Monday, August 19, 2019

Scifi Towering Malaysian

MM Online:

Malaysian author Zen Cho bags Hugo sci-fi award for best novelette


Malaysian author Zen Cho has chalked up several wins in the science fiction genre

Picture by Darren Johnson/IDJ Photography via

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 19 — Malaysian-born author Zen Cho has won the prestigious Hugo award, arguably the premier prize for the best work in science fiction.

The novelette titled If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again, was published at the B&N Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog on November last year.

She received the award at a ceremony during the 77th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) in Dublin, Ireland, on August 18.

According to the blog, the novelette tells a story of an Imugi (a lesser dragon) who goes on a journey to attain the form of a full-fledged dragon and gain entry to the gates of heaven. Along the way, the Imugi meets a girl who accompanies the lesser dragon on its journey.

The prestigious award is named after Hugo Gernsback, who founded the pioneering science fiction magazine Amazing Stories, and who is considered one of the “fathers” of the science fiction genre.

Literary works are eligible for an award if they were published in the prior calendar year, or translated into English in the prior calendar year.

Responding to her win, Cho tweeted her heartfelt gratitude to her fans.

“Thank you to everyone for the kind congratulations. I cannot answer your tweets personally because my mentions have been murdered by happy fanfic writers celebrating their 0.000001% of a Hugo,” she said.

Cho, who now resides in the UK, had beaten five other authors for the prize.

The Hugo Award is big in the world of science fiction or 'scifi'. It's seen as equivalent to a category in the Hollywood Academy Award (Oscar) or a category in the Nobel Prizes. The award started in 1955.

Congratulations to Zen Cho for her prize.


  1. Congratulations !
    Amazing, the Hugo Awards, the ultimate accolade in the world of Science Fiction literature,

  2. Talents without honor in their own homeland....!!!

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    2. No, but she's the sort of Anglophile that Dong Zong-types also dislike.

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  4. Correction! Zen Cho's award is

    The Hugo Award for Best Novelette is one of the Hugo Awards given each year for science fiction or fantasy stories published or translated into English during the previous calendar year.

    Her won category is fantasy NOT sci-fi!

    1. nowadays there is no longer a distinct division between scifi and fantasy - just go to any bookstore in Australia and you will see them in the same category

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  6. Comparable to Nobel Prize?
    What substances are you taking, do tell us.

    1. a substance called Literature a sin the Nobel prize for Literature. Ever heard of it?

    2. In the world of Science Fiction, the Hugo Awards ARE the Nobel Prize.
      Just like in the world of Movie Making, the Oscars are the ultimate recognition.

    3. The award she received and the Nobel Prize are poles apart..
      Fake news.

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