited to assess A.R.E. back in the 1980's, but this time round, they have certainly been invited to assess on Lynas radiological safety.

      Listen to the independent experts, the world's premier nuclear safety agency.

      And make sure you can prove it, if you are going to accuse them of bias or conflict of interest.

    3. I standby what I had said!

      Iaea based it's assessment on data corrected by the locals, especially aelb.

      And aelb has proven to be a gaji buta outfit ever since ARE incident!

      Garbage in garbage out - especially with corrupted/adulterated/incompetently measured data!

      Perhaps, should add that NEVER crossed the mind of the iaea personal that a country CAN fool around with nuclear toxic data!

  3. If the DAP goons are truthfully against Lynas, now is the time to resign en bloc.

    1. U learned from that moronic rd zombie dangdut happy he pal?

  4. That’s the way Guanee, be the thorn in Toonsie’s side, don’t waver on Lynas and don’t quit Harapan.

    If DAP quits Harapan, Ayatollah wins. Lynas will stay here forever.

    Don’t be like MCA in the past, no guli, quiet as a mouse when in government, support Jibby all the way on Lynas. Now in opposition pretend to care for rakyat. Too late.

  5. Don't you just love the New Malaysia....where a mere Deputy Minister in the PM's Department dares to go against the orders of the PM himself. Toonsie is right, Harapan government is NOT the same as BN government.

    Well done Fuziah, you may get sacked by Toonsie tomorrow BUT DON'T QUIT.

    What a contrast to former FULL minister in PM's department Wee Ka Siong....keep totally silent buat tak tahu only chant Yes Sir Yes Sir Three Bags Full, playing Sudah-lah-aku not only on Lynas but 1MDB, Felda, UEC recognition, Jawi/Khat which he introduced when he was Deputy Education Minister etc etc.

    But now in opposition he suddenly become so caring for the rakyat and very noisy ha ha ha...

    Don’t help Lynas with permanent disposal facility, MP urges Pahang govt

    FMT Reporters - August 19, 2019

    PETALING JAYA: Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh has called on the Pahang government not to allow Lynas Malaysia Sdn Bhd to establish a permanent disposal facility (PDF) to store its water leach purification (WLP) residue as it will create problems and dangers.

    Fuziah said the space required by Lynas would be “100 times more” than the Asia Rare Earth facility at Bukit Merah, Perak, adding that Lynas currently produces 1 million tonnes of scheduled waste and 500,00 metric tonnes of radioactive WLP residue.

    “In four years, radioactive WLP residue will increase exponentially,” she said.

    According to her, the radioactive waste contains thorium which has a lifespan of 14 billion years.

    Fuziah reiterated her stance that Lynas’ operating licence should be cancelled and applications for a PDF site should be rejected, although no application has been made yet.

    “It is enough that the state has borne the burden of Lynas before this, we should not continue to bear this burden,” she said.

    This comes after Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin said her ministry will work with the Pahang government to find a suitable site for the PDF.

    Zuraida told reporters that as a member of the Cabinet, she had to follow their decision.

    Last week, Putrajaya decided to renew the operating licence for the Lynas rare earths plant in Gebeng, Kuantan, by six months on certain conditions.

    Among others, it said the company must identify a PDF with written approval from the relevant state government, or get official permission from the authorities of any country to transfer its residue there.

    It also said that Lynas must build its cracking and leaching facility outside Malaysia within four years of the renewal, after which it would not be allowed to produce radioactive residue exceeding one becquerel per gramme at its plant.

    Earlier today, Pahang Menteri Besar Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail said Lynas had not submitted a formal application for a specific location to set up a PDF in the state.

    He said that if an application was received, the priority of the state government would be the people’s safety, adding that “that part we are very clear”.