Friday, November 11, 2016

Same Same

From Malaysiakini by Eric Loo on how Trump had won:

 [...] Trump did not win the US presidency because he appealed to “Americans who have been left behind - those who want to see their government more focused on their interests and welfare”.

Trump won because he unashamedly exploited the myopic mindsets of white Americans “without college degrees” and “white evangelical Christian” single issue voters who can’t see the forest for the trees. They see the world in black and white. They can only understand a globalised economy as one of ‘us against them’.

Trump played to the socio-economic angst and racist streak of the predominantly white demographics who longed for the good ole days of white sliced bread and peanut butter jelly, when America was ‘great’, when women stayed home as homemakers, when men were, well, macho men to be rightfully served by submissive women.

Trump’s repugnant rhetoric targeted the white Americans’ irrational fear and intense dislike of the establishment, of the elites, of the media, of non-Whites, and anyone who look like Muslims. (By the way, he said he’d ban immigration - and visits - by people from countries compromised by Islamic terrorism, and that includes Malaysia).

Same same. Here UMNO is Trump, while Trump is like UMNO - maybe he learnt from UMNO.

Trump played to the Heartland or what they called the Rustbelt of America.

He frightened the Yanks of Muslim hordes which BTW Pauline Hanson and many even in the Coalition have been doing.

UMNO frightened the Malays of the Yellow Peril of local Cinapeks a la 'Apa lagi Cina mahu'.

Sama sama juga.



  1. soooo... How did Brexit also come out so different??.... Naah... I think time for Change is the theme....Not same in MalaySIAL..... the Agenda 2020 Pecat Malaya and 12 New District Occurs is best outcome for IS ISLAM Racist terrorist Loving Malaysia that 1% malays of UMNO-PAS-Ruler-Govenor IGP condone and love......wakaka with Mosul Falling ..Najib was laughing when it fell in 1 week...Praising IS Islam..... wa ka ka

  2. Donald Trump won,because he let the alt-right,fu#ked his belakang.That was how he got the support of the rural non college whites.Steve Bannon,Trump's campaign chairman was one of the alt-rights,who screwed pariah Trump's backside.Or else,would anybody support a pariah named Trump?

  3. FBI agents in NYC,with ties to former NYC FBI director and former mayor Giuliani,purposely mislead director Comey into believing smoking gun in Anthony Weiner's laptop.That was the reason for the Comey letter to congress into opening of the e-mails scandal.This fu#ked up the momentum in Hillary's campaign,causing Trump to go on the attack.Or else,the pariah Trump will be licking and sucking his own 'batang'.

  4. Quote:

    "A lot of our fellow Americans are exultant today. A lot of Americans are less so. But that's the nature of campaigns. That's the nature of democracy. It is hard, and sometimes contentious and noisy, and it's not always inspiring.

    But to the young people who got into politics for the first time, and may be disappointed by the results, I just want you to know, you have to stay encouraged. Don’t get cynical. Don’t ever think you can’t make a difference. As Secretary Clinton said this morning, fighting for what is right is worth it.

    Sometimes you lose an argument. Sometimes you lose an election. The path that this country has taken has never been a straight line. We zig and zag, and sometimes we move in ways that some people think is forward and others think is moving back. And that's okay. I’ve lost elections before. Joe hasn't. (Laughter.) But you know.

    (The Vice President blesses himself.) (Laughter.)

    So I've been sort of --

    THE VICE PRESIDENT: Remember, you beat me badly. (Laughter.)

    THE PRESIDENT: That’s the way politics works sometimes. We try really hard to persuade people that we’re right. And then people vote. And then if we lose, we learn from our mistakes, we do some reflection, we lick our wounds, we brush ourselves off, we get back in the arena. We go at it. We try even harder the next time.

    The point, though, is, is that we all go forward, with a presumption of good faith in our fellow citizens -- because that presumption of good faith is essential to a vibrant and functioning democracy. That's how this country has moved forward for 240 years. It’s how we’ve pushed boundaries and promoted freedom around the world. That's how we've expanded the rights of our founding to reach all of our citizens. It’s how we have come this far.

    And that's why I'm confident that this incredible journey that we're on as Americans will go on. And I am looking forward to doing everything that I can to make sure that the next President is successful in that. I have said before, I think of this job as being a relay runner -- you take the baton, you run your best race, and hopefully, by the time you hand it off you're a little further ahead, you've made a little progress. And I can say that we've done that, and I want to make sure that handoff is well-executed, because ultimately we're all on the same team."
    [~ President Barrack Obama - 9 November 2016]


    I think we should not proscribe anyone as unworthy of any public office because we think that he/she is a bloody racist, a bigot or an idiot ! If we do, then, we are depriving him/her injuriously of his/her natural right, and we should NOT talk about democracy anymore.

  5. i think american wan something fresh, not necessary purely due to race or white supremacist, n usa voter weightage, electoral college though, still much resemble 1 man 1 vote, unlike our great system whereby some voters have "natural right" of 10 to 1 wakaka.

    i wan hillary to win since many terms back, 1 sole reason simply because she is a she, i always believe woman can bring some fresh air to dirty politicking, the problem with hillary is, she sound like man n act like a man.

    n i can agree trump sound like umno, no surprise when pas hadi oso sound like umno nowadays. umno lead the world in racist politics, republican take 50 years to learn from umno, what a stupid n slow american, republican is lucky to have trump that play golf with najib, otherwise this trump still no clue how racism politics can do wonder.

    i oso notice something funny, minority muslim in usa no hesitation to label trump a racist n bigot, while the racist wakaka muslim wakaka in msia hail trump as if he is their prophet wakaka.