Thursday, November 03, 2016

Mahathir jealous?

MM Online - Dr M ‘jealous’ of Najib administration’s improved ties with China, minister says

I'm really too-laan, ooops, I mean sausage-laan


KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 3 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s latest government bashing is due to his jealousy over Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s ability to secure multi-billion dollar investments with China, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz asserted today.

The tourism and culture minister put down the former prime minister’s remarks as seeking to undermine the current administration’s achievements out of spite, because Najib accomplished what he failed to accomplish during his 22 years in office.

"I think Dr Mahathir is thinking about his time as PM or minister. That time China was a communist country but now China is different.

"The China now is different from before. He is jealous I think. He doesn't like this because he keeps on saying investor confidence is lost and we are going to be bankrupt," Nazri told reporters in the Parliament lobby here.

He added that it is not easy to secure the almost RM144 billion worth of investments, even from a country like China.

“When China wants to invest that much in Malaysia, [it] shows that China is confident [in] how PM is running the country,” Nazri said.

The Padang Rengas MP also said Najib has given his assurance to the Cabinet that Malaysia will not compromise its sovereignty by taking in China’s investments.

"Datuk Seri Najib has told me that investment is investment but sovereignty is sovereignty. There is no compromise on issues like the South China Sea. That is what you call a lead.

I recall Mahathir's 'Look East' policy where we bought Jap goods, imported Jap engineers and Jap construction workers, and Jap management expert (can't remember his name) etc, where then everything Jap was good. Malaysia sent hundreds if not thousands of Malay students to Japan for studies.

My uncle who was then in the military was instructed to buy a management book by a Jap author, because he was told (then) PM Mahathir recommended it.

And I remember his 'Buy British last' policy as well.

Mahathir then as PM tended to be extreme in his preference for or against a country.

Oh, BTW, wasn't he the PM who instructed the RMAF to fly Sukhoi fighter jets from Russia. a communist country?

Maybe Russia, no doubt a communist country, is more preferable as it is an orang putih country, unlike the Cinapek nation. 


  1. During Mahathir's time, there were no China top-of-the-line fighters.
    Mahathir went to the Russians for the MIG 29 and then later Sukhoi SU 30 MKM, partly to thumb his nose at the Americans, partly because these two were very capable aircraft (at least on paper) for the price.
    Oh...and the Russians were willing to be partly paid in Rubber and Palm Oil instead of only cold US Dollars cash.
    Mahathir was far more prudent financially than Najib (now RM 850 Billion foreign debt -according to the World Bank - and still rising daily)

    In hindsight both planes are nowhere near what they promised to be on paper. I was told by retired RMAF folks that many (nearly half) of all the MIG-29s and later SU 30MKM have ended up as "Hangar Queens" in Air Force lingo.

    The SU 30 MKM outclasses the F-15 - but only when it is serviceable. Hangar Queens can't fight.

    1. The air force term is not "Hangar Queens" but "Christmas trees" though on 2nd thoughts you could be right as air force terms might have changed with changes in influence, from British tutelage to now Islamic consciousness, wakakaka

      If the Sukhoi 30 have not been serviceable, then it's a problem of spare parts and servicing, not that they are Russian plans, and your comment that those planes are "hangar queens" or "christmas trees" prove my suspicion