Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Why Mahathir was pissed off with AAB

From the Malay Mail Online about Mahathir being pissed off with AAB because of Anwar:

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 1 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad initiated his campaign against Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi over the latter’s refusal to intervene in the judiciary’s decision to release Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim from prison, according to the fifth prime minister’s biography.

In his campaign against Abdullah, Dr Mahathir had accused his former deputy of various transgressions including corruption.

But Abdullah’s biographer, Datuk Wong Sulong, quoted Umno “insiders” as saying the decision not to interfere in Anwar’s case was the true reason why Dr Mahathir had sought to remove the man he handpicked as his successor.

“What really incensed Mahathir was Abdullah’s decision not to intervene in the Federal Court’s decision to quash the sodomy conviction against Anwar. Had Abdullah set Mahathir’s nemesis free to haunt him?” read the biography Being Abdullah Ahmad Badawi — The Authorised Biography released yesterday.

“Umno insiders say, far more than any other issues, Abdullah’s refusal to intervene in the judicial process to stop the release of Anwar was the real reason why Mahathir decided that Abdullah had to be removed.”

Mahathir has been and presumably is still pissed off with:

(a) Chinese Malaysians

(b) Anwar Ibrahim (yes he still hates Anwar, notwithstanding his recent bullshit, wakakaka)

(c) Najib Razak

Now we add another to the list, namely AAB.


  1. u oso seem to pissed of with

    1. anwar azmin n pkr
    2. umno except dedak gang
    3. pas especially hadi.
    4. muslim malaysia.
    5. of course mahathir.

  2. yg dia paling marah ialah bapak koridor tak lantik anak dia jadi naib ketua pemuda umno (baru). kes pak syeikh, jambatan bengkok etc cuma tambahan. pak lah tak ikut tradisi.

    adakah dia bapak penswastaan, akan peduli tentang 1mbd, altantuya, sirul etc etc sekiranya bapak transfomasi lantik anak dia jadi salah seorang naib presiden umno (baru)?